Blousing Boots Vs Tucking

Military people use two types of styling while wearing their military shoes. One is blousing boots, and the other is tucking the pants into your boots. Both of these styling options look neat and sophisticated. You might want to know blousing boots vs tucking, which would be a better option. Military soldiers have introduced both styles, but nowadays, everyone wants to try these boot-styling hacks for various reasons.

Blousing Boots Vs Tucking

Let’s talk about blousing boots first. So, if you want a blousing boot neat look for the day, you will have to coil your pants neatly around the ankle’s edges. After blousing your boots, you will secure yourself from the dirt that might have found its way into your boots and from the situation where you will be jumping out of an aircraft and the loose fabric is flapping in the wind. There is no better strategy to secure your trousers than blousing boots.

Another method of securing yourself from the creepy crawlies while you are in the forest, or taking a hike in the mountain, is to put pants tucked inside your military boots. While you are in the jungle or working with a piece of equipment, wearing your pants and shoes this way will allow you to move more swiftly.Blousing Boots Vs Tucking

If you are still wondering about blousing boots vs tucking, which is a better option, then keep reading this detailed article.

How to blouse your boots like a pro?

If you want to blouse your boots like a pro, you will be happy to know that you can find all the help you need on the internet. No other boot styling technique would look as fine as blousing your boots. To get know more about this old-fashioned life hack and how to do it following are a few tips that you must follow step-by-step:

1# The sock roll method:

One of the simplest hacks to blouse your boots is to wear long socks. You won’t require any extra material because you just have to fold your pants into the sock and then roll them back down. Doubtlessly it is the simplest way without much effort, but you might not get fine-bloused boots to look at. If you are in a hurry, consider this sock roll method because it will hardly take a few seconds.

2# The bungee tuck method:

You will require blousing bungee chords if you want the perfect blousing boot finish with the bungee tuck method. You won’t have a slouchy look if you use bungee chords for blousing boots because you will simply use the cords to tighten the end of the trouser around your ankle, and then you can wear your boots.

If you try this hack, it is possible that if you tie the cord too hard around your ankle, it might affect your blood circulation. Therefore, you must keep your comfort in mind, and after tying the bungee cord, stand up and walk to check how tight the cord is around your ankle.

3# The tie and foldover method:

You will require time and ties if you want to pull over tie and foldover hack. You just have to use a cord or elastic rubber to tie the ends of the pants or trousers, whatever you wear around your ankle. Then fold over the pant backward to cover the elastic. You must use the same elastic rubber at the same point of your second foot.

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4# The secret seamstress method:

If you have got a lot of extra time and you have a sewing kit, then how about you something that will get you perfectly bloused boots? Well, you can stitch the blousing straps into your pant seams. After this there is no way you will have to face any difficulty from your bloused boots whether you are climbing the hill, walking in the jungle or any other sport.

We have discussed a few hacks to help you achieve perfectly bloused boots. You can pick up any method according to the time you have for this task. Wearing bloused boots look perfect when you are in the military, but once you are out, try to let the flaps of your pants or trousers feel fry.

A detailed guide on tucking your pants in your boots:

Who introduced the method of tucking your pants in your boots? During World War ll, the Japanese military introduced this strategy so the soldiers could move quietly and quickly. After that, it became a trend that every soldier had to follow while getting trained. Nowadays, it has become a trend that most men and women both follow if they are going to wear long boots.

There are various methods to achieve the perfect pants tucked into your shoes look. So let’s talk about them in detail, then you can try them yourself:

1# Pants being tucked in:

The easiest way to get a tucking shoe appearance is this method because you won’t require any tool like an elastic band to get the job done. Follow the steps, and you will get finely tucked pants in your shoes and a genuine military appearance.

Step 1: Wear your pants and shoes like your normal routine. While wearing your pants, try to keep them straight from the ankles, and the pants go beyond your ankles, then fold them back a little. The reason for folding your pants is so they won’t bunch up while you are standing up.

After wearing your pants and socks now, it is time to slip into your military shoes.

Step 2: Loosen your military boots to make room for the tactical pants you wear because you will tuck them in your boots. If your military boots have zippers, then unzip them. Otherwise, if they have bow laces, then loosen them. Never unlace all the laces entirely because it will take a lot of time to put them into your shoes. You will have to start from scratch, which will be a waste of time.

