Can AirPods Pro Be Used Without Tips: Yes Or No [Find Out!]

Can AirPods Pro Be Used Without TipsDo you want to use your AirPod Pro without tips? Are you looking for the answer on Can AirPods Pro Be Used Without Tips? Well, of course, you can use your AirPods without tips if you feel comfy in that way! 

Can AirPods Pro Be Used Without Tips

But here are a few things to note down; tips contribute to noise cancellation. If you take off the tips, the noise cancellation capabilities of AirPods Pro will be reduced. Additionally, the base of your AirPods Pro is not that strong, so using it without tips can damage it soon.

So, it is recommended to use AirPod Pro with tips until you take them off. To crack more information about AirPods tips, you can drill down!

Can AirPods Pro Be Used Without Tips?

Yes, you can use AirPods Pro without tips, but wearing tips will help in voice cancellation, so if you take them off, the outside noise will probably disturb you. Another thing is the bass which may not be strong without the tips. AirPods Pro comes with three different ear tips for different ears and gives a comfortable fit. These tips also have a near-fit-test feature that uses the internal microphone for analyzing whether you choose the right pick. 

Small and large ear tips come with the AirPods charging case. You can fasten AirPods tips with a simple click, so you have to exert some force to remove the existing ones. 

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Some Benefits of UsingThe Tips In AirPod :

Using tips with AirPods has some benefits. These tips help in noise cancellation and improving sound quality. Let’s discuss this in detail!

  • Noise Cancellation:

The tips come in small, medium, and large sizes and help to provide a better fit to users. These tips help noise cancellation, and this is the biggest benefit. The tips are built to fill your ear canal and provide a tighter fit, ultimately helping from sudden falling. The choice is yours if you don’t disturb with outer sounds, then you can also wear the AirPods without tips, but for avoiding unnecessary sounds, it is recommended to use tips with the AirPods. 

  • Improving Sound Quality:

When the tips provide you with a better fit, they ultimately help improve the sound quality. You