Best Wireless Printer For Chromebook

Best Wireless Printer For Chromebook

When everything is getting advanced, why not our printers? Are you still battling with the long wires and connectivity issues of your printer? Is your Chromebook not supporting your junky printer? Oh, we can feel your pain; therefore, we have come up with wireless printers, which are compatible with your Chromebook.

An incompatible printer can affect the output quality and even the performance of your Chromebook; hence, you need to be wise while picking a Chromebook supporting wireless printers.

We have done all the research for you and assembled a list of the best Chromebook printers for you; these printers can boost up your productivity; meanwhile, these are compatible with all Chromebooks; you can efficiently print plain or glossy paper from both sides. The text and image quality are eye-catching.

So, review them and pick the one that is suitable for you but before that, explore what the wireless printers are and how they work, as this piece of information will help you pick the best for you.

How To Set Up Your Printer With A Chromebook?

Get prints directly from Chromebook by using the printers that can connect to a wired and wi-Fi network easily.

Tip: Use a USB cable to make connection easy with a printer and a Chromebook. When attached to a cable, you will receive a notification. Simply follow the instructions displayed on the screen. If the printer is already connected to a Chromebook, then there is no need to connect it to a Wi-fi network.

Step 1: Connect Your Printer To The Internet:

  • Switch on the printer
  • Connect it to a strong internet connection. For more assistance, read the instructions from the printer manual.
  • Turn on the Chromebook and do sign-in
  • Use the same internet connection for connecting the printer that is used to connect the Chromebook.

Step 2: Print Out A Page:

  • Documents, pages, or images that you are viewing, print them using the keys Ctrl + p.
  • Choose the down arrow by Navigate to “
  • Go to “See more.”
  • Choose your printer

Tip: Certain printers are shown already on the list, but if your printer is missing those, then go to the manage option.

  • Choose print finally

Who Should Buy a Chromebook Printer?

As more users get to know this fact that they don’t always have to choose from windows or OSX machines to complete their tasks. Chromebook is now the alternative option for those who are looking for a cheap laptop that does every possible task on your way.

Whether you are purchasing your first Chromebook or have been familiar with it since it was first released, printing is something that all need at least once in a while, if not daily. As this is a world of paperless things but still some of the documents need to print on a physical, it is vital to find a printer that is compatible with your Chromebook or with any other desktop or laptop of yours.

Best Wireless Printer For Chromebook for 2021

Whether using a Chromebook for professional work or your daily use, you need the most Chromebook-compatible printers to maintain your quality. Various brands make printers compatible with Chromebooks. We have brought the most top-notch brands for you, so you may get multiple options to choose the one for you. In addition, our printers are a combination of quality and affordability.

Just explore our comparison table to have a quick comparison of the products and then jump to the product review.

1Best Basic Monochrome Laser Printer● Print Speed : 32 PPM
● Paper Capacity: 32 PPM
● Weight : 15.9 Pounds
Check Price

Check Price

Check Price

Check Price

Check Price

Check Price

Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1.) Canon TS5120

Quick Summary:

  • Work with Windows and Mac OS making it the best product of Canon
  • Connect with other devices like tablets, laptops, and smartphones
  • Equipped with a FINE hybrid ink system to give detailed document printing.

The thing making this printer the top pick in the wireless printers is that it is compatible with Chromebook and offers effortless printing performance via its top-notch features. So, why search for more when a multifunctional printer named Canon TS5120 is here for you.

Key Features:

Aside from the printing, this revolutionary Chromebook printer offers exceptional scanning and copying, as well. So, there is no need to spend more money on getting separate photocopiers and scanning machines.

Do you want to make your office more stylish with unique things?  This wireless printer is here for you easily fitting at any place and decor due to its smart and compact design. This is designed specifically for office spaces and also works with Alexa-approved technology which is a newer technology used by many appliance makers.

The automatic duplexing feature can easily reduce paper usage and cut the cost to almost 50%. Because automatic 2-sided printing prints colorful, detailed, and sharp prints on both sides of the paper without your help.

Google Cloud Print compatibility is a must for Chromebooks; that is why this printer is on our list. It is a Google Cloud Print Ready printer and also features other wireless options e.g. AirPrint, Mopria Print Service, Canon Print App, along with other Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options.