Step 3: Now it is time to do the main thing; it’s tuck-in time. Start tucking your pants inside your boots but be very careful while tucking in, so you must feel comfortable once the pants are inside your boots. The pants must not bunch up inside your boots because you will always feel discomfort.

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Once you tuck in the pants, stand-up and check whether you are comfortable.

Step 4: Once you are done tucking-in your pants into your military boots, it is time to zip and tighten your laces. You must tighten the laces with a nice bow to keep your pants secured inside your boots. Another important thing to do is hide the bow inside your boot’s collar, so it won’t entangle while you are walking.

2# The sock method:

Another simple way to tuck your pants inside your boots is by wearing long socks. This method would be ideal, especially if you wear loose tactical pants. Here are a few steps that you must follow:

Step 1: If you are wearing extra-long pants, then before you tuck them inside your boots, you must cuff them first so they don’t bunch up when you move. Therefore, you must fold the extra cloth until they are tight against your leg up to your ankle.

Step 2: Once you cuff your long loose pants, wear your long socks and pull the socks over your pants. The socks will hold the pants, so they don’t move or bunch up when you wear your boots and start walking. Pay attention to this step; otherwise, you will feel discomfort once you wear your boots.

Step 3: The last step is to wear your shoes normally you wear them. If your boots have a zip, then zip them or tighten your laces. While zipping or tightening the laces, be careful with the folded pants part. No one will notice how skillfully you have folded the pants and tucked them inside your military boots.

3# Usage of elastic bands:

If it is cold outside and you want a permanent solution to keep your feet safe and dry, then you will require elastic bands to keep your feet secure inside your boots. It will take time to master this strategy of securing your feet and legs by tucking in the pants this way. Here are a few steps to help you tuck your pants, so they don’t come out of your shoes.

Step 1: The first step is simple, wear your pant and socks. Ensure the socks are long enough to give your legs maximum protection from the chilly outside weather. They must be way above your long boots.

After wearing your shoes, zip them, or if they have laces, tie them tightly. While tying the laces, keep the crosses inside so the sides will flex easily.

Step 2: lift the pants off your right leg to your knee and then put the blousing strap around your leg. So you will have a clearer look at your leg and boot. You must set it above the boot opening and below the calf. Now you use a hook or Velcro and a loop closure to secure the strap.

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Step 3: The last step is to grasp the hem of your pants inward and upward beneath the blousing stray that you put around your leg. When you do this, you can fix the fabric between the strap and your skin. One thing to keep in mind that never over-tuck the pant because you must give enough room to adjust the pant over your boot and sock.

Now simply using your fingers, you need to smooth the cloth around and under the strap. Ensure that the tuck looks neat by making adjustments. If you find any crease in your pants, then adjust the pants a little or loosen the folds.

Once you are done tucking in your right-left side pants, repeat steps 2 and  3 on your left leg. Make sure they both look the same once you are done with them.

Blousing boots vs tucking: which one is a better option?

We have talked about both blousing boots and tucking quite a in detail. Now you know different methods to get perfectly bloused boots or tucking. If you are still looking for the answer between blousing boots vs tucking, which one you must pick, then it has to be a tucking method.

Military people prefer to tuck their pants into their shoes to keep themselves safe and secure from the crawlies. The bugs won’t be able to enter inside their pants and bite them. So, if you travel in the jungle or any remote areas, then tucking your pants in the boots would be a good option. Plus, it won’t take long to get this task done.

Another reason for tucking your pants into your shoes is that it will give you a neat military look. Plus, blood circulation won’t be affected by tucking your pants into your boots compared to the blousing pants method.

There is a possibility that your pants slip out of your boots, and if you don’t want to face this type of situation, you can use a rubber band to tie the bottom of your pants around your ankles. Doing this might affect blood circulation, so don’t use an elastic rubber that is too tight.


Now you know how to tuck your pants into your shoes, and if you want to get blousing boots to finish, we have already discussed it in detail. From the debate of blousing boots vs tucking, which method is better, you must go for the tucking pants in your boots method. It will help you to look clean, neat, and professional. Doubtlessly you can consider blousing boots, too, if you don’t want a perfect military touch to your appearance.

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