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Best Second Monitor for iMac

Best Second Monitor for iMac

An iMac is the 100% guarantee of unimaginable productivity, but some people still prefer adding a second monitor to the workspace to boost productivity or fulfill their multitasking requirements.

9.4/10 Our Score

ASUS ProArt 32” 4K 

  • 32-inch 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) LED backlight display with IPS 178° wide viewing angle panel
  • 100% sRGB and 100% Rec. 709 wide color gamut
  • Delta E < 2 color accuracy
  • Tilt, swivel, pivot and height adjustment
  • ASUS Eye Care technology
  • What’s in the Box: HDMI cable, DisplayPort cable, USB Type C cable, Power cord, Calibration Report, ProArt welcome card, C Clip, Warranty card, Quick Start Guide

There is no better alternative to the iMac with a 5k resolution than the top-of-the-line resolution. Although there are 5k monitors available, most of them are outdated, and others are pretty expensive.

In simple words, both 4k and 5k monitors are identical in resolution with little unnoticeable difference. Plus, 4k monitors are commonly available in the market, and you get to choose from a range of options to meet your budget requirements.

Let’s look at the most suitable second monitor options for your document workflow or creative output.

We have explicitly included 4k displays for this list because many options allow you to make a great decision while picking a second monitor for iMac.

Best Second Monitor for iMac


9.4/10 Our Score

ASUS ProArt 32” 4K 

  • 32-inch 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) LED backlight display with IPS 178° wide viewing angle panel
  • 100% sRGB and 100% Rec. 709 wide color gamut
  • Delta E < 2 color accuracy
  • Tilt, swivel, pivot and height adjustment
  • ASUS Eye Care technology
  • What’s in the Box: HDMI cable, DisplayPort cable, USB Type C cable, Power cord, Calibration Report, ProArt welcome card, C Clip, Warranty card, Quick Start Guide

Easily, the ASUS ProArt PA329CV is our favorite second monitor for iMac, thanks to the plethora of features like a crystal-clear 32-inch 4K IPS panel, USB-C, and ergonomics.

The ASUS Pro Art offers 3840 x 2160 pixels of resolution starting with the resolution, is great for crisp text, and gives you zero-pixelation. 

The IPS panel offers wide viewing angles at 178 degrees allowing you to share your screen with others to get a uniform view from all angles. Plus, the 100% sRGB and 100% Rec 709 wide color gamut gives you high-definition TV colors and accurate and consistent color reproduction that helps in video editing, photo editing, or other detailed work.

If you are a stock trader or financial professional, this display will help you watch your portfolio while doing your stock market research on the iMac. In simple words, this will be a decent option for you to view multiple projects simultaneously that will help you in your professional work life.

The thinner bezels of this monitor will lead to higher engagement than the large bezels of the iMac.

The monitor also comes with Flicker-free and low blue light technologies to protect your eyes from harmful blue light emissions.

The monitor offers delta e<2 technology that offers amazing color shades, which ultimately helps you with presentations or zoom meetings.

The monitor offers extraordinary flexibility regarding ergonomics, allowing you to tilt, pivot, and swivel according to your posture to prevent neck strains. 

The monitor offers a 60Hz refresh rate which is decent for professional work unless you don’t intend to play demanding games, which typically require a higher refresh rate.

The monitor comes with a plethora of connectivity options, including USB-C, DisplayPort, HDMI, and a power cord.

The 400 nits of brightness are enough to use the monitor in broader daylight without getting reflections.

Finally, the monitor features tiny speakers, but it would be best to use iMac default speakers for listening to music.

Overall, the ASUS ProArt is a great second monitor for the iMac. It comes with 4k resolution and another handful of perks, making it suitable for all types of professional work or social media campaigns. It will help you work with two separate apps simultaneously, making it the best selection as a second display for iMac.

LG 27UP850-W

9.4/10 Our Score

LG 27UP850-W Monitor 27”

  • 27” UHD (3840 x 2160) IPS Display
  • VESA DisplayHDR 400 with DCI-P3 95% Color Gamut
  • USB-C with 96W Power Delivery
  • 3-Side Virtually Borderless Display with Height / Pivot / Tilt Adjustable Stand
  • AMD FreeSync

Up next is LG 27UP850-W, a great 4K 27-inch IPS monitor with enough options that make it a suitable second monitor for iMac but a big display for zoom calls, presentations, or image editing work.

