Best Ultrawide Monitor Under $500 ( New Research )

Best Ultrawide Monitor Under $500

Looking for the best ultrawide monitor under $500? You’ve come to the right place.

Best Ultrawide Monitor Under $500

1.) LG 34WN80C-B 34-inch Ultrawide Monitor

  • LG 34WN80C-B 34-inch Ultrawide MonitorScreen Size: 34-inch curved IPS LED panel
  • Aspect Ratio: 2:9
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz
  • Resolution: 3440 x 1440

Professionally designed ultrawide monitor that is much superior to regular-sized monitor and ideal for professional work purposes.

Professional businessmen demand high-end technology like a wide enough screen to accommodate large data for multitasking.

Professional video editors, graphic designers, programmers, and photographers are always on the hunt of finding devices for achieving high levels of efficiency and this is made possible by an all-new category of monitors known as ultrawide screens giving you the utmost office-productivity.

The best part is that you can save the cost of a second monitor while making a multi-monitor setup and get the ultrawide monitor to act as a multiple-monitor display in a single screen without splitting it into two screens.

This high-end monitor is one of the budget-friendly monitors that can step up your working game that makes it ideal for hardcore gamers and professionals because you can take advantage of numerous extended features to gain a special status in computing with an incredible display that gives incomparable graphics to any other monitor.

The monitor comes with decent connectivity features to deliver a generation of ease like the USB Type-C ports that is a key component for rendering 4k display and offer laptop/mobile charging, fast data transfer via a single cable. 

The lower refresh rate might be a problem for aggressive games, but it’s the best ultrawide monitor for programming and other content creators and generators who can utilize the extra width to create convenience in work as well as entertainment purposes like watching movies or films on the high-end surface.

Regarding color accuracy, this 34-inch curved panel delivers crispy, sharp, and clear picture results with the help of 99% exposure of sRGB spectrum which digital artists and developers would love to enjoy bright and accurate colors which are better figure than a 4k screen.

Other features of this monitor are OSD that is onscreen controls to get quick access to monitor settings host. Additionally, the HDR features give sharper whites and darker blacks which separates ultrawide from ordinary displays giving you the sharpest and clearest visuals with extreme details and accuracy.

Finally, the monitor has trim bezels not to make it a completely borderless or frameless monitor, but the screen real state is plenty. Regarding ergonomics, the monitor has only tilt and height adjustment, no swivel or pivot rotation and there are no built-in speakers.

2.) LG 34WK650-W 34 Ultrawide Monitor

  • LG 34WK650-W 34 Ultrawide MonitorScreen Size: 34-inch
  • Aspect Ratio: 2:19
  • Resolution: 2560 x 1080
  • Response Time: 5ms

Best ultrawide monitor under 400 dollars price range and offers a comfortable view of the screen and comes in a high-quality construction making or ideal for hardcore gaming or casual gaming as well as daily life tasks like web browsing without breaking the bank. 

It is the best bang for the buck display that doest costs a dime and worth for of your every hard-earned penny.

In a reasonable price tag, this particular display unit offers HDR10, AMD FreeSync, Flicker-free mode, and on top of that comes with IPS(In-Plane Switching) panel that means you can enjoy the ultimate viewing experience of wide viewing angles with extremely accurate colors compared to TN(Twisted Nematic) or VA(Vertical Alignment) panels.

Talking of the features, the monitor comes with OSD onscreen controlling that takes out the button clicking effort. Moving on, the monitor supports AMD FreeSync that makes it suitable for late-night gamers to get an immersive gaming experience.

As mentioned earlier, the monitor comes with industry-standard HDR10 that gives you access to a certain level of colors and brightness to make a beast of this monitor.

The best part is the inclusion of a 5W stereo speaker that delivers the amazing audio output with a great sound experience making the monitor decent for media consumption.

Overall, the monitor is great regarding specifications and the money tag, but it suffers from low pixel density that means lesser pixels on a bigger screen.

3.) Samsung LC34J791WTNXZA UltraWide Monitor

  • Samsung LC34J791WTNXZAScreen Size: 34-inch
  • Aspect Ratio: 21:9
  • Resolution: 3440 x 1440
  • Response Time: 4ms
  • a striking look, USB Type-C 

This is my favorite ultrawide monitor under five hundred dollars that is powerful and comes with an incredibly 100Hz refresh rate that makes it terrific for demanding gaming titles like AAA games with no latency, tearing, and stuttering. On the other hand, the 4ms response time gives the slightest ghosting effect only for fast-moving objects in fast-paced games. Regarding connectivity and features, this is the best ultrawide monitor for MacBook Pro. 

