Best VR Flight Simulators

If you want to completely change how you play your games, there is no other way of doing this than by buying the best VR flight simulators. Such a flight simulator immerses you in a virtual world, allowing you to have a realistic appearance while disconnected from reality. 

With the best VR flight simulator accompanying you, you can feel yourself seated in the cockpit of an actual aircraft while having the liberty to freely look around the plane, having enhanced spacial awareness, and being present in the experience. All of these factors cumulatively make flying much easier and simultaneously enjoyable.

Rest assured, once you get your ideally suited VR flight simulator, whether an ultra-realism one or an option compatible with your VR headset and other hardware, there is no going back from its use. So let’s give you our top 3 picks for the best VR flight simulator.

Best VR Flight Simulators Best VR Flight Simulators 

1.) X-plane 11:

X-plane 11 is out of one of the best VR flight simulators that come with an intensified and significant learning curve. If you are seriously considering learning and have a powerful PC and a VR headset, this might be your most suitable simulator option. 


Learning how to fly planes with the help of X-plane 11 can be extremely convenient, thanks to its most advanced available flight simulators and realistic cockpit design. Comparative to other simulators, in X-plane 11, you can press buttons, read data, and turn knobs easily, even when within a headset. 

The good and above than average VR controller integration makes X-plane 11 an ideal flight simulator as the unforgiving and the most authentic simulations only aid the players with enhancing their learning. 

Additionally, every graphic, weather simulation, flight model, and aircraft design has been paid to great detail. You always have the choice to buy other premium airports and planes. 

However, it might take some time to learn how to operate the plane because there is no physical controller; instead, a digital yoke is used, but eventually, you get the hang of it.

  • Authentic simulation design 
  • VR integration is good 
  • Has advanced flight simulations 
  • It does not have a mass appeal for simplicity 


Everything about X-plane 11 is incredible, making it the most terrific VR flight simulator. Even the VR implementation in the simulator has been made to be rock solid, but the demand for you to have a strong computer to run the frame rate smoothly remains.

2.) Microsoft Flight Simulator:

The 2020 edition of the Microsoft flight simulator has been the most impressive one with the best quality. Whether including stunning visuals or plenty of options for planes to fly around, this VR flight simulator offers you all in just one. 


First released in 1982, the flight simulator has been constantly worked on to offer its users the most unique, realistic, and immersive experience. In the simulator, every feature has been paid immense attention to detail, begging from satellite imagery and photogrammetry to the real-world map, allowing you to fly anywhere in the world. 

Supposedly, if you do not want to go with the already present options for hand-crafted airports, landmarks, or aircraft, in that case, you can shop from the in-game marketplace to purchase additional and more creative locations that are increased in variety with every update that follows. 

Additionally, the weather can be customized per the user’s preference. You can fly in any realistic weather condition and any time of the day and combine both to further challenge yourself and gauge your performance.

  • Accuracy is unmatchable 
  • Photorealistic and unique simulator 
  • Easy to learn 
  • Has bugs that are improved, steadily
  • Hand tracking has no available support 
  • Average support for VR controller


We stand in favor of the Microsoft flight simulator, considering its plenty of features, that permit everyone to have an incredible gaming experience. Nevertheless, you must have a powerful PC to run the simulator, and if you do, this option is fantastic!

3.) DCS World:

Is your primary aim for purchasing the best VR flight simulator to gain practical experience in a war-like field? If that is your demand then check out DCS World.  


Unlike other VR flight simulators, DCS World has no ordinary theme. Still, it comes with a combat simulator, letting users experience an exceptional game by flying various military planes.

Every military plane in the DCS simulator has been meticulously designed and modeled, ensuring that possibly every piece is specific and closely resembles its real-life counterparts. You would be left astonished after witnessing the attention paid to every slight detail, coupled with sound and graphics, formulates an ultra-realistic simulation.

The best part about the DCS world, which makes the simulator worth trying, is that the base game is free to download and can be conveniently downloaded from the official website or Steam. 

Likewise, almost all PCs and VRs are compatible with the simulator. Though the game is free, only a few helicopter and scenery locations can be accessed, the rest and plenty of the content, such as additional aircraft and maps, have to be paid for purchasing separately, which is optional.

  • Many aircraft and map options
  • Free to download 
  • Compatible with VR and PC 
  • Lack of proper support to control VR 


Apart from the fact that additional elements should be purchased, there is no other significant drawback. Nevertheless, before downloading DCS, ensure your computer is powerful enough to maintain a good frame rate on the VR.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What is the best VR flight simulator?

All three stated VR flight simulators are the best ones. 

Is there a VR flight simulator?

Yes, there are- our stated options.

Is VR flight simulator free?

Depends on the VR flight simulator you want to use. 

What is the most realistic fighter jet simulator VR?

Microsoft flight VR simulator. 


By listing the top 3 picks for the best VR flight simulators, we have narrowed down your options and made it less challenging for you to pick and choose from. 

Remember to choose the best VR flight simulator that suits the most to you!

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