This monitor is designed to keep Apple’s strict standards in mind. It offers 400 nits brightness, making it easy to use even in higher light conditions. 

The color gamut displays more colors than any other average screen, which is good for Apple users as they would want something that can compete with the retina display or iMac.

The monitor supports the DCI-P3 color gamut with a 95% color reproduction value, making it perfect and near to retina display color clarity.

The design and ergonomics make the monitor suitable for law offices allowing the lawyers to view legal documents from all sides with a uniform view, thanks to the wider viewing angles of the IPS panel. IPS panels have higher color accuracy, and wider viewing angles allow the viewers to look at the screen from all possible angles for increased readability and viewing. IPS ( In-Plane Switching ) is the best panel type compared with TN ( Twisted Nematic ) and VA ( Vertical Alignment ).

The monitor offers a 60Hz refresh rate, which is enough to meet all your professional needs. Still, if you also want to use the monitor for AAA series games, then you should look for other options on the list with a higher refresh rate to support your gaming needs.

The display comes with an anti-glare coating to handle reflections and allows you to work in daylight.

The monitor offers height adjustment, pivot, and tilt options allowing you to work in the desired posture without straining your shoulders and neck.

Overall, the LG 27UP850 is a superior second monitor for iMac that can help you manage extra work from your iMac easily. The price tag is pretty reasonable, which makes it the best budget second monitor for iMac.

Dell P2421D

9.4/10 Our Score

Dell P2421D 24″ 1440p

  • QHD 2560 X 1440 Resolution
  • 8ms Response Time
  • Flexible, all-day comfort: Pivot, tilt, swivel and adjust the height of your monitor for a comfortable setup all day long. Or choose from a variety of mounts and stands, including VESA, for even more flexibility
  • In-Plane Switching Technology

The next best second monitor for iMacs on our list is Dell P2421D; the Best second monitor for 21.5-inch iMacs can help you view project documents on one screen while taking zoom calls. 

The monitor offers a 2560 x 1440 ( 2K ) resolution that is lesser compared with the monitors reviewed above. Still, the Pixels Per Inch Ratio is similar, so you won’t get any pixel density despite having a smaller screen size.

If the size is not an issue for you, you can easily use this monitor as a secondary monitor for iMac to collaborate with your team and display content for your team on the other one.

 professional writers can use one screen for writing and another one for research,

The monitor offers 99% sRGB color coverage, which makes it great for color-critical work like photo editing or video editing. Plus, if you want to use the monitor for text documents and spreadsheets, you have a green light to buy this. So, this monitor can do wonders in design and visual art space.

This is a perfect second monitor for iMac that comes with a stand that allows you to rotate the monitor horizontally and vertically to set the monitor according to your posture to prevent neck or shoulder strains.

You can get a bigger 4k monitor in the same price range if the size is an issue. If not, then this is a decent second monitor for iMac with great resolution and ergonomics. A slight downside with this monitor is that it requires Thunderbolt to DisplayPort adaptor.



The AOC U2790VQ is the greatest option for a second computer for iMac because this is the cheapest 4K monitor under 300 dollars that comes with an IPS panel and a range of other options that we will discuss.

This 27-inch monitor offers a 3840 x 2160 pixels resolution to get the sharpest and clearest viewing experience. With this resolution and panel, you can experience real and high-definition picture quality with awe-inspiring clarity. On top of that, the IPS panel offers wider viewing angles making the monitor great for sharing content with others.

The AOC U2790VQ is a lesser-known brand but do not confuse that with their production as the AOC U2790VQ is a stellar display that gives you a satisfying viewing experience with an ultra-deep level of picture detail.

Regarding price, this is the cheapest 4k monitor designed for budget-conscious people, and that’s why we think it is the best budget second monitor for iMac.

If you use a 24-inch iMac, this 27-inch AOC monitor will be highly suitable as you will get bigger space for production. Plus, there will be asymmetry in your setup as well.

