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Blink Camera Flashing Green

Blink camera by Amazon is an amazing home security system that protects homes from intruders by detecting motion and then recording them and sending them over in your email with an alert on your phone letting you know that someone has crossed your residential or commercial territory.

Blink Camera Flashing Green

Blink cameras can run into different kinds of errors, and one of those errors is when it starts flashing green light. The built-in LED starts flashing green when the internet connection is unstable or not working and when the blink servers are down. Sometimes the internet is down, and the camera is getting good wifi signals, but the Blink server is down, and sometimes the Blink server is up and running, and the internet provider is having issues, and both these cases cause the green light to blink.

Blink also shows red light for network issue, so you can understand the meaning of both these lights in case they show on the camera.

So when you see a solid green light, chances are that nothing is wrong on your end. But there are a few reasons the camera would lose an internet connection and start flashing green when the local network isn’t reachable.

So let’s see how to resolve this issue and let the Blink camera work again.

Blink Camera Flashing Green

How to Fix Blink Camera Blinking Green Light

Blink Server Not Responding

When you see your Blink camera flashing green, that’s when you need to verify whether the Blink server is working or not. For that, you can try different techniques I will share with you.

First, you can open your app and try to log into the app. If you are unable to log into the app that’s a clear indication that there is a Blink server outage and your request isn’t reaching to the Blink server anymore. So, all you can do is just wait while the servers are offline and try checking back again after some time.

Similarly, if the problem is at Blink’s end of the connection, you can verify that from the Blink support page for server outage or wide outage by the company. A third-party tool called DownDetector will help you figure that out, and you can also check the official Blink page on Twitter to verify that.

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Most of the time, the server is undergoing maintenance which is also scheduled, and users are notified by the management. Still, if you didn’t see that coming, you can wait for the maintenance, which hardly takes a few hours, and after that, Blink servers will be online, and your camera won’t be blinking green light anymore.

Reboot Internet Router

In case you have verified that the solid green light isn’t due to the server outage, then there’s the local network connection that you need to check. Start with checking the signal strength from the Blink as it will show signals in the form of bars, and if there are less than three bars, that means the internet connection is unreliable.

So you can reboot the internet router, which mostly resolves the problem, and once the rebooting is done. Try limiting the number of devices using the Wi-Fi as that will divide the bandwidth among all the users, and Blink will have limited bandwidth that won’t help it to record high-quality videos and upload them on the Server.

Similarly, try placing the Blink camera near the router or place the router near the Blink cameras because obstructions like walls can block radio wave signals of the network and weaken the signals.

To check your internet connection, you can do a speed test or load webpages on your mobile to see how fast they are loading to see if it’s the ISP issue. So, once you have figured out the internet problem, the Blink will stop the green light flashing.

Move the router close to the camera

Router placement is crucial as signals will get stronger if there are no obstructions, but if there are obstructions like a wall or furniture then signals will get weaker. Similarly, if the internet is weak, you can use Wi-Fi Mesh or booster to extend the power of signals. A few other things you can try to make sure the antenna is facing forward, and sometimes simple repositioning the router will be helpful.

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Extend Wi-Fi Network

A mediocre router in a larger home or in a small home with a lot of users won’t be of any help. So, you can try replacing your router with TP-Link AX1800, a budget option that will ensure you never fall short on the internet supply.

Power Cycle the Camera

If the Blink camera is showing green light you can remove batteries for 10-20 seconds and re-insert back into the camera this action will reboot the camera removing temporary software bugs and errors and will indeed remove the solid or blinking green light.

Reset Sync Module 

You can fix the Blink green light flashing problem by resetting the Sync Module. Get something thin like a paperclip to press the reset button and keep it pressed until a red light starts flashing. Let it reboot and once it starts, remove it from the app and add it again from the + sign, and the green light blinking problem should go away now. 

Reset Blink Mini

To reset the Blink Mini, just press and hold the reset button, and the camera will go to default settings then, reconnect the camera with the network, and do not forget to add it to the available network. Once all is done, you will receive an alert message and will be working usually.

Is there are monthly fee for Blink?

Although you can enjoy Blink trial for 30 days and use unlimited cameras and unlimited storage then you will have to get either a $3 Per month basic plan or a $10 per month Plus plan that comes with more storage options and a few other perks that you do not get with the $3 per month plan.

Does Blink connect to Wifi or Sync Module? 

Both the Sync Module and the Blink camera must be connected with an identical Wi-Fi SSID in order to work correctly.

How high to mount the Blink camera?

The maximum height of the Blink camera should be 8 to 10 feet from the ground while angled away from direct sunlight.

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How do I get the Blink camera to detect motion?

Just arm the camera by pressing the running man icon, and now the camera will actively detect motion and will, trigger recordings based on motion, and will send you notification alerts on your phone with recordings in your email.


That was all about the Blink flashing green light, and all the reasons are explained with their fixes. Hopefully, you will figure out how to stop the camera from blinking green light intermittently or frequently.

Blink is an innovative and intelligent home security camera with a long battery life, and both AA lithium batteries are designed to last for two years. It offers limited cloud storage, but you can extend storage or use USB to locally store the footage and clips of your recordings triggered by motion. But without a subscription, you won’t be able to enjoy live view mode.

The best part if Blink is that it is compatible with voice-activated devices like Alexa, allowing you to issue voice commands to perform different settings like arming or disarming the camera. Like other home monitoring gadgets, including smart doorbells, lights, speakers, and cameras, this one is the perfect creation by Amazon that you can trust for your home protection from thieves and trespassers.

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