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Best Solar Laptop Charger

Best Solar Laptop Charger

When you are camping and your power banks are dead, the only power source left is the light coming from the sun. Not having a solar laptop charger can turn your camping trip into a nightmare because when you are in the middle of nowhere, you are pretty much on your own. In such a situation, the best solar laptop charger can be a life-saving gadget.

When you are enjoying your trips, you shouldn’t be worried about the draining batteries and you cannot even carry the plethora of power banks for charging essential electrical devices as well. Chances are low that you will find conventional power outlets on a camping adventure or on a chilling beach. 

So, get yourself a decent eco-friendly solar charger for charging electrical devices like laptops and cell phones. There are different types of solar charges in the market, but we have listed some of the great solar chargers for laptops to help you pick the one that suits your needs and budget.

Without further ado, let’s get started…


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Best Solar Laptop Charger

This is our All-in-one solar charging system and it is the best value for money. It allows you to charge multiple laptops in few hours and requires no external power source. This is a 120W power source and a perfect camping companion.

This one Provides the best user experience and uses no extra bags or cases required to carry panels and you can easily zip them in a briefcase and it provides you fast charging and safe charging.

This one comes with an Incredibly affordable price tag and it is available in the low-price category and I think this is the only budget solar charger for the laptop you need.

How do Solar Laptop Chargers Work

When you are going for long trips and you know that you won’t find any external power source, then solar chargers can be a useful way of charging electronics that use the energy of the sun to charge your laptops, tablets, or other electrical devices.

Typically, a laptop requires 16-18.5 volts of electricity for charging effectively on a solar panel and this much voltage can come from a solar panel of 60 to 100 watts. A laptop requires more power compared to other smaller appliances that’s why a bigger solar charger would be required to get 5 amps of current but the condition for that would be a sunny day with plentiful sunlight.

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If due to some issue the solar panel delivers a higher current that means higher voltage will flow to the appliance which can cause damage to the appliance. Similarly, lower current means lower voltage that means the charging process will be slowed down.

Other than that, the connectors can be a real concern but almost all major PC brands come with different types of connectors allowing all solar chargers to connect easily with laptops as well as with power banks without using any adapters.

One thing that can cause trouble for you is that reverse polarity which is a phenomenon that occurs at night when the solar panels are not charging but instead they start taking the power from the laptop rather than giving. The reason behind this is that the panels are not getting sunlight so the voltage drops lower than the battery charge and they start fetching power from the laptop itself. To prevent that, make sure to use the blocking diodes.

You can track the conversion efficiency which is the amount of energy effectively converted into usable energy. Plus, according to the sun and weather conditions, the charging time can vary wildly from 12 hours to 30+ hours sometimes.

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