The best part is the 1 billion colors support with 99% sRGB and 90% NTSC color gamut, resulting in real-life and beautifully vivid pictures. Not only that, you will enjoy movies with great results. Plus, you could use the monitor for viewing presentations or zoom meetings. Plus, you will edit videos and run social media campaigns with perfection. All in all, the huge color support will allow you to do detailed work on this monitor.

The monitor features a nearly borderless design that maximizes the viewing area and proves to be a brilliant visual for a seamless multi-monitor setup. The super-narrow texture finishes scratch-proof bezel results in more screen real-estate that can give you an ultrawide viewing experience in a seamless setup of multi-monitors.

This monitor is a great deal for accountants and office professionals who usually deal with Quickbooks or payroll sheets at one monitor and use the iMac screen for other activities. 

Regarding connectivity, the monitor comes with a DisplayPort, HDMI 2.0 port, and HDMI 1.4 but lacks USB ports which is a downside of this monitor.

The 20,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio is the best part of this monitor, but still, it doesn’t suit photographers or video editors.

The support of VESA eliminates neck pressure and allows you to hang the monitor on the wall to adjust according to your posture.

This is the best budget 27-inch second monitor for iMac that is ideal for working in a bright office environment, thanks to the anti-glare coating that prevents glare. The 4k resolution gives you extreme clarity for working on anything you desire. The extraordinary color support can make you immersive while working on the monitor.

LG 32UD60-B

The LG 32UD60-B is the next best bang for the buck monitor that costs you little more than 300 dollars but offers you a handful of perks that you will definitely like about this monitor.

This monitor has a 32-inch display that utilizes IPS panel technology responsible for wider viewing angles and outstanding color reproduction. Everyone loves the great viewing angles of the IPS screen because the wide viewing angles lead to comfort and better vision at any angle. The horizontal and vertical viewing angle makes it easy to view from any side comfortably. Unlike VA panels, the monitor also has no distortion on the edges, either watching from the sides or from straight. The IPS panel allows you to enjoy true color visuals without tilting or rotating the monitor.

The monitor is suitable for accountants, sales representatives, and busy office workers because it can easily boost your productivity and make your workflow smooth and less tiring.

The best part is that the monitor supports AMD FreeSync, which ensures the frame rates of the monitor are equal to the frame rates of the GPU to prevent stuttering effects that usually happen when the frame rates of GPU and display are not synced.

Easily, this monitor can boost your office workflow without sacrificing its qualities. The split-screen option is handy as it allows you to work on multiple documents, images, spreadsheets, and webpages simultaneously.

This monitor is great for mapping out client appointments, managing invoices, and keeping notes on each vehicle with these specifications. You can use the monitor for viewing video content while working on projects on the iMac.

This is a great monitor for working on spreadsheets, video calling, and two separate apps.

HP 24mh

The HP 24mh is the best budget 24-inch Second Monitor for iMac that can be used as a second display to represent your work effectively. The monitor performs well as a second display for iMac because a dual monitor setup provides ultimate freedom and makes multitasking a breeze.

The best part is the incredibly low price tag. Still, the downside of this monitor is that it only has HD resolution, which makes it less useful for color-critical work like photo editing or video editing. Plus, creatives would hesitate to pick this monitor for working on things where clarity is required.

But that doesn’t mean the monitor is useless. It can be a great option for sales representatives, contractors, and small business owners. 

Auto mechanics and restaurant managers can also use this monitor to manage clients’ records and invoices where the higher resolution is not a big deal.

The 75Hz refresh rate is still something best about this monitor as all the monitors had only a 60hz refresh rate. So, with this monitor, you will experience smooth mouse movements, and the color transition will also be smoother compared to the alternatives discussed above.

The 5ms response time is good for using the monitor for casual games as it won’t result in ghosting.

We believe this monitor is a luxury at this price point. Plus, below the 200 dollars price tag, there is no better option than this monitor.

ViewSonic VP3268a-4K

The ViewSonic VP3268a-4K is the best second monitor for your gorgeous iMac because it brings 4k resolution in a larger size to give you massive screen real-estate and make itself a great inclusion in your high-tech home office.

This is a perfect 32-inch 4K monitor with an IPS panel to give you amazing color quality and wide viewing angles to work on your projects without any problem.

