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Blink Indoor vs Outdoor cameras

Blink cameras by Amazon are excellent for home security as they don’t do 24/7 continuous recording like CCTV cameras but only record videos for motion detection. Using a blink camera allows you to view things in live-view mode, and you also get mobile alert notifications when someone is trespassing on your residential or commercial property.

Blink manufactures indoor and outdoor Blink cameras allowing you to monitor your home from all angles and access the live footage of the interior and exterior of your home from the Blink app anytime.

Blink Indoor vs Blink Outdoor

There are no significant differences between Blink Indoor and Blink outdoor except that the outdoor camera is designed by keeping in mind the external environment factors like higher temperatures, colder temperatures, strong winds, and rainy or snowy weather, which means it’s also water-resistant if not waterproof.

Blink Indoor vs Blink Outdoor

The Blink outdoor is designed to be more rigid than the indoor,, and that’s why using it indoors is not sensible as it won’t last long, losing you a lot of money.

The Blink outdoor can withstand extremely high temperatures like 113 Fahrenheit, and the Blink indoor can only fight 95 Fahrenheit hot, which means the outdoor is intended to last long in more desirable environments.

The design of both Indoor and outdoor blink is pretty much the same, except that the Blink outdoor comes with an IP65 feature that makes it water-resistant. In addition, the outdoor model features a mounting bracket, while the indoor model has air holes around the edging.

The Blink outdoor is protected with the external body, so nothing like dirt or debris enters inside to cause damage. However, compared with the Blink outdoor, the indoor won’t be fighting with a lot of ground indoors; therefore, no protective grill is installed.

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The Indoor and Outdoor Blink cameras can record High-definition videos, and both are equipped with similar AA Lithium batteries that can last longer than two years, depending on maintenance and usage. However, if the camera is installed in a trafficked area and is recording most of the time, then expect less time from the batteries as the energy consumption is higher.

Can Blink outdoor be used Indoors?

Using Blink outdoors indoors isn’t any problem because it’s more protective of fighting water and dust than the indoor version. But it won’t work vice versa as the Indoor is less equipped to withstand solid temperatures or winds and cannot keep dust out, soo it can damage quicker than the outdoor camera.

An Outdoor version has nothing different than a few protective features to protect it from external environments. The color difference is also an essential element for the cameras because the outdoor Blink has a black casing that makes it harder to detect, and use the Indoor outdoors will be seen more quickly than an Outdoor blink in black.

What Features Do the Blink Indoor and Blink Outdoor Cameras Share?

Both cameras share many features like both models have infrared hardware detection technology to detect motion ( Other Blink models have Pixel Difference Analysis Motion Detection ) and the option to adjust the sensitivity to see desired signals from a certain distance.

Both cameras share a zoom feature that allows you to take close-up shots of the images or video footage recorded or from the live view.

Both models support the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band, and if your router is 5.0GHz frequency, then the cameras won’t work. Similarly, both are equipped with a built-in microphone and a speaker.

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Moving on, both of these cameras are equipped with light indicators to tell you about different things like the blue light indicates that the camera is actively detecting motion and recording the videos in intervals. A green light indicates that there is an error with the Blink server or with an internet connection. Similarly, the red light shows a power outage, and so on. 

Both models have the same size and weight, and the mounting configuration is similar. For example, both models require 6 Philips head screws measuring 1 1/4 inches.

A difference you will face in both these models is the price, and that’s fair for the Blink outdoor to be a slightly expensive model due to its perks.

Both models are compatible with voice-activated devices like Amazon Alexa. They allow you to pair the camera with Alexa to issue voice commands to arm the camera, disarm it or do other settings.

Both models have the same subscription models, which are $3 per month as an essential subscription and $10 per month as a Plus subscription. There is a free trial as well that allows you to use unlimited cameras and unlimited storage but only for 30 days period. Both subscriptions have their differences. The Basic plan allows only three cameras with one account and offers live-view and limited cloud storage. While the Plus package will enable you to install unlimited cameras, storage is limited. In case you want to save money, you can connect both models with USB to locally store footage, but clips won’t be deleted themselves. So you will be deleting the clips yourself to empty the USB.

Are the Blink Indoor and Blink Outdoor Cameras Hard to Install?

Installation of both camera models is pretty simple. As these are wireless cameras, all you need to do is mount them at a suitable distance of 8 to 10 feet above the ground so no one can easily access them, and make sure to angle them away from direct sunlight.

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You cannot place the camera too far or too close because you want to make sure you can see the passerby or trespassers without having them disable the camera or break it.

Both cameras support night vision, so you will sleep comfortably knowing that you have eyes in the form of cameras taking care of your property.

So that was all about the difference between both models. It would be best if you got an indoor camera, particularly for indoor monitoring like your garage, and an outdoor camera for keeping an eye on your porch, yard, or lawn.

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