No need to worry about your electricity bill because this device by Canon comes with user-friendly features, one of them is Auto On/Off, which saves power and also time for its users as it turns off automatically when it sits idle.

Final Verdict:

To save time, money, and effort g, et this wireless all-in-one printer, a multi-purpose printer by Canon. This has several exceptional features just to make your printing tasks more enjoyable. Rush towards it before it is out of stock.

2.) HP OfficeJet Pro 8035

Quick Summary:

  • Use its smart tasks for an easy organization just to save time
  • Features streamlined wireless operations via its HP smart App
  • Protect the data of users as it has a best-in-class security system

From the list of top-grade Chromebook printers, another one is the OfficeJet Pro 8035. Feel free to rely on its printing, copying, and scanning capabilities, as this is a revolutionary Chromebook printer that boasts state-of-the-art technology.

Key Features:

This remarkable device is specially designed to offer speedy performance via faster printing and provide value for the money. You will get print-ready documents of 20 PPM” or “Page Per Minute” in black, and in the case of color, the speed is 10 ppm.

What makes it different from others is the integration of the Smart Tasks feature which helps you to complete scanning or printing tasks more quickly. Ready to organize documents 50% faster by eliminating repetitive steps and also sync to QuickBooks and Google drive.

The innovative HP Smart App makes it able to access the printer wirelessly from your smartphones, tablets, laptops, and Chromebooks also. Now experience an effortless printing performance anywhere with this smart app.

This printer reduced Wi-Fi connectivity issues because of its Self-Healing Wi-Fi feature, which detects errors and fixes them on its own. Another unique feature is the security system, which saves your data and restricts unwanted access by using basic encryption, and password protection, etc.

The feature further adds up to its performance is an intuitive LCD screen. The 2.65 inches color touch screen saves your time and effort by easily giving commands and offers to print faster than ever.

  • Offer beautiful color printing also
  • Made from recycled plastic
  • All-in-one printer
  • Wired and wireless connections
  • Need to assemble

Final Verdict:

Believe in its quality by closing your eyes as HP never compromising on the quality of its products. Takes printing commands wirelessly adding up in the list of highly compatible printers. So, catch it up before it is too late.

3.) Canon PIXMA TR4520

Quick Summary:

  • Built with compact design without compromising functionality
  • Ensure effortless printing, as it is equipped with Canon Print App
  • Printing from virtually anywhere via its various connectivity options, including wireless connections

Let’s introduce another printer, the Canon PIXMA TR4520. Undoubtedly the best printer for Chromebook comes with numerous extensive features to make printing hassle-free. Moreover, it also has Alexa compatibility to save time as well as effort or yours.

Key Features:

Ensure effortless printing as Canon PIXMA comes with a limited 1-year warranty. This 4-in-1 smart and compact size printer offers printing, copying, and scanning, making it best for home and business office use.

Thanks to its automatic document feeder that enables you to automatically copy multiple sheets of paper. You don’t need to load or upload sheets after whenever you use this facility; also, use it to copy both sides of your ID card or any card-sized documents.

Some printers don’t have a fax feature for documents; the Canon PIXMA Tr4520 allows you to fax your documents; two-side prints, copy, and scanning of documents are some of the amazing features. The relatively compact design does not need much space and is competitive from most bulkier printers. The small size is the reason why it is a good option for small home offices and dorm rooms.

This printer is so easy to set up, which can be done with the help of a smartphone via Super-smooth wireless connectivity. Now printing from your Chromebook is super easy as it also supports the Mopria Print Service and the Apple AirPrint app.

  • Can fit almost anywhere
  • Have Auto power on/off
  • Gives USB connectivity also
  • Featuring Auto document feeder
  • Cartridges removal is a bit difficult

Final Verdict:

Although it is a top-grade Chromebook printer that offers astounding printing performance, it’s smart dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity makes it limited to use for people who don’t have this option. But still offer faster printing and give exceptional photos, and graphics in a short time.

4.) Canon TR8520

Quick Summary:

  • Gives you reliable printing of business cards as well as photos
  • Offers easy storing and handling because of its compact design
  • Features 4.3-inch LCD touchscreen user–friendly interface

If you are looking for a printing machine that completes your printing scanning and copying task equally well at an affordable price, then look no further than the Canon TR8520. In the printer’s world, Canon always comes with unique and powerful machines, so no worries at all.