The ViewSonic is a stunning color-accurate display. The 100% sRGB Rec 709 color support makes it an amazing second monitor for iMac to edit photos and videos with life-like colors.

If you are a photographer, this display offers color calibration to make colors look exceptional on the web, phone, and print formats.

You can use this monitor with Lightroom that will allow you to predict the final output of your logo, business card, or infographic.

In simple words, the monitor is highly suitable for details-oriented work and a great option if you are working in visual space. It will help you do your work with precision without getting revisions.

Overall, the ViewSonic is a great monitor that has HDR10 support and also comes with Eye Care technology to protect your eyes from Blue light. In simple words, this is an ideal second monitor for iMac, which can add a lot of value to the lives of creative professionals. 

HP Pavilion 27 Quantum Dot Display

The HP Pavilion 27 is a high-end 4K monitor that you can use as a second monitor for an iMac. If you are a creative professional, you should use this monitor as your dual-monitor display with your iMac. We believe this monitor will make a great combo when paired with the iMac display.

The monitor offers you sharp and detailed images, thanks to the QHD or 2k resolution that allows you to get all the details with the naked eye.

This is a great monitor for extending the performance of your work. Because pairing this 2k resolution monitor with your iMac will instantly skyrocket your productivity, and that’s why it is ideal for you to upgrade your workspace with this bad boy.

The display comes with a super-slim panel with a 6.5mm thickness, making it a game-changer display for iMac users.

The HP Pavilion is an accurate display best suited for media creators and media professionals.

The Quantum-Dot technology is super-efficient, and the HDR ( High Dynamic Range ) shows richer colors. Plus, the anti-glare coating takes care of the glares of daylight to help you work in broader daylight on a sunny day.

This is a decent monitor for video editing business, presentations, and Instagram vlogging.

The monitor offers superb connectivity options, including HDMI, DP, and USB-C for easy iMac connection. The USB-C port ensures a single port connectivity solution and allows you to connect the iMac flexibly. USB Type C is the latest port type used for faster data transfer, and it also has become the standard for Apple devices to connect with external devices.

Other than that, this monitor has HDCP support for a multi-monitor setup. It also has a Thunderbolt port, and the thunderbolt cable is used for pictures to display on the iMac, but you may have to use a Thunderbolt to DisplayPort adapter.

Acer H277HK

The next best second monitor for iMac on our list is Acer H277HK. This high-quality 4K monitor comes with a unique and distinctive design and a powerful base to support the giant body of the monitor.

At first glance, this monitor looks masterly superlative because it has nice metal finishing, and the back has a nice dense plastic cover that overall makes the monitor look magnificent. Regarding design, the monitor comes with the slimmest bezels, which are thin and can make it look ultrawide, although it is not an ultrawide monitor. The monitor has a contemporary think profile that makes it look splendid with an infinity edge design. If you are a fan of light monitors, this monitor is the best deal for you.

The 4k resolution, when paired with HDR, gives you an immersive viewing experience.

The built-in stereo speakers deliver great sound quality for Netflix movies, and there will be enough loudness that you won’t need a larger set of speakers. Other than that, you can always use the iMac default speakers.

Thanks to the screen’s great true color reproduction, this is the best bang for buck monitor for iMac that provides accurate colors when watching videos. If you work in the design and visual art space, you will be flattered to use this monitor because it supports a wide range of color gamuts to help you with your professional work.

BenQ DesignVue PD2720U

If you are using the iMac for home or office and need a high-end 4K monitor, then look no further as the BenQ DesignVue PD2720U will be your best bet.

The BenQ DesignVue PD2720U is not the cheapest contender, but it’s a worthy option to connect with iMac.

This is the highest-selling monitor, and the credit goes to the extraordinary color accuracy where it has 100% Adobe RGB and sRGB color standards, which are good for viewing and editing work. Also, color transitions are smoother, which is great for animation videos. And graphic designers will appreciate the excellent color calibration as well.

The monitor can be used in two modes, ‘darkroom’ and ‘animation’ mode, and both modes allow you to work in any environment you desire.

Furthermore, the monitor supports different ergonomic options in which you can rotate the screen upright and in portrait mode. And, you can control the onscreen menu system that allows you to control the monitor’s settings and customize desired settings.