Regarding features, the monitor is equipped with two thunderbolt ports for safe connection with Mac and PC to transfer user data as well as charge the smartphone or other devices.

Moving on, the monitor comes with a picture-by-picture mode that allows the monitor to display two screen sources side by side without any compromise on the quality. And, the picture-in-picture mode allows you to resize the second source and position it according to your requirements. Hence, multitasking becomes so easier that your productivity touches the skies.

Other than that, the monitor supports AMD FreeSync for a smooth transition of Frame rates to deliver seamless gameplay. Plus, the added advantage of this technology is the uninterrupted video playback.

Overall, the monitor comes with a striking design and great features and gives smooth and silkier mouse sensitivity for making the monitor ideal for all types of applications and worth the price you invest in it. The contrast might be weaker and there is not HDR. But, for what you pay, you can enjoy great color accuracy with ultrawide for more namespace and impressive low input lag and no latency.

4.) Sceptre 35-Inch Ultrawide Curved Monitor

Sceptre 35-Inch Ultrawide Curved MonitorThe fastest response time eliminates ghosting and blurring for fast-moving objects and exciting actions. The QHD resolution is near 4k resolution making it an affordable 4k ultrawide monitor under 500. 

It is cheap if not the cheapest ultrawide monitor with such brilliant features. This particular unit has 35 inches curved screen with 1800R curvature giving office users a comfortable space to work and making it the best ultrawide monitor for office work under 500. You can get immerse gameplay from any angle with this radius.

AMD FreeSync in this monitor allows you to stream videos and generate digital content. Furthermore, this remarkable technology eliminates stickiness and cracks usually caused when synching GPUs frame rate with the monitor refresh rate.

Moving on, the monitor comes with FPS and RTS presets for enhancing user experience. Additionally, the display doesn’t suffers from backlight bleed and gives flashing in the background and running the display which results in crystal-clear photographs.

Unlike all the above-reviewed monitors, this one comes with VESA mount capability and 100x100mm VESA holes. So, you can choose the ideal screen display mode, bypassing clutter, and delivering vast space for work and games. So, you can enjoy the most optimum viewing angle of the screen.

If you demand versatility paired with exceptional features while executing games and professional tasks, this is the monitor that won’t be heavy on your wallet but would be lighter on your bank as well.

Among many features, there is a Blue light shift technology integrated into this monitor to ensure you never get eye fatigue or headache for prolonged gaming. This technology reduces the harmful blue light for the safety of your eyes according to the time you sit in front of the monitor automatically.

Now, the most important part of this monitor, the 100Hz refresh rate that is responsible for the instant and smooth image transits for action gameplay and outpaced the standard monitors and declines tearing during gameplay.

Regarding connectivity, the monitor is loaded with an HDMI port for the best type of visual edge that is important for defeating every other competitor. Plus, two additional HDMI ports capable of 60Hz, and finally a headphones jack where you can connect audio source.

The impeccable screen of this monitor accurately mimics the human eye. The Anti-flicker technology results in crispier images by eliminating backlight flickering. And, the monitor only supports 5-degree tilt and 15-degree backward movement, no upward or forward movement. But, still, you can find the best angle for solid visuals and clarity.

Overall, this is a great monitor for creative workspace and if you have a gaming workstation or console, then this is affordable, budget-friendly, and gives high-performance but lacks USB ports.

5.) BenQ EX3501R UltraWide Curved QHD Monitor

BenQ EX3501RThis particular monitor is the ultrawide entertainment screen that comes with a cutting-edge 35-inch curved display and is compatible with both grayscale and gaming.

This is a stylish display that comes with a gray-black matte-finish cabinet and a rimless screen. The 1-inch bezel increment at the bottom is slightly visible but all other sizes are thinnest on top, left, and right.

The monitor has tilt adjustment, measuring 17.5×32.8×8.8 inches, and is one of the appealing ultrawide monitors with a beautiful 35-inch curved screen.

Bulge-free gameplay thanks to AMD Freesync empowers the smoothest gameplay ensuring there are no broken frames and choppy tearing.

Regarding connectivity, the monitor uses USB-C one-cable connection for 2k video quality and SuperSpeed USB data transfers, thanks to USB 3.1.

Moving on, the panoramic screen of 35-inch has ultra-slim bezels.

Finally, the monitor is equipped with brightness intelligence that takes care of blurry vision and eye strain that mostly is caused by intensive gaming sessions. The short B.I+ detects the harsh light and automatically makes adjustments to control the temperature of brightness to deliver the most comfortable view.

