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The modern way of life has all stressed, leaving us no time to eat well or to have a fitness routine at the gym. Please do not add to your stress levels by looking for the best VR meditation apps because we got our reader’s back!

Thanks to the recent inclusion in the field of technology, VR meditation provides us with the luxury of meditating anywhere without having to retreat to a quiet place only to unwind. 

All that needs to be done is to strap the VR headset on and stream the best VR meditation app out of the options we will present to you today in our article. 

After examining the reviews and results for the renowned VR meditation apps, we downloaded and tested plenty of such applications only to deem a few best, so you do not have to go through the hassle. 

Now with our three 2023’s best VR meditation recommendations, you can recharge and relax regardless of where you happen to be and continue to live a happy, healthy, and stress-free life! 

Best VR Meditation Best VR Meditation

1.) Tripp:

Tripp is one of the highest-rated, most effective, and most popular apps for VR meditation apps amongst users, and all of these qualities are justified for valid reasons. You can see for yourself!  


This VR meditation application includes tried and tested 75 different mindful and immersive meditation techniques. Tripp’s 3 part daily practice routine entails precise exercises for morning, evening, and night with the mutual aim of improving focus, creating calmness, and assisting users in sleeping peacefully. 

Additionally, users looking to acquire more control over meditation are catered to by the composer mode, designed for additional impact on feelings of presence and calmness. 

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In this mode, the meditator has the discretion to customize and can pick the settings for audio and visuals while also being able to add pictures of their own choice which are shown at the end of each session. 

Tripp is not solely and only a meditation app but also features engaging gameplay along with binaural audio that generates healing sounds composed by acclaimed musicians. 

  • Regularly updated 
  • Immersive and real landscape visuals 
  • Has plenty of options for meditation practices
  •  Takes time to adapt to the app


Undoubtedly, dedication to providing the most impactful experiences to users through constantly adding fresh material for training makes Tripp stand out as the best VR meditation application.

2.) Maloka:

Do you want to practice meditation but are a beginner and clueless about the entire procedure? Maloka is another recommendation we have for the best VR meditation app that will help you learn through a gamified journey into this new practice. 


The way that Maloka works is very different when compared to other conventional VR meditation apps. It features special characteristics setting the app apart, such as allowing users to pick an island location for themselves that is unique. 

Whenever on the app to meditate, the user will always be meditating on the island and, through their gamified journey, will witness the progress. The more an individual practices, the more hastily their island develops into a beautiful oasis. 

Meaning the more you delve deeper into discovering your inner voice and exploring your being, that will be demonstrated through the lush greenery on your island. Is it not fascinating and a motivator to keep you meditating regularly?

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However, some users might think that Maloka has been designed to let meditators have less control over their practice and is only for people who want to meditate and not explore something more. 

  • Features a completely gamified version 
  • Many yoga movement options 
  • Keeps users compelled to practice
  • No traditional meditation experience 


Our final word on Maloka favors it to be the best VR meditation app as it provides a tracking journey to its users, committing them to practice daily.

3.) Natures Trek VR

Supposedly, you are an admirer of nature, and your definition of meditation is to be close to Mother Earth and witness its encompassing life; in that case, check out Nature Trek VR. 


Nature Trek is a VR application solely outlined for people who want to explore nature. The different options for natural environments, such as tropical beaches, underwater oceans, and the stars, are yet another great way to immerse yourself and relax while interacting with the surrounding altogether. 

Every interaction in nature treks seems realistic and makes the explorer feel as if they are in the forest. These detailed sketches of the environment permit users to enhance their feelings of being in a calm space through their interchanges with nature.

You can encounter various types of animals per your location, like giraffes, dolphins, elephants, and whales. Different plants snap branches or hold birds and butterflies while also changing the weather settings.  

Though there are no real meditation teachings to grow your practice in Natural treks, you can still control your breathing by utilizing “meditation lotus.” 


The only drawback of Nature Treks VR is that it is not designed with the primary aim of meditation but only aids its users in feeling closer to nature.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Does VR meditation work?

Yes, VR meditation works VR meditation is more effective than traditional meditation practices. 

What is the best free VR meditation app?


Does Oculus Quest have meditation?

Oculus Quest 2 does have meditation. All our best VR meditation apps are available for download on Quest 2 from the Oculus Quest library. 

What is the best meditation app for the metaverse?

For metaverse; VIVE flow is the best VR meditation app.


After engaging in detailed research followed by a thorough analysis of all short-listed meditation apps, we have summoned 2023’s best VR meditation apps for you. Every best VR meditation app that we have stated has a specific outline and features to offer; now, per your suitability, you can decide on the application that will serve you appropriately.

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