Dell 2720Q UltraSharp

If you are looking for an ideal 27-inch second monitor for iMac, Dell 2720Q is the best option. That offers you out-of-the-box color accuracy and flexible ergonomics that make it a great option for the list.

The monitor is optimized for color accuracy, thanks to the SDR 30-bit mode that enables the monitor to produce more than a billion colors. Plus, you can calibrate the display to get the most out of the display. On top of that, the 99% sRGB and 95% DCI-P3 color support make the monitor great for image and video editing. Monitor has high-end eColor management thanks to enriched color gamuts. 

This monitor comes with a compact profile that saves you some space on your desk. Being the thinnest LCD, this is an immersive and accurate 4k display with stunning visual clarity that you can use for the iMac.

The monitor comes with an enriched color gamut and supports Delta E2 color accuracy, giving you excellent variations on shades of colors. So in simple words, the monitor has sharp vivid colors, and more than one gamut means that the monitor can easily toggle between the gamuts.

This is an ultra HD display with an IPS panel, and it is slightly bigger than the other contenders on our list. Plus, it offers stunning color accuracy and outstanding visual quality, so this is the perfect second monitor for the iMac.

The monitor has a broader color gamut, Flawless UHD display, and FreeSync technology that makes it a good choice for multiple displays.

Regarding connectivity, the monitor comes with two USB-C ports (. one downstream, one upstream ) and three USB-A connectors that are useful for connecting external peripherals with the display, making this monitor an ideal choice for multi-screen solutions.

LG 34BK 95U-W Ultrawide Monitor

The next best second monitor for iMac on our list is LG 34BK 95U-W, which has a 5k resolution and is an ultrawide monitor that will allow you to view multiple apps on your screen that will ultimately help in multitasking.

The best part of this monitor is the top-of-the-line resolution because it comes with a 5k resolution bigger than 4k, allowing you to enjoy crisp text on the larger screen and keep everything fuzz-free.

There are 5120 x 2160 pixels of resolution, which means there are 5000 horizontal and 2000 vertical pixels. And the term used to describe the 5k resolution is WUHD or Wide Ultra High-definition.

The downside of this monitor is that it has a 60Hz refresh rate that won’t help you with fast-paced games or AAA games, but you can easily play slow-paced games.

There are a handful of ports regarding connectivity, but the best port for you is USB-C Thunderbolt 3, which has 85W power delivery. Besides these ports, there is an HDMI and a display port.

ASUS Designo MZ27AQ

The ASUS Designo MZ27AQ is the best choice for those who work with high-resolution images and need pictures to look sharp with the tiniest details on the monitor.

The ASUS Designo MZ27AQ is a highly color-accurate display with a 4k resolution that allows you to see your work on a bigger screen. Plus, it offers an amazing brightness level and a glorious screen. Plus, the anti-glare coating prevents light glares and handles reflections. By all means, this is a stunning multi-screen solution that gives you a pleasant viewing experience.

This is an Affordable monitor with high-end features and a game-changer for digital artists to document their work with extreme productivity.

The monitor features a super narrow frame that makes the visual display seamless. When you place it beside iMac, you will consider this combo a unified monitor, thanks to the nearly borderless design of the monitor.

The monitor features a large enough screen to display multiple apps like QuickBooks, excel sheets, and media players. So, you get plenty of screen real-estate that boosts your productivity and help you with multitasking.

Although this is not a professional-grade monitor, it is still a well-acknowledged and reputed cost-effective gadget, thanks to the compact space-saver design and smooth performance for connection with iMac.

As far as the resolution is concerned, this is a great device coming at 4k resolution enabling you to work on detail-oriented projects. You will experience extraordinary clarity that you will be able to read text and content displayed on the web easily.

The image quality of this monitor is inspiring as it can help you work on your long infographics without any limitation on the screen. Plus, the shadow boost feature enhances all image details in darker areas that help in gaming. 

It offers a 100,000,000:1 contrast ratio that renders color amazingly well, and there is a 100% sRGB color gamut making the display superb for videographers and photo editors. Plus, the monitor produces deep blacks and bright whites, which helps maintain the consistency of graphics in your images and videos.

The next best thing about this monitor is the anti-flicker design and blue light filter that protects your eyes from straining and prevents eye fatigue.