Key Features:

The best wireless printers for Chromebooks give crisp-clear and vivid borderless photos as it has excellent features, e.g., a 5-color individual ink system. This one helps to give sharp and colorful photos and text to its users.

Printers have a 6-color ink system for speed and quality, but this 5-color is also good which lessens your worries of changing ink cartridges every month.

So, print whatever you want; you will enjoy the finest quality as it has an adorable 4800 x 12000 dpi printing resolution. This DPI or Dots Per Inch is enough to provide the users equally reliable printing by making day-to-day printing life hassle-free.

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The printer is Google Cloud Print-ready and also offers excellent wireless connectivity to make printing jobs easier. Now stay worry-free as it provides print from different cloud services including Cloud, AirPrint, and Canon Print App.

Scanning from the cloud using Bluetooth is no longer a dream, as it not only works well with  Apps but also gives its users Bluetooth and wired connectivity options named Ethernet.

Highly compatible printers are offering both color and black prints, which makes them the first choice of Chromebook users. This is not specifically for color printing, as it offers speedy performance in both cases. This printer can print 15 images per minute in black and 10ipm in color.

  • Have memory card slot
  • Have 2-sheet ADF
  • Offers AirPrint and wireless print
  • Replacing cartridges cost you 50% more

Final Verdict:

This Google Cloud Print compatible printer makes your life easier by giving you amazingly detailed photos. So no need to think more about this common perception that inkjet printers are slower. You can use it for low-printing volume.

5.) HP ENVY 6055

Quick Summary:

  • Takes printing commands wirelessly from virtually any device anywhere
  • Use HP smart App to get faster and easier printing
  • For preventing connection issues, it features a self-healing Wi-Fi

Key Features:

The best Printers for Chromebook and Google Cloud 2021 are none other than HP ENVY. Due to the functionality and superb features are designed to give fantastic scanning, printing, and copying performance at home, school, or office.

Connecting a Chromebook and a USB printer with any of your favorite devices needs some vital connections. Luckily you are at your dream place because this printer is built with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and USB support just to offer you faster and smoother printing than ever.

Get high-quality borderless photos and also edit pictures using its unique features. Photos are available to print on two sides of the paper as it provides auto-two sided printing that lessens the cost of paper. Save not only paper but time and energy also.

It provides versatility in printing, scanning, and copying, so handling tasks at home is no more difficult. Save your paper and environment because this highly appreciable printer is made with 20% recyclable plastic.

Print photos faster and complete tasks before the deadline will increase your worth in the office. This HP printer prints fast speed of 10 ppm in black and 7 ppm color prints without much effort.

Do HP Instant Ink subscription and receive ink at your doorstep as automatically reorder ink order will be placed when the printer is running short of ink. So, print a high volume of documents without focusing on ink shortage.

  • Made with recyclable plastic
  • Allows wireless printing
  • Gives all-in-one printing performance
  • No mobile faxing
  • No Auto document feeder

Final Verdict:

So spend some money on buying this wireless All-In-One Printer and keep all tension aside. Grab it and speedy, secure, and affordable printing that is the need of the hour in this insecure world.

Buying Guide:

Consider certain things before buying a Chromebook compatible printer.

1.) Google Cloud Print Ready:

This is a big thing as we all know Chromebook cannot recognize third-party drivers so it is necessary to go for a machine that is compatible with Google Cloud Print to connect your laptop wirelessly to a printer.

Wrapping up point we reached to a result that Google Cloud Print compatibility is a must for Chromebooks.

2.) Inkjet or Laser:

Choose Laser and Inkjet printers as per your needs. As they are the two major types and everyone carries benefits and cons.

Inkjet printers use ink to print (inkjet) while laser printers use toner and this is the major point that makes them different from each other. Always try to use quality ink/toner and buy a printer that offers refillable ink reservoirs.

Inkjet printers are slower than laser printers so use them if you want to do a job of low volume printing. These printers are suitable for home use as they are slower than Laser printers, but provide detailed document printing as any other printer does.

