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Blink Camera Keeps Disarming

Before I tell you the answer to why Blink Camera keeps disarming, 

You must know 

How did you armed the Blink camera? Using App? Alexa? or IFTTT?

Why Blink Camera Keeps Disarming?

Blink camera can disarm itself when the schedule isn’t set correctly, the App is unresponsive, or the batteries are discharged, and if not given the attention it can leave your home unguarded.

A disarmed blink camera won’t detect any motion movements, and also won’t send any alerts or notifications because it isn’t actively scanning the particular view that you have selected from the rectangles of the camera view.

Why Blink Camera Keeps Disarming

How to Fix Blink Camera Disarming

Go to the app settings and look at the Time zone schedules if you have set any. Try playing with it if you have set programs because that’s the root cause behind the Blink arming and disarming behaving vaguely.

If everything seems to be working fine, then restet the app and reset the Sync Module as well as the camera and updaAppthe app to the latest firmware so that the bugs or glitches can be removed if there are any.

You may notice the strange behaviour of Blink, like recording when disarmed and not recording when armed, so the above-mentioned steps can help you figure out the solution.

How to arm blink camera with Alexa

You can use IFTTT ( If This Then That ) to configure Blink with third-party devices like Amazon Alexa to arm or disarm using voice commands, and this hands-free approach is what many people love about Blink as it’s completely compatible with Blink.

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Blink Camera Armed vs Disarmed

The difference between Armed and Disarmed is pretty evident when Blink camera is armed, it will actively detect motion and will alert you,. Still, when it is disarmed, it won’t see motion and won’t also send you the notifications.

Blink is a standard security camera that doesn’t ring an alarm  like other 24/7 CCTV or surveillance recording cameras,, which do intensive recording continuously and continuously without any pauses unless you stop them.

But blink works more intelligently by recording only when there is some movement in your residential or commercial property area, and that’s why it doesn’t consume excessive network bandwidth or storage space. But it features two AA batteries which are alkaline, not Lithium-ion, and they are not rechargeable, only removable, so you can swap them with new ones.

When Blink detects the movement of humans or pets, depending on the sensitivity you have set frAppthe app, it will initiate recording based on the motion. It will record video clips of 5-second intervals unless you have increased the duration to 60 seconds, but you cannot decrease it from 5 seconds. You can also set retrigger time duration,, which is the best part of the Blink.

Fortunately, you can arm or disarm any individual camera frHubthe Hub. In contrast, the rest are disarmed, and no need to disarm the entire system just for one or a few particular cameras of the network. Similarly, you can turn off alerts for motion detection for specific cameras, and all this can be done from the Sync Hub.

Your footage are stored on the cloud server and only remains there for 60 days,. Then the old videos are replaced with the new videos, or new videos overwrite old videos to save storage because you get limited storage space for your subscription and storing all the videos will quickly fill up the allotted space.

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Similarly, when you can control the duration of clips that will be recorded when the camera triggers motion, and, most importantly, you can set the retrigger time, which means how much time after detection of the action the camera should start recording.

And finally, you have the sensitivity of motion option that allows you to adjust the motion and the ideal scale for the sensitivity for action can be between 10 to 85; aggressive movement means that the camera will even notify you about the direction of leaves. So you can play with it to only get notifications or alerts when animals or humans across your territory.

If you want, you can arm or disarm particular cameras connected wiHubone Hub, and you don’t have to set dedicated Hubs for other cameras to arm or disarm them. Similarly, with one Hubgle hub, you can control all cameras regarding alerts, and motion detection, and unlike other cameras, it doesn’t have any alarm option.

To Arm the Blink camera, you can follow these instructionAppen App > Bottom right corner > Toggle switch to arm > Armed

The same is the process of disarming the Blink camera. When the Blink camera is disarmed,, it won’t allow detect motion and also won’t alert you of any movement because it isn’t actively looking for signs and also won’t show you a live feed.

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If you are a Blink XT or XT2 user,, you will get free could storage,, but if you have Blink Mini, Blink Indoor or Blink outdoor,, you have to get the subscription. You can also use USB to store your backup locally, but you have to format it for exFat and manually remove older videos as they won’t overwrite themselves to save up some space on the USB.

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