Can AirPod Pro Be Tracked If Stolen? Explore The Truth

Can AirPod Pro Be Tracked If StolenThanks to the technology that has revolutionized the world. Many tasks seem that easy now; they were impossible in the past.

Well, one thing that is constant still now is losing your items! AirPods are tiny yet massive valued items, but they often get lost or stolen; therefore, many ask, Can AirPod Pro Be Tracked If Stolen?

Can AirPod Pro Be Tracked If Stolen?

Yes, you can track your costly AirPod if you ever lose it because Apple has introduced its excellent device protection feature that holds you back if you fall into the situation. But there are some ranges and rules that you need to know before tracking your AirPods. Read ahead to let them know!

Without a doubt, AirPods are one of Apple’s best products. But because of their small size, you may lose them, or someone also stole them. Unfortunately, if you lose them, it is essential to know if you can track them or not. At least you have to try something before thinking of buying a new pair. 

To know the answer to this valuable question, Can AirPod Pro Be Tracked if Stolen? You can visit the iCloud website or use your iPhone to track the stolen AirPods. You can do this via using the Find My feature. It is possible to find them if they are in the range of your device. But unluckily, it is almost impossible to track them; the only possibility is to know about their last location. There is no guarantee of getting them back if once stolen by thieves. 

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How to Track Stolen AirPods?

As mentioned above, you can go to the iCloud website, sign in and move to the Find My page. If AirPods are still connected with your device, you can see them in the list of other connected devices. 

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Tracking AirPods Using a Computer:

Here are the details

  1. Go to the iCloud website
  2. Sign in via adding your Apple ID
  3. Tap on All devices, find the AirPods, and see the location here. If they are inactive, you only know about the last spot. 

Tracking AirPods With An iPhone :

Here is how you can find them using your iPhone

  1. Open the Find My app
  2. Choose the Devices tab
  3. Now select your AirPods here; you can either their current location option or location not found notification. 

Stolen AirPods: Can Thieves Use Them?

Although Apple designed AirPods using advanced features, thieves can still easily use them. This is because Apple has not added any anti-theft features for its protection. But one thing to know, whether to use them comfortably or not, depends on what part thieves take with them. If they stole only AirPods without their case, they have to use another case for resetting the AirPods. Remember, AirPods can be synced with another case. It is not always necessary for them to work using the original case. 

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If they ran away with a single AirPod, they could use that one only, but a thief is a thief; it might be possible that they found a match or stole someone else’s AirPod. 

Probably the worst situation, if a thief stole the case and AirPods, it is so easy to disconnect them from your Apple devices. They can connect them with their device before leaving your location. Hence, it is impossible to track them in this situation. 

To use the stolen AirPods, they need to press the back button for 30 seconds and reset them. After this, they will pair them with their wireless device. In this scenario, your other gadgets cannot track them no matter which tracking application you are using. 

Can Apple Track Stolen AirPods?

Unfortunately, no, Apple cannot track your stolen AirPods. Even if you tell them the serial number of your AirPods, unluckily, there is no chance for them to locate. As mentioned earlier, you can only track them using your iPhone and know the location if they range your devices. 

You Lose Your AirPods: What to Do Now?

A and news indeed, you lose your precious and heavy investment. But there is good news; Apple can replace the AirPods by charging some fee. You got a replacement with the same quality and performance. Keep in mind Apple will investigate before replacing them. You have to give them a valid warranty and proof of purchase. But you have to lighten up your pocket a bit because Apple does not cover the 100% replacement. 

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For example, Apple does not cover the defects caused due to accidents or illegal modification. Apple only covers defects that may happen due to manufacturing faults. Their AirPods have a one-year warranty starting from the day of purchase. 

Our Summary:

If someone has stolen your AirPods Pro and you are worried about how to track them, you can take the support of the Find My app or Devices tab. 

For more detail, you can read this article thoroughly. Here we have demonstrated the procedure so you may find your valuable AirPod Pro as soon as possible.

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