Best VR Gun Stock For Onward

You can only intensify and make your VR shooting game experience immersive by purchasing the best VR gun stock for Onward. Regular games feel more engaging when played on a VR, especially for the genre concerning shooting games. 

With the best VR gun controller by your side, Onward on your VR will be the most fantastic experience you will have. Such awesome accessories only enhance immersion and improve the way shooting games are played by giving you more control over your actions in Onward without having to face the consequence of tiring out. 

Due to the recent boom of VR games, markets are flooded with tons of options for the best VR gun controller. As a result, it is understandable for the buyer to feel overwhelmed when choosing between available choices. 

However, we are here to help, and after sufficient consideration of important factors, we have narrowed down the three top customer picks for the best VR gun stock for Onward for you. 

Best VR Gun Stock For OnwardBest VR Gun Stock For Onward

1.) SnowFox Pro:

Nothing in Onward is more frustrating than attempting to aim for a perfect shot but only missing out on it because your ordinary lightweight controller failed to provide the expected resistance. But this situation can be conveniently remedied by SnowFox Pro. 


SnowFox Pro comes in an uber-realistic design precisely made to increase immersion while assisting users in feeling like genuine shooters in playing.

Per your requirement, you can utilize the option to add as much weight as you want through the quarters that would fit your style of gameplay perfectly and meanwhile also cater to the factor of realism.

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Likewise, the weight keeps the gun in the proper place during emulation, and there is no need for you to worry about the quarters flying all around the room because they stay positioned in front of the gun barrel ideally. 

Additionally, the unique feature of the side lock works to ensure that the connection to your controller remains throughout and does not disconnect. 

  • Weight is customizable 
  • Well designed 
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Quarters needed for weight 
  • The handle is not very comfortable


Snowfox Pro is undoubtedly a fascinating and incredible variation on behalf of the typical gun controllers, considering the price that it comes at and the performance it delivers. Thus, an excellent and highly customizable option for the best VR gun stock for Onward.

2.) ProVolver:

If a pistol in a game is your primary weapon and you value the effect of simulation over every other result, then you must consider the ProVolver for the best VR gun stock for Onward. 


The most impressive feature of this VR gun stock is surely the haptics that it has. Though the VR seems like another typical gun from the outside, all the magic happens inside this exemplary device. Featuring the weight of a real piston, the ProVolver immediately brings an insane amount of immersion and realism into your game. 

When coupled with haptic simulations that adjust depending on the firing mode or the weapon, this feature permits you to feel various impacts. Every time you pull the trigger in Onward, the explosive kickback for single shots will differ from bursts, full auto, and even laser attacks. 

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Though the initial version only has pistol support as an extension and for a small price, other features like the full-two-handed gun stock can be purchased, bringing the feedback for haptic along into rifle weapons. 

  • Amazing haptics 
  • Easy to utilize 
  • Real-life weight of the pistol 
  • Costly 
  • Does not support all VR shooting games


ProVolver is a bit pricey compared to other options and might break the bank slightly. Still, it is worth every penny and guarantees to give you an outstanding in-game gun experience.

3.) Sanlaki Magnetic Rifle:

Looking for the best VR gun stock for Onward that has excellent aesthetics? You will surely love the Sanlaki Magnetic Rifle if that is your consideration. 


VR gun controller comes in an extravagantly sleek design that resembles the realistic design of a gun, aiding big time with the user feeling more immersed in their game of Onward. In Sanlaki magnetic rifle, there are two options for purchase: the standard and the elite version. 

The standard version of the Sanlaki has an upgraded model with a buttstock through which you can pull the gun controller closer to your shoulder to help with an accurate shot. The dual magnet mount is particularly for Quest 2 headsets that let players access more guns and other weapons in Onward. 

Alternative to the standard rifle is the Elite Sanlaki magnetic rifle which is easy to use when it comes to stabilization of aim, fully optimizing every weapon, and enhancing immersion. The elite gun stock lets every player improve their consistency in shooting through the rotational blocker and the upgraded reload mount.

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  • Easy to use
  • High immersion 
  • Realistic design 
  • The Elite version is costly


Sanlaki Magnetic rifle is an ideal choice for the best VR gun stock for Onward, supposing you want to feel ultimately immersed in the game scenes and the gameplay!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I get a VR gun stock?

Yes, you should because they make your gaming experience more immersive and enjoyable. 

What is the best gun stock for valve index?

After testing and research for valve index, the best gun stock has been determined to be Glistco’s Carbon Fiber Magni Stock.

What is the best gun stock for VR Reddit?

For VR Reddit, pro-tube is the best gun stock.

What is VR gun stock? 

VR gun stocks are VR gaming accessories that help players aim more reliably and provide them with a realistic and immersive gaming experience. 


Now that you have the three customer picks for the best VR gun stock for Onward shortlisted, all that has to be done from your end is finalizing the gun controller that will be the most well-suited and appropriate for you and your needs.

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