The USB-C port on the monitor allows you to transfer data and power through one cord.

If you want to use the printer for Sketch or any other graphic designing software like Photoshop, you will enjoy working on this monitor.

This monitor has a larger screen space that allows you to collaborate with your teams while working on other things. So, there is an impressive amount of production space, and the monitor seems to be responsive for any work.


MSI Prestige PS341WU

If you have decided to use a third-party monitor, the best option for you is MSI Prestige PS341WU. Thanks to the Nano IPS panel, this 5k2k monitor delivers stunning image quality and bright colors that make the monitor perfect for digital content creators and writers.

The 34-inch display with 5k resolution gives you better pixel density, resulting in the clearest and sharpest pixels, similar to an iMac display. Plus, the widescreen cinematic view makes it an attention-seeker for visitors.

If you own a bigger iMac, this will be the best secondary display with iMac because some people want to use the iMac for one thing and need a dedicated screen for email, calendar, or other web-related tasks.

If you need smooth graphics and responsive visuals, this monitor is good for your home office. And, you will be able to use the iMac for creative tasks like photo or video editing.

Regarding connectivity, there are a handful of ports along with a USB-C, and the HDMI port has a bandwidth limit of HDMI to 3,840×2,160 at 60Hz.

The monitor supports Radeon Free-Sync technology that takes care of tearing and stuttering. 

Other than that, the monitor has great build quality with nice finishing, and you will love the round shape of the edges. A slight curve in the design makes it perfectly fit and sleek that looks beautiful on your desk. 

It supports VESA wall mount compatibility because there is lightweight metal for easy mounting and moving that gives you the flexibility to move the monitor according to your posture. VESA mount is ideal for those monitors which lack ergonomics, and that’s why it helps reduce neck pressure.

HP Z43

The next best second monitor for iMac on our list is HP Z43 as it is capable of displaying 4K at 10 Bit Color and has extreme color accuracy but little to no backlight bleed.

The monitor is designed to help you do zoom calls, make presentations, watch Netflix series, open multiple documents, or read through research papers.

You can turbocharge your productivity with this additional monitor for iMac that will allow you to play songs, open spreadsheets, and squint at tiny text easily.

Regarding ergonomics, the monitor comes with a powerful and convenient stand that allows you to access all the ports easily. The best part is that the stand is height-adjustable, and there is a c-clamp that allows you to lock the screen at your desired position to reduce neck strain while working.

This is an outstanding display that goes beyond a normal viewing experience and gives you a panoramic viewing experience, and watching movies on this monitor is thrilling. You would also be able to mirror the display.

The monitor has excellent color accuracy, thanks to the rich color gamut that delivers a vibrant color output that will make you immersive with your work.

The blue light filter protects the human eye from harmful blue light emissions and makes the screen eco-friendly for you.

Other than that, it supports AMD Free-Sync technology to sync the frame rates of the monitor with the frame rates of the graphics card to deliver smooth gameplay.

BenQ DesignVue PD3220U

The next best second monitor for iMac on our list is BenQ DesignVue PD3220U, a gorgeous-looking monitor with a factory-calibrated panel to support all color requirements.

The monitor has 100% sRGB color space and Rec. 709 video equivalent, and the inclusion of HDR makes it a perfect second monitor for video editors.

The unique feature of this monitor is the Darkroom and Low Blue Light viewing mode which is good for e,ye-sensitive persons to work in a dim lighting environment.

Behind the screen, there is a little joystick that allows you to control the monitor’s settings. The ‘Hotekey Puck’ wired remote controller helps you change color modes.

It comes with an integrated KVM ( Keyboard, Video, and Mouse ) switch, so we highly recommend this monitor for multi-monitor arrays.

Moreover, the monitor is perfect for graphic design work like making logos, business cards, or infographics. You can also use the monitor for hosting your slack or skype chats.

The refresh rate is much better than other monitors on our list, and that’s why it is highly suitable for heavy games but not good for intense games.

Overall, this is the only suitable monitor for your requirements that offers reduced power consumption and is not unreasonably expensive. So regarding price and performance, it hits a sweet spot that makes it a top second monitor for the iMac computers.

PS: This article was updated in July with a few improvements to the content.

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