Can AirPods Explode

Can AirPods explode? A common query faced by most of the users. Let me tell you, it’s rare but can be potentially risky with negligence. Follow the guide to know more!

Are these your brand new Airpods? But are you curious about their overheating or in fear as they will get explode? If yes, then you are at the right place. We have a handy guide to tell you: Can Airpods explode? Usually, it is a rare case, but in terms of negligence, this can be a severe problem. To solve your query, we have gathered some information regarding Airpods and the incidents held in previous years.

So to know whether your Airpods can explode or how to avoid such conditions, it’s necessary to go through the guide and make it till the end to get to know about your AirPods, use, positive aspects, and safety measures. Let’s get on board to learn more about AirPods, their stories, and why they explode.

Can AirPods Explode

Can Airpods Explode?

Despite the high cost of the AirPods, if not correctly used or made any negligence in its usage, then there are chances that the AirPods may explode as many users are reported to suffer potential risk and damage of AirPods explosion. The reasons may be based on several scenarios, like damaged batteries and overheated products. The risk for the outbreak is far less or rarely occurs, but still, the damage can be long-lasting if the exploded AirPods are in use rather than held aside. 

What Are Airpods? 

Airpods are mobile-connected hearing devices that are sophisticatedly designed by eliminating wire technology and incorporating wireless tech that is more advanced and powerful than traditional earbuds. With the new iPhone, the company has started providing wireless devices known as AirPods to make it easy to enjoy music, videos, and movies all at once without dealing with those long-wired headphones. 

Airpods have a high-quality built-in charger case, providing safety and charging capacity. Each issue comprises two portions determined for each AirPods to be kept for charging after usage. Besides this, you get a charger that charges the case, and once the issue is set, it is used for charging AirPods for a determined and multiple periods as per the model and quality of the AirPods. In modern devices, you get a case that determines charging time through a display, but the original ones lack a display.

Airpods Invention 

iPhone always uses innovative research to add something new to its models and accessories. Besides their high-quality, secure phones, you may also get versatile accessories, including AirPods. With high-tech Bluetooth technology and a wireless system, Apple introduced AirPods on 7th September 2016, which made it easy to listen to music, take standard and live calls with good sound quality, for entertainment purposes, and many more without hassling with wires. Users found it more cool and dazzling to have sophisticated AirPods easing their daily life phone activities with aesthetic-looking devices on the ears.  

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Before the invention of the Airpod, it wasn’t even possible to make such devices would come and innovate the earbuds tech, and now it is more commonly favored by most users. The best thing about AirPods is that they don’t need iPhone to run. Being compatible with almost all Android devices makes its path to those users who don’t have an iPhone. It makes it available and feasible to all users.

Airpods Working 

It is of importance that you know how to use your AirPods because any irregularity or not a proper use of your AirPods will lead to a serious damaging condition. After all, these AirPods are built-in with Lithium-ion batteries prone to explosion or electric caution if not properly used. 

These leading conditions are rare, but due to extreme temperature usage or other conditions, chances are high for such damages. For that, you need to know how to use the AirPods so let’s get to the main part of AirPods works. 

Based on various functionalities and the models of the AirPods. Apple introduced the original model in 2016, but soon in 2019, another model was introduced, having a bit same and different features. Press the AirPods sensor to play or pause the audio or music; press them again if you want to resume it. For all the AirPods models, a double tap on the sensor will help attend the upcoming call, and the same double tap will end up with the call. 


  • Pause– a single press
  • Resume- a single press 
  • Attend call– Double-tap
  • End call- Double-tap again
  • Skip forward– Double-tap
  • Skip backward– Triple tap
  • Activate Siri (original model) – Double tap- Once Siri is activated, you are free to adjust and customize more options like increasing, decreasing volume, and many more.

Why Air Pods Explodes- Reasons 

Now that you get to know about Can AirPods explode? It is time to know the reasons. Various reasons make Airpods highly prone to get exploded, and among them, the common ones are discussed as under;

Lithium Ion Batteries 

The AirPods are designed with a built-in lithium-ion battery sensitive to extreme heat. As the heat or temperature rises, the batteries may ignite, leading to a mini blast or explosion, causing damage to the ears in case you are using it. Compared to earbuds, they aren’t prone to explosion as they are eared devices without any lithium-ion battery buildup. 

Over Charged and Extreme Heat

 It is also observed that some users’ AirPods gets explode while charging. So no care while charging or keeping them in excess temperature like that in hot summers in your cars may lead to potential blast or even electrocution but of moderate origin. 

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Damaged Product or Batteries

If a user receives damaged products or batteries, the chances are high for explosion upon usage or charge. The explosion may cause damage to your eardrum and may lead to loss of hearing function. When you receive your product, actively check it before directly putting it to your ears. 

Worn Out Product 

Airpods that are highly engaged in usage over the shelf life may be actively prone to wear out, and that’s the main cause you can experience an explosion as the batteries and the product isn’t durable to withstand the stress. 

Do All Models of Airpods Prone To Explosion 

The chances of Airpods explosion are considered infrequent, but because of many circumstances, the chances get high; for example, if you are using the headphones in extreme temperatures and the temperature does high, then the Lithium-ion batteries trade and ignition that may result in an explosion of the AirPods. 

It is reported that the AirPods Pro model explodes over the user while charged from the original cable. Besides that, in May 2020, while entertaining using Netflix by using their AirPods connected through its iPhone get exploded in his ear; most probably, the explosion damaged his right ear drum, as per the family’s statement. 

AirPods are water sensitive and must be kept safe from moisture, water, or even high sweating. So despite the AirPods model you own, you need to be careful as your usage will determine the potential cause of any harm as extreme temperature and too much moisture aren’t favorable to your AirPods.

Another report came forward when a user with real air pods exploded while attending a call; the reason was still a mystery, but most probably high the departure would be the case.

How to Avoid Airpods Explosion- Easy Solutions 

Right Usage 

The handy solution is the proper use of the AirPods, don’t misuse them or keep it away from children as they can make it damage them, leading to an explosion upon a charge or any other condition. 

Avoid Extreme Temperature Usage 

Using AirPods in extreme heat or temperature causes the lithium-ion batteries to explode because of leakage that quickly ignites. Don’t place them at a temperature above 45 degrees centigrade or 113 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Often Change Batteries 

If the AirPods battery seems less prone to charging or has a shorter battery life, you need to change them to prevent them from exploding. Timely intervention is better. 

Physically Check the New Product 

Before and after purchasing, go for the right product and check it properly to avoid future issues. Don’t directly use it; first, manually check it without keeping it in your ears. 

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Keep It Water Safe 

The relationship between water and explosion isn’t proven, but the device is water sensitive. It may lead to damaged devices or worn out which may further be the reason for the explosion because of certain other factors. Don’tt Opt For Worn Out Airpods.

Asit’ss clear, any damage in the AirPods can be risky, and the chance of explosion or electrocution in the moderate range may occur. 


We hope that going through this handy quick solution guide having informative knowledge and solutions for your query would have benefitted you and helped you get your query solved about the fact tha”” can Airpods explode”” always keep in mind to keep the AirPods safe from excess heat, water and stress factors with right cable for charging and check battery status over time to make it properly working. We are glad you made it to the final and would be joyful to hear some good reviews in the comment section with positive feedback. For more informative articles, follow our blog!

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