But they can be more expensive and take a lot of time to print documents. To enjoy high-volume printing at a reduced cost, Laser printers are a good option. They are fast so print a lot of stuff in a short time.

But one thing to consider is that they cannot print graphics-heavy documents as effectively as an Inkjet printer. So, think twice before purchasing if you want efficient and reliable printing.

3.) Color Vs. Black And White:

It may sound redundant, but keep in mind not all printers offer color printing by default. Some of them print black and white only of high-quality. So, to print high-quality documents and photos in color prints then you have to choose a printer that is equally good in color printing.

The best ink for a printer helps you in this regard so go to buy one if you have tons of color documents as well as photos. This is not difficult to find just ask the shopkeeper or read the manual.

4.) Print Resolution:

It refers to the clarity of a printer, measured by DPI or Dots Per Inch. Better the resolution with higher DPI. Printers with higher resolution can cost you more but give detailed results. It is better to search for a price and see your budget before going to order one.

5.) Printing Speed:

How fast a printer prints the pages is known as PPM” or “Page Per Minute. If you need to fulfill high-volume printing tasks in less time then avoid slow printers.

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Some printers are extremely fast while others are so slow. You should invest in a printer that offers a minimum speed- 20ppm for blacks whereas 16ppm for color prints.

Speed of less than this will be slow for you so it is best to figure out the speed before making an actual purchase.

6.) Connectivity:

This is another important point that needs your attention. Chromebooks require wireless connectivity so it is better to stay away from printers that come with limited connectivity. As they are harder to work with, you are not able to connect all the devices with them.

We have come to a point that wireless connection is a must. Try to pick one that offers multiple connectivity options including both wired and wireless connections. Some of them are Ethernet, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and USB connectivity just to make the printing task super-cool.

7.) Cost:

To make sure the printer is under our budget better to run a cost analysis. The printer will be more expensive than your expectation depending on the ink price, and other maintenance costs. In the long run, keep some money to pay more than the initial cost of the printer.

So, the ideal scenario is to get a clear picture of how much money you have to spend on a printer. In this way, you will find the answer to buy it or not.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can I Use My Chromebook With Any Wireless Printer?

Printing from a Chromebook requires a wireless printer that supports Google Cloud Print so it might be possible that not all wireless printers are Google cloud-print ready.

So check thoroughly before buying one because without Google cloud print wireless printers won’t work with Chromebooks.

What’s The Difference Between A Chromebook And A Laptop?

Chromebook’s minimalistic hardware and budget-friendly qualities make it the alternative to popular windows and mac-based laptops. The main distinction between them is the operating system.

Chromebook is a slimmed-down version of regular laptops but with major specifications. Chromebooks run on a Linux-based Chrome OS, which gives you a different experience. They are faster than simple laptops and suitable for light tasks.

Do Chromebooks Show Compatibility With All Printers?

The answer is no, as Chromebooks run on Chrome OS  and work best only with a cloud-ready wireless printer.

Which Brands Make Chromebook Compatible With Printers?

Several brands are available now which are Chromebook compatible. New brands are continuously introducing printers with Google cloud print.

Chromebook compatible printers include  HP, Canon, Dell, Samsung, Brother, and several top-grade printers manufacturers.

How Fast Should My Printer Print?

Well, it depends on your need about how fast you want to complete your printing job. The ideal printing speed is 20ppm for black and white.

Go for Laser printers if the printing speed is your major concern because they are fast like an aircraft and do your work before time.

Connections That Are Essential For A Chromebook Compatible Printer?

Chromebooks work with wireless printers and they offer multiple wireless and wired connections options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, and also show compatibility with certain apps like AirPrint, specific apps of brands for instance Canon print App, free Hp e-print app, and more.

Chromebooks cannot connect with USB-only printers, so all the above-mentioned connectivity options are also necessary.

Final Conclusion:

Chromebook is a versatile gadget that doesn’t have compatibility with every printer so you need to have the most compatible printer for its pairing.

Therefore, we have filtered the most reliable and durable wireless printers for you that you can choose to get incredible printing. These printers are easy to use, faster to operate, and have unbeatable performance.

So go ahead, pick a wireless printer, and make your investment pay off; happy printing to you!

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