Best VRchat Avatar Worlds

Looking for the best VRchat avatar worlds but are unable to find some? We say you shall not look anymore because, on your behalf, we have collected an appealing variety of VRchat avatar worlds for you. 

The best way you can shortlist your favorite VRchat avatar worlds is by visiting every world and, from there, collecting new avatars that can be customized based on either your look or the play of your favorite characters. Each VRchat world contains various avatars that can be changed per your discretion and kept as a favorite. 

Therefore, previously if you have been subjected to indecisiveness regarding the best VRchat avatar worlds, after reading our article and the recommendations that we have for you, you will be more confident! 

Best VRchat Avatar Worlds 

After almost checking out almost all the available VRchat avatar worlds, we have picked the best and the most liked ones to help you find the perfect avatar or the avatar world. 

Our list of the best VRchat avatar worlds has been compiled, consisting of all genres, ranging from virtual games to relaxing home atmospheres that include avatars based on good meme selection, pop, and serious cultures alongside virtual fun personalities. 

Once you are done reading the following list and want to explore your selected VRchat avatar world, search for the name of the VRchat world in the search bar on your VRchat. Best Vrchat Avatar Worlds

Though we know the search function is not optimal, rest assured, it works, and to ensure that our readers can conveniently find all the stated VRchat world options, we have tested this method ourselves. 

1.) Pasta Alfredo Avatars:  

Pasta Alfredo avatars is a VRchat avatar world that you should only go to when looking to have fun playing around with characters and never when wanting to represent your real-world self through a more generic avatar. 

This is because Pastasparq, the creator, specializes in memes and cartoons and has demonstrated his skills through the avatars you find in this world. There is a plethora of pop culture avatars that can be picked and chosen from to be added to the list of favorite avatars. 

Starting from fulfilling the urge to run around the VRchat world as a Penguin of Madagascar or to be the former president of the United States- Barrack Obama, all these are a possibility in Pasta Alfredo avatars, 

Additionally, the excellent selection of avatars in the Pasta world supplies derpy and high-quality characters from Team Fortress 2, Sonic, Kermit the Frog, Half-life, and the all-time loved- Star Wars. 

Choosing from this plethora of avatars makes exploring the Pasta Alfredo VRchat world even more enjoyable, especially when coupled with the catchy background music that plays throughout. 

Oh, if you need assistance picking out your favorite avatars, you can chat with other people while browsing and considering their thoughts. Likewise, mirrors at the end of every room can also help you check your appearance when changing avatars back and forth! 

2.) Mids Ava World:

Originally formulated by Kyodai, Miss Ava World is out of one of those VRchat worlds that are stacked with the biggest anime avatar collection selected from games and popular shows like Krito from Sword Art Online, Link, Pikachu, and Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. Supposedly, if anime is not your thing, then in that case, there is also an alternative option of selection for you that consists of other and very random cartoon characters. 

Mids ava world is a well-laid-out VRchat world, and do not worry about missing out on any of the characters because there is an option allowing you to conveniently view what is currently on offer so you can skim and add an avatar to the list of your favorites. 

In this VRchat world, be prepared to encounter all sizes of avatars, starting from normal-sized avatars as well as to enormous ones. For example, Megazord from Powerrangers is an avatar available in three different options, and the largest excels beyond the towers in size. Hence, be careful with the size of the Megazord because it might not be a suitable avatar for all VRchat worlds, considering it needs a lot of space.

The enormous mirror, running throughout the entire length of the main room, can be toggled and turned on and off any time through the long blue button located at the base of the wall, proving to be a helpful feature for you to decide on an avatar. 

3.) Big AI’s Avatar Corridors: 

If you have not yet visited the Big AI’s avatar corridors, you should rush to this world to have the best VRchat avatar world experience. Set like an ongoing series of subterranean tunnels, Big AI’s an improvement of all the previously introduced VRchat worlds. 

The world contains a massive selection of avatars from popular movies and shows like The Simpsons, Ghostbusters, South Park, Angry Birds, Star Wars, Smurfs, Toy Story, and loads more; every avatar is labeled and displayed. As a result, having a glance to recognize each avatar in the world is made much easier for all visitors. 

Moreover, the avatars are of exemplary quality and are compatible with Quest, PC, and VR, enabling people to custom animations and emotes. Upon entering Big Ai’s world, you will need to spend some time wandering around, thanks to the layout of the corridors, which makes it a bit challenging to check out every offered avatar. 

Regardless, Big Ai’s avatar corridors are a must-visit world for someone who wants to have fun playing around with characters and not someone who just wants to develop another serious-looking digit avatar. The mouth movement and eye tracking feature for all 200 avatars makes the world a great area to add new avatars to your arsenal. 

4.) Toga And Avita Avatars:

Undoubtedly, the Toga and Ikita avatar world is amongst the best VRchat avatar worlds primarily because of their impressive world design, precisely themed and well-curated avatars lovingly made by the two excellent creators. 

