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Can A Brand New Laptop Be Traced – An All-Inclusive Guide

Can A Brand New Laptop Be Traced


Have you lost your laptop? It’s unfortunate. Are you wondering: can a brand new laptop be traced or not? We have provided detailed information for you; get into it and crack!

What? Have you lost your brand new laptop? We can feel your pain for this precious loss. Are you looking forward to the ways for tracing your laptop? If yes, then you can go ahead to get answered.

The laptop is a portable device that we carry with us to attend our schools, colleges, business meetings, and tons of other purposes. Often, we lose it somewhere on the way due to our negligence or hard luck, or perhaps it gets snatched. Did it also happen to you? Don’t worry; there are many more in your boat.

We understand that a laptop is a one-time investment, and once it is lost, it means we have lost our vast savings and our precious and confidential data. 

Well, if the laptop is used, registered, or has different installed software, like Find My Phone, then you can have a glimmer of hope, but if you have missed your laptop which is in packaging, then the chances are more minor, but still, there are some ways that you can try. We hope they will work for you!

So, no more talk; let’s proceed on and explore – Can A Brand New Laptop Be Traced?

Some Worthier Ways to Trace a Brand New Laptop

The simplest way to find your laptop would be to use tracking software. Many laptops have additional features designed to help you find your laptop if ever it is stolen. 

What happens when you cannot use tracking software for whatsoever reason? As you have a brand new laptop which is not uncovered yet. Do not be distressed because there are many ways to track your laptop without tracking software.

  • Use Serial Number 

You can track down a laptop in case that it’s linked to a Microsoft account or if you remember its serial number(never forget to write the serial number of your electrical gadgets when you get those purchased). The network provider can trace it for you by using its serial number.  

  • Track Your Stolen Laptop By GPS

Some laptops are equipped with “GPS tracking,” but there are certain conditions with it. The Dell system (for Dell laptops) is typical and instructive: Some laptops are shipped w Tracking and Recovery software agent and a persistence module embedded in the BIOS. 

  • Immediately Report to Police

Police will also urge you to contact the stolen laptop’s security provider (the company that monitors the software installed on your laptop). The police can then contact the company, and the two organizations can work together to track the laptop electronically.

  • Inform the Manufacturer 

If you report the Service Tag as stolen, the manufacturer can block Technical Support. The thief can still use the laptop and update it from the manufacturer’s website, but it may get denied service if they open a Service Ticket.

  • Trace your Stolen Laptop By Using IP Address

An IP address can also help you to identify your computer if someone has stolen it. Many software programs detect when the thief has used your computer to go online, but tracking the computer over the Internet is more accessible than finding the computer’s location in the real world.

Can A Brand New Laptop Be Traced – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Track a Brand New Laptop?

Unfortunately, there is very little that can be done to trace an unopened, packaged laptop. Since the laptop was never turned on, likely, the laptop was never set up for any user, so no registration of the laptop and no apps installed for theft protection.

Can a Stolen Laptop be Tracked?

Programs like Advatrack, Adeona, and Absolute Software can locate your computer’s IP address once the thief using it goes online. If someone steals your computer, you can log on to the tracking company’s website, enter your identification and password, and access information about the current IP address.

Can Stolen Computer Parts be Tracked?

You can do what lo-jack does by installing a GPS device and a beacon into the computer. If the computer is stolen, you activate the beacon, and the GPS device will allow you to locate the computer.

Can a Brand New Laptop be Tracked if it’s Off?

Using Find my Mac Feature However, just like the Find my device feature, it needs to be enabled before the laptop goes off. If the feature were activated, you would be able to track your laptop even if it’s off. Besides tracking the laptop, you can use this feature to lock up the device. 

What to Do When You Buy A New A Laptop – Steps To Secure Your New Laptop

When you get a new laptop, use the lessons from your recent experience and take the proper precautions. Doing this can lessen the risks if it, unfortunately, gets lost or stolen again. 

Here are a few things you should do with your new laptop: 

  1. Always write down the device serial numbers. In case the laptop is stolen, you can track its location with the serial numbers. 
  2. Make your laptop secure with a solid and unique password
  3. Use a password manager in place of the autofill option.
  4. Setup backups in the case your new device needs to be wiped.
  5. Purchase a reasonable insurance policy.

The Bottom Line

It often happens that people lose their brand new laptops, and undoubtedly, it is hard to bear such a heart-wrenching loss. 

Therefore, this blog post has shed light on how you can opt to trace your laptop; though it is hard to track a package and unopened laptop many times, effort does pay off.

DoDon’torget to contact the police station and manufacturer, and yes, we have also elaborated on how to save you from this anticipated mishap. So follow those measurements and protect your laptop from any unwanted situations.

We wish you luck in the recovery of your loss!

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