Best Tires For The Tesla Model Y

Do you have a Tesla Model Y? That’s amazing! But do you know the best tires for the Tesla Model Y? No baggie – this article will suggest accurate options.

Having a Tesla Model Y is a dream of many riders; if you have one, congratulations! But once you buy it, be conscious of its features, specifications, maintenance, and parts – trust me – this information will save you from tough times.

Above all, you must have an idea about the tires of your Tesla, as replacing them with unreliable ones can push you into trouble. If you are wondering what the best tires for the Tesla Model Y are, we recommend trying Goodyear or Michelin – these tires will keep your vehicle in good condition and make your journey smooth like butter. Moreover, maintenance of these tires is not a problem.

Best Tires For The Tesla Model Y

If you want to explore more about the Tires of the Tesla Model Y, you can read the article until the end.

Best Tires For The Tesla Model Y: An Overview

People get confused when talking about what should be the Best Tires for the Tesla Model Y. But no worries, we have a few commendable suggestions, including Goodyear, Pirelli, Continental, Michelin, and others. Luckily Tesla offers its users to change the Tesla model Y tires as per their liking, taste, environment, road conditions of their living space, and travel places the most. 

All these tires mentioned above are of top quality, made for superb performance, and can bear winter roads, spring season, and less warm to hot conditions. Most of them suit best gas-powered cars, but Pirelli all-season tires are considered the top choice for electric vehicles such as Tesla.  

So always be cautious when choosing the best tires for model Y because they will decide the safe and sound riding experience. 

Importance Of Tires For Tesla Model Y

Any vehicle runs smoothly or poorly just because of the tires. Whether the car is colossal or small, runs on petrol, gas, or an electric vehicle, tires matter a lot. They help the car to change direction, take turns, or stop. 

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While talking about model Y of Tesla, a few things make the tire selection more hectic. But after knowing the reasons for choosing the best tires, the decision becomes very easy, even for new Tesla owners. 

Tesla is a world-class electric vehicle company whose cars have batteries. Because of the battery, they are heavier than other traditional gas-powered cars. The extra weight of the battery plays a massive role in damaging the tires in less time. When they get damaged, you have to spend extra bucks on replacement. Model Y gives a quick torque response once the driver pushes the gas pedal. 

There are two options for tires, summer and winter tires, so pick wisely according to the weather in your area. Winter tires offer better handling response and grip that enhance the driving experience, especially when the weather outside is chilly, snowy, or thundery. 

Summer tires are best suited to hot climate conditions but fortunately, if your living spec enjoys both kinds of weather at different times of the year, go for all-purpose tires as they will serve best to mix climates.

Best Tires For Tesla Model Y: Top Most Recommendations 

We have mentioned the best all-purpose and best winter tires from a list of a vast range of tires for model Y. So choose wisely because the tires play a huge role in comfortable and safe driving. 

Best All-Season Tires

Below are two options of Tesla tires that are best for all seasons;

  • Option 1: Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ 

The Tesla Model Y can run in snowy, muddy, and rough terrain conditions, but for a smooth driving experience, car owners need to choose the tires carefully. That is why we strongly recommend Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ all-season tires.

These top-rated tires are manufactured for sports cars that need to drive in all four seasons. The makers of these tires used silica and sunflower oil to offer the best traction in chilly weather conditions. Even when the temperature touches zero degrees, these tires run perfectly well. 

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Because of the 4, 5, and 6 rib designs, they offer better tractions. Furthermore, the tractions are enhanced more via circumferential grooves that remove the water and help in providing resistance to hydroplaning.

The tires run smoothly on slippery roads because they have advanced contact patch technology that enhances the connection between the road and the tire. 

Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ are in the market in 17 and 22 rim diameter sizes. The brand offers a six years warranty, so if anything happens in between, contact them and get a replacement. 

Option 2: Kumho Ecsta 4X II 

Due to extraordinary handling, long lifespan, next-level comfort, and traction, the Kumho Ecsta 4x II is undoubtedly the best all-purpose tire for Tesla model Y. The outstanding feature of these tires is the addition of noise reduction technology that lessens the vibrations and absorbs the noise. Hence, it provides a calm and quiet ride for the drivers. 

The design of these tires is asymmetric, which is excellent for maintaining a smooth ride. Furthermore, the big shoulder blocks provide superb handling and enhance cornering. These tires are also best for slippery and bumpy roads. 

The brand adds silica and resin, making the tires long-lasting and the best for climates where the winter season receives a lot of snow and the temperatures mostly touch the freezing point. 

The Kumho Ecsta, 4x II, is available in 15 and 20 sizes; if you find these tires suitable, try them. 

Best Winter Tires

Here we have reviewed Continental VikingContact 7, which is the best Tesla tire for winter.

Continental VikingContact 7 

For the Tesla Model Y, the best winter tires are none other than Continental VikingContact 7, available in the market in 15 to 20 inches sizes. Due to these size ranges, car owners can comfortably install them on every Y model. 

These tires differ from others because of both asymmetric and symmetric tread patterns. Because of this uniqueness, these tires provide a smooth ride even when temperatures reach zero or below freezing point. 

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Unlike other tires that create a lot of noise, VikingContact7 tires are noise free due to the presence of Conti silent noise reduction technology. Luckily the brand offers 60,000miles and a five-year warranty. All Tesla owners living in Europe can easily pick these tires for their Tesla Model Y cars because they meet the European Union minimal noise level criteria of around 61 to 71 dBA. 

The Bottom Line

Tires are a vital part of the vehicle as the driving smoothness is majorly based on them. If you invest a heavy amount in your car, you cannot compromise on its repairing, maintenance, or parts replacement because any wrong decision can affect the car’s life – being critical – it can be a potential risk for drivers and other passengers. 

So, if you want to find the best tires for the Tesla Model Y, you can invest in Pirelli, Continental, Michelin, Goodyear, etc. However, for more information, you can thoroughly read this article.

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