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How Much Does a Blink Camera Subscription Cost

There are two subscription plans for Blink Camera: Basic for $3 and Plus for $10 and both plans are on monthly basis. The Plus plan offers a 60-day backup storage option so that the video recorded with the self-monitored security system can be accessed anytime anywhere and you also get to enjoy the live view that is super important for the protection of your home.

Blink camera is powered and manufactured by Amazon and allows you to record motion-based videos to protect your residential and commercial property units and also sends you a notification on mobile when the camera triggers trespassers or intruders in your perimeter.

This video monitoring system is getting popular among homeowners as it’s an efficient home security system because it doesn’t work like other 24/7 CCTV cameras which record all the time. It operates and records footage when it detects motion and that motion sensitivity is also controllable from the app so you can determine what kind of movements you want to capture in the camera.

This professional monitoring system can be DIY-installed and no need to call a technician. As you just need to mount the camera and arm it for detecting motion. Connect it with the Module that controls all other cameras and connect it with Wi-Fi. Once operational, you will enjoy the day and night-vision recordings. It also comes with doorbells and a plethora of accessories that you can use depending on your needs.

How Much Does a Blink Camera Subscription Cost

After purchasing the camera, you only need to pay a monthly subscription fee ( $3 for the basic and $10 for the plus plan ) if you want to store videos online and also want to enjoy the live view. If you can store videos in a USB locally, then you do need to spend money on monthly or yearly subscriptions as well.

Once you have purchased the camera, just place it somewhere at the height of 8 to 10 feet and angled away from direct sunlight mounting it below this height will allow others to harm the camera or accessing it or break it, and this way you can maximize the security impact of Blink camera.

how much is blink subscription

Blink Subscription Features

Blink is a totally wireless camera so no need to fight with wires while configuring it as it comes with two AA lithium batteries which can keep it powered up for at least 2 years. But this charging time depends on the types of recordings. For subscribers, they need to keep in mind storage as well because you don’t get unlimited storage with Blink. So you should control the image quality and video quality or you will have to make more payments for more storage. But unlike other apps, Blink doesn’t have hidden fees or charges.

Number of Devices

So with each subscription plan, you have limitations of installing a certain number of cameras. For example, with the $3 plan, you can only install 3 cameras and for more cameras, you would have to get a Plus plan that costs $10 per month and you will be able to install unlimited Blink devices without any extra charges.

Monthly vs. Annual Plan

An annual plan can save you a lot more money than paying each month. For example, a basic plan is $3 per month if paid monthly and if you pay it all at once for a year, then it will cost you $30 which is the amount for 10 months and you will have 2 months free. For the Plus $10 monthly plan, you will be paying $100 for a year which also gets you two months free.

Trial Period

New users love the trial period because it offers you unlimited devices and unlimited storage for Blink Mini, Blink Outdoor, and Blink indoor. But this trial is only for 30 days period and after that, you are required to choose a subscription plan and you cannot extend the free trial.

Extended Warranty coverage

All Blink products are covered by a 1-year warranty that gives you peace of mind about your investment and the best part is that an extended warranty doesn’t cost you anything but this is only for the paid subscribers not for the free users. Therefore, you must be enrolled to enjoy the warranty coverage or you won’t be able to claim the original warranty once it expires.

Blink Camera Subscription Types

If you want to be a free user on the trial period you will be able to access all functions and features for a limited period of time without paying anything.

Although monthly plans are of the minimal cost you can still keep using Blink without sky-high costs but you won’t be able to enjoy live-view streaming and cloud storage and mobile app. You have to invest in a high-storage USB to store videos so non-subscribing has its own pros and cons.

Similarly, paying a small monthly amount will allow you to access all premium features which are worth the small fee that you pay.

Basic Blink Plan

The Basic plan allows you to set up only 3 cameras if you don’t want to go to the higher-cost plan but still want to get motion-activated notifications and live-view and cloud storage will be limited but the video will be there for at least 60 days so that you can access older videos anytime for security research purposes or sharing them with law enforcement. Just open the app and you will be able to access recorded footage as well as see live feeds without any interruption.

Plus Blink Plan

In case you can spend more money and you have a need to install unlimited devices then the right plan for you is the $10 per month that may seem a lot of money but you will be able to access a lot of storage and keep adding more devices without any extra dollars. Plus, you will be able to claim your extended warranty.

Benefits of Blink Camera Subscription

In case you are unaware of the features and perks of the Blink camera, I am going to share what you will get once you use a camera with a subscription. A paid subscriber is going to get maximum security options than free user.

Motion-Activated Notifications

So Blink comes with a motion sensor that uses either Pixel difference analysis technology to spot differences in pixels to detect motion or uses Passive Infrared technology to detect motion depending on the sensitivity that you have set within the app. Once the camera is triggered by the motion of any human or animal you will receive a notification on your app allowing you to either see the recorded interval or see the live view from your mobile while sitting anywhere. Best of all, you will enjoy the night-vision of the camera to see things in the middle of the night.

Rapid Video Access

The notification just alerts you but after some time you can access that recorded video or images and retrieve them without being transferred, buffered, and stored. So you can do an instant review of a package delivered to your home, an animal leaving your home, or a child entering the restricted area

Live Streaming

This is something that makes the Blink a superior alternative or CCTV cameras because live-view enables the camera to give you consistent viewing of the area without filling the storage space. Plus, you can access it anytime to check family members arriving, dogs leaving the home, kids going to school, and delivery packages coming at the door. Just open your app and access live view mode and see what’s happening in real time.

60-Day Video History

The captured video clips and footage are stored in Cloud for 60 days which makes Blink a better option than those that only offer 48 hours of maximum footage storage backup and then they trash the footage. Having a such a long backup allows you to access old videos anytime that can help to figure a crime that occurred there or share the recordings with others.

Video Sharing

Sharing videos with others or neighbors of the theft of cars or packages from the porch area can help them see the recorded version of the theft, persons, and cars associated with it. Similarly, you can share the footage with law enforcement agencies or groups of protectors to identify criminals.

Blink Product Discount

This feature is not for basic users but for plus users as buying more products from Amazon will get them discounts.

Saving Money on Blink Camera Subscription Cost

Blink security camera subscription packages are designed in such a way that anyone can afford the low monthly fee. But still, there are ways to save more money like getting an annual plan that gives you 2 months for free, and if you are going to use only 3 or fewer cameras then just go with the $3 per month plan. And, if you have a large number of devices to connect, then get the $10 plan and keep adding unlimited devices without extra payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Ring Devices can you have on one account?

You can add unlimited devices with one subscription but the online storage will be limited so you can either buy more online storage or reply on USB local storage if you don’t want to make extensive monthly payments.

Do Blink cameras record all the time?

The beauty of Blink cameras is that they record when triggered by motion and motion-detection recordings not only save energy but storage as well. To record the motions, the camera must be armed, and when you don’t want to capture it in case you have guests coming then disarm it or you will be bombarded with mobile notifications of movements recorded by the camera. Similarly, be mindful when installing the cameras because installing them where there are a lot of people or pets coming and going, storage and battery both will be consumed and you will also be disturbed by notifications.

Can I save Blink videos without a subscription?

If you are not a subscriber then you won’t be able to save videos on the cloud and you have to store them on your USB. But you can only do screen-capture to save the videos you won’t receive recordings on your phone.

What happens when the blink free trial ends?

Blink free trial allows you to record and access camera features for only 30 days and after that no more recordings will be saved and customers will have the option of choosing a subscription if they want to shift on a maximum version.

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