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Blink Sync Module Offline

The Blink Sync Module is the controller of Blink cameras, and without it, the Blink camera just won’t record videos or detect motion because it receives instructions from the module and sends data back to the module that is saved on the Blink server.

So, if your Blink Sync Module component goes offline, your entire home security setup comes at risk, and cameras won’t work anymore, so not only your Blink camera but the Synb Hub also needs maintenance.

Blink Sync Module Offline

The strange behavior of the Blink Sync module is when it keeps kicking itself offline frequently, and this connecting and disconnecting issue is usually caused by unstable wifi you also get a notification about Blink Sync Module offline in your phone. But there are a few other reasons that can cause the device to go offline, and if you see the error message in your app, then you can try doing a reset or router, resetting of Module, updating the app, and so on.

Most of the time, the Module remains offline for a few minutes and resolves the issue itself, but if stays disconnected for a long time, then you can try different ways to fix the issue explained in this article.

Blink Sync Module Offline

Module Blinking Green Light

If the Blink Sync Hub is blinking green light, that means the device is conflicting with any other device on the network due to having the same IP address. It’s a common problem. Sometimes two devices on one network can have the same IP address, and you can quickly fix that.

First, you need to back up the router’s wifi settings it will depend on the router model you are using, so make sure to use the right instructions. Secondly, you need to perform a factory reset of your router, and it will also vary according to the model you are using.  Once done, now configure the router with your internet connection.

Now, unplug the Sync Module and let it sit for at least 10 minutes and then connect it again to the outlet and see if it automatically connects with the internet. If it connects, check from the app if it has a unique IP address, and it will have a unique IP address after applying these changes.

The best part is that this approach can quickly save the problem compared with deleting the module from the app and then reinserting it, which will require serial numbers or scanning QR code for verification which can be an annoying process.

Blink Blue light

Blink Sync Module blinks blue light when it is not getting enough internet supply. So poor wifi or weak signals can affect the performance because the camera needs more bandwidth to record high-quality video and then send them over to the network. Although the camera isn’t recording all the time, and it records only when it detects motion, you receive an alert notification as well. But when it records, the recording depends on the bandwidth of the internet.

So figure out why your internet connection is unreliable because it will weaken your home security system. You can check internet strength in the form of bards on the Module to see if the internet is coming weak from the ISP. At least 3 signals are required for the Blink system to work efficiently. 

You can check the internet with a speed test or browse something on your mobile to see how fast the page loads. 

Another quick approach to power up the weak signals is using Wi-Fi mesh or booster to enhance the signals or the Wi-fi. You can limit the number of devices using the internet or try placing the router near the Module because sometimes obstructions like walls or furniture stop the radio wave signals or the network as they cannot pass through the wall.

If there is no internet at all, then try checking password details or see if the blink system isn’t blocked on your network.

These techniques can help you reduce interference and communication gap to make the internet connection active on the Blink module.

Reboot Router

Another quick option to bring Blink Sync Module online is rebooting router. First check the Blink app if it is showing the offline status. Then disconnect the Module from the wifi and reboot router with the button or unplug it and plug it back and once the Router has refreshed or rebooted, now try connecting it with the Blink module. Hopefully, now you won’t see any interruptions on your wifi network.

Not receiving power supply

Sometimes the Blink module is offline not because of the internet but because it is not getting any power supply from the Socket. So first you need to check if the Blink Module is showing blue and green light as they illuminate when it is receiving proper power supply.

If the module isn’t showing the lights then you need to do the inspection of the outlet or the cable. Cable could also be damaged physically or the outlet must be faulty or not having electricity because the breaker is tripped in the electrical box.

You can try changing the outlet for the Blink or try changing the device to see if the socket is functional or not.

Updated Blink app

The Module can show offline status when the app isn’t updated to the latest version. So to update the outdated app go to your Android or iOS store and update the Blink app and hopefully the Module will keep working now.

Incorrect frequency

The Blink Sync Module need 2.4GHz band to work with the router if the router is running at 5.0GHz frequency then Module will not connect with the network as it doesn’t support this band. Sometimes router keeps changing its bands automatically so you can particularly set the router to run only on 2.4GHz band so that it can give stable wireless hotspot to the Module.

Power cycle your Device

Power cycle can help you fix the Blink Module offline and it only requires to unplug the module from the power source and let it sit for few seconds and then plugging it back. This quick unplugging of the power cord and plugging it back will clear the cache and fix minor bugs and glitches, and the module will reboot and automatically connect to the network. And you will also start seeing solid green and blue light.

Troubleshooting from App

Another option is to troubleshoot the Sync Module from the app. So from your app, go to the Module settings and click on Help/Troubleshooting, Then, follow the on-screen instructions, and you will go through the troubleshooting quickly, and the Module Status will change from offline to online.

Factory reset Module

Factory resetting the module should be your last option because this will remove all the saved data and settings along with the bugs and glitches and will do the module like a new model with default settings. To reset the module, press and hold the reset button with the help of a paperclip or a thin needle on the side of the module and keep it pressed until you see the red light flashing. 

Now wait for it to let it reboot, and then you will have to log back into the app and then delete the module and add it again and verify the device serial number. Then, hopefully, the module will show online status and won’t go offline.


That was all about the Blink module keeps going offline. So when you see the offline notification banner on your app, immediately try troubleshooting the issue because someone could be hacking the Blink module to compromise your home security network.

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