6.) Samsung SJ55W UltraWide Gaming Monitor

Samsung SJ55WThe Samsung comes with a flat VA panel and stunning 1440p display going beyond other IPS competitors. It gives superior darker black and brighter whites and has attractive and hollow black frames. The dark pixels take time from shifting between colors that help in fast-paced gaming. This monitor is suitable for multimedia entertainment and usual gaming.

The monitor is suitable for dual monitor usage with split-screen technology with the help of PIP and PBP modes you can easily embed split-screen software.

AMD FreeSync: merges refresh rate of the wide-screen monitor with frame rates of the graphics card for removing stutter and tear. Metallic bezels, Y-stand bring style and good for home or workplace.

7.) LG 34UM68-P IPS Ultrawide Monitor

LG 34UM68-PPerfect ultrawide display for both work and play allows you to work on multiple windows side by side and allows you to open up a large window to fit all important details. The larger screen is more engaging to get the extra-large field view.

The IPS panel gives crisp and precise color quality with no reflection and dimming on the panel with effective colors and solid viewing angles.

It eliminates the stuttering and tearing by matching graphics cards to display content at an acceptable refresh rate by monitor through AMD FreeSync.

The best part is that you can customize the monitor for your desired viewing preferences. 

The monitor is good for streaming videos and playing online games because of the detailed clarity of 1080p Full HD resolution.

Furthermore, the monitor has on-screen controls to eliminate clicks and help you design the layout as well.

The High-end gaming feature of this monitor is the jaw-dropping frame rate which is ideal for aggressive players. The Black stabilizer further enhances the details of pitch-black scenes.

Finally, the arc line design of the monitor is accentuated with an all-new stand that is reliable and durable in combination with elegance.

8.) LG 34UM69G-B 21:9 Ultrawide IPS Monitor

LG 34UM69G-BMost affordable gaming monitor with a flat-screen display and one of the fewest ultrawide gaming monitors with the sleekest design and read-set features for programmers and gammers.

The best part is the advanced ports and DP 1.2 Alt Mode makes the monitor more cooperative and convenient. 

The monitor comes with a V-line stand and reflects a smooth and stylish design and perfectly blends your home or workplace environment.

Furthermore, the display gives 1ms motion blur reduction to enjoy accuracy and precision at high levels. Furthermore, the monitor uses dynamic action sync that is used for optimization for modern demanding games to make the monitor responsive and problem-free.

Finally, the AMD FreeSync ensures gamers don’t need to invest in upgrading the graphics cards for gaming making the sessions effortless.

The monitor has a height-adjustable stand and MBR support but has low pixel density.

9.) Sceptre 30-inch Curved Gaming Monitor

Sceptre 30-inch Curved Gaming MonitorTowering beast gaming monitor with a surprisingly-low price and high-end features. This is a super-fast monitor with a VA panel that delivers incredible colors and solid contrast depth so that you can enjoy the exceptional performance with a maximum refresh rate of 200Hz. Through two HDMIs you can get a 165Hz refresh rate and a 75Hz refresh rate.

And, the fastest specs ensure there is not lagging or possible traces or impressions in the field making it ultimately the highly responsive ultrawide monitor under $500 that is the deal of greatness and bang for the buck monitor.

The monitor comes with bright and cheerful LED luminous back cover light portraying as a modern lit monitor.

The best part is the 99% sRGB coverage for variance in brightness with blue, red, and green color gamuts.

The final advantage of this monitor is the premium quality built-in speakers delivering office-appropriate audio for internet workshops and conference calls. The booting bass is more thane enough for listening to your favorite tracks and do live streaming commentary in gaming through the microphone.

Overall, this monitor gives you a broad view of fascinating performance.

An ultrawide monitor as little as $500 should be equipped with USB-A and USB-C ports for connecting accessories, laptops, and other peripherals like a mouse and keyboard. The huge real-estate is a great productivity booster and there is literally no switching between windows in super ultrawide screens. Similarly, there is adaptive-sync that is a great value-for-money proposition.

The sub-$500 ultrawide monitor won’t give you distorted sides and any typical gaming monitor won’t give you the accurate color reproduction with the flexibility of an entry-level ultra gear monitor.

Although traditional monitors do have not-so-sharp picture quality the pronounced curvature makes it good for a compelling gaming monitor and the compelling widescreen monitor is designed for gaming enthusiasts with default calibration and you can get buttery smooth gaming performance with crispy text and no scaling because there won’t be any pixel smearing or dedicated ultrawide monitors without emptying your bank.

So, without spending a fortune you can pay a small amount for a vivid display and a reasonably-priced gaming monitor gives you little more than $500 making it a great budget monitor for ultrawide for only $500.