At all times, the world feels airy and bright due to its subtle blend of modern aesthetics and high ceilings. From a bird’s eye view, when surveying the world, you can witness a cross between a modern shopping mall and a spaceport, especially because of the advertising boards on both sides, highlighting and displaying all the currently available avatars. 

What distinguishes Toga and Ikita’s avatar world from the other VRchat avatar world is the integration of artistic skills and creativity. Every avatar is well-themed and made after paying fantastic attention to each detail. 

If you are looking for some incredible female animations, this world presents you with a good number of options to choose from. All female avatars are dressed in cool clothes and accessories, representing the exact type of avatar you want to portray as an online identity. 

Spending time in a Toga and Ikita avatar is a pleasure, and since it’s popular with users, you will have someone to converse with on every visit! 

5.) The Spider-Lair: 

Growing up and watching Spiderman, we all dreamed of wanting to be Spiderman for a day and performing all the tricks he has mastered. 

Now by visiting the VRchat avatar world- the Spider Lair, you can fulfill your dream of being a spider man and swinging from building to building in full motion or doing web shooting just like your best-loved film character. 

The Spider Lair has been specifically designed as a Spiderman VRchat avatar world that is akin to the settings of all Spiderman movies for the fans. In this world, you can not only get to feel like a Spiderman but can also spend your time enjoying addictive mini-games like the side-scrolling arcade game. 

Also, while you are in the Spider Lair, do not miss out on the chance to test your abilities for web-slinging by playing the renowned game “the floor is Pizza.” 

6.) Kami’s Lookout:

There is no other VRchat world accommodating any better to all the Dragon Ball Z fans than Kami’s Lookout. Without any exaggeration, this world planned by the author KingTodd is like a haven for Dragon Ball Z freaks.

The VRchat world has more than 227 models of Dragon Ball Z, and all of them have been cautiously chosen from all the existing series. 

Additionally, with this, you also get to have access to the 82 differing Naruto models, iconic maps (The World tournament, Kame House) and consists avatars for the most remarkable characters: Rohan, Boku, Cell, and Trunk Frieze. 

All characters come in numerous transformations and forms for the visitors to be satisfied with going above on board and Super Saiyan with themselves. 

Fortunately, the VRchat avatar world of Kami’s Lookout is accessible on varying platforms, and most importantly, it Is quest compatible, meaning you can play in the world of Dragon Ball Z on your Xbox and Quest 2.

7.) Snazzy Jazzy JoJo Avatars: 

It is very rare to come across a VRchat world that does not have a narrow stylistic focus, but the design of the VRchat world and the avatars go beyond all the boundaries and feel like a breath of fresh air. This is briefly an accurate description of the snazzy jazzy Jojo avatar, which is, in fact, a coffee shop setting that has brilliant art and an atmosphere radiating a pleasant vibe to all the incomers. 

The attention and time dedicated to the details encountered in the nook and cranny of this avatar world are impressive. All the characters that you get to see in the Snazzy Jazzy are well made, distinctly styled, and are the ones that are seen around not too frequently. Adding to the realistic theme of the coffee shop, avatars have a few effects and emotions to keep users occupied and entertained in the VRchat avatar world.

Despite the popularity of the Snazzy Jazzy among the VR community, the VRchat avatar world is yet to be made present to be accessed on any other device apart from the PC. So, until you are using the avatar world on your computers, you must make the most of your time by chatting to the steady stream of other players. 

8.) Snowdin Town Avatar Hub: 

Are you addicted to playing Deltarune and Undertale compulsively? If the answer to this is a YES, then skip the option of other best VRchat avatar worlds and immediately take a visit to the Snowdin Town Avatar Hub, which is a fine selection of both the games and, more fortunately, is compatible with your quests, PCs, and VRs. 

Not only is this avatar world a place worth visiting to have a splendid time playing your favorite games and accessing the characters in the form of cool avatars, but as a bonus, you also get to hang out with other game enthusiasts. 

Attention to detail throughout the designed avatar of Snowdin Town Avatar Hub is great. 

But you must bear in mind that if you are not a fan of these games, then this avatar is another dull VRchat world for you because only thematic avatars and passionate gamers occupy the Snowman Town Avatar hub. Thus, consider visiting somewhere else! 

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Where to find good avatars in VRchat?

Find good avatars within the option for “worlds” inside the game you are playing, or you can upload the world you want to play as well. 

Where to get custom VRchat avatars?

You can get custom-made VRchat avatars from Readyplayerme, Unity store, Tafi, and Fiver. 

What is the maximum avatar upload for VRchat? 

Conveniently, upload your avatars within the 5-8MB limit without reaching the maximum limit.

What is the recommended age for VRchat?

The recommended age to use VRchat is 13 years or older. 


Whether it be an anime-oriented VRchat avatar world or something more realistic, in our article listing the best VRchat avatar worlds, we have made sure to include all trending and at-hand categories for you to have your immersive and finest VR experience. 

Now, in line with your interests and personal preference, choose the avatar world you think you will enjoy most being present in!

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