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Blink Subscription Plan Not Working

Blink is an excellent home security camera by Amazon to protect and look after your residential and commercial buildings and properties from trespassers, strangers, and invaders and also gives you an alert if someone enters in a private area.

Blink offers unlimited video footage recording and unlimited cameras configuration with the Sync Hub on a trial plan, but when the trial plan ends, you just won’t be able to record and upload videos anymore because that would require you to subscribe and without subscribing and paying for the project you won’t be able to use their services.

Blink Subscription Plan Not Working

If your Blink subscription plan is not working,, try checking if your free trial is still active. If you notice that your trial ended, then you found the reason why the Blink subscription plan wasn’t working, but if you have purchased a paid Blink subscriber, and still, the program isn’t working, then there are a few troubleshooting steps for you explained in this article.

Blink Subscription Plan Not Working

Let’s see how to fix your Blink subscription issue and get your subscription plan working again.

Check if Free Trial is Still Active

Blink offers a 30-day trial for new users to let them test their service for a short period without paying anything to decide about buying it in the future.

The trial duration is only 30 days, and once you get onboard on a trial version, the App will keep showing you the time left on the free trial subscription. Not only that, you are notified in your Email about the trial period coming to an end so that you can decide to quit Blink or consider buying the monthly subscription.

Verify that Your Subscription is Still Going.

Let’s diagnose your Blink account to see why the subscription plan isn’t working and the status to verify whether you even have an active subscription plan.

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Follow these steps to check or confirm that you have the subscription

> Download Amazon Appstore

> Sign in to your Amazon account

> Look for the Amazon Marketplace app

> Click on the GET button to download it

> Once downloaded, open it and signed in with your Amazon account

> After signing in, click on Account

> Select Memberships & Subscriptions 

> There, you will see the status of your Blink subscription, like a plan, renewal date, and other details.

If you still have an active plan but somehow the Blink isn’t responding for you like it should for a subscriber, then continue to the next step.

Connect Blink Account to Amazon Account

One thing that can create problems in your subscription is that you may haven’t linked your Blink account with your Amazon account. So you can try this to enjoy a Blink subscription without any problem or error.

You must use the Amazon account in which you purchased the Blink subscription and then link it with your Amazon account,. Luckily, you can also check that by going into the App> Settings > Check if the Email is the same as the Email of the Amazon account.

Once you have done that, it’s time to link both accounts together.

  • Open the Blink app and press the Account icon
  • Choose the link to the Amazon account
  • Select Link accounts
  • Enter login credentials
  • Verify the Time Password ( OTP ) that you will receive on your phone
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This will surely help you make your subscription plan, but if this method doesn’t work,, the final step is to connect Blink devices to your Account.

Connect Blink Devices to Your Account

If your devices are not connected to your Amazon account, that can also prevent the subscription plan from working. You can only benefit from the Subscription plan when the devices are configured or associated with the Account that hosts the program.

This is how to add Blink devices to your Amazon account.

  • Go to the Amazon Marketplace app.
  • Hit Menu and choose your Account from the drop-down
  • Sign in with your Amazon account
  • Then click on Account and select Memberships & Subscriptions
  • Press Attach device and special Attach plan to this device

Keep following the instructions, and once you are done with this, you will receive a confirmation notice.

Why is my Blink saying I need a subscription?

Blink usually says you need a subscription when you are either on a Trial, haven’t linked your Amazon account with your Blink account, or haven’t linked Blink devices with your Amazon account.

How do I reactivate my Blink subscription?

To reactivate your Blink subscription, you can go into the settings of your Blink app and then go to the Memberships & Subscriptions section to reactivate the subscription, and you may get a discount sometimes.

Why does my Blink app not work?

Blink app usually doesn’t work when it freezes or gets unresponsive, when the internet isn’t working correctly, or when you haven’t updated the App to a new version and the old or outdated version is causing bugs and glitches.

Can you use the Blink app without a subscription?

You can use the Blink app without a subscription on a trial subscription, and you need at least the trial to access the App.

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If Blink says you don’t have a subscription,, you must purchase one. To buy the Blink subscription, you can visit the Blink app’s official website or go to the App and then attach the subscription to Amazon so that it can work smoothly without interruption.

Blink camera and the App are super easy to use,, but if you still face problems,, you can try contacting the Blink Tech Support Team to help you or find solutions from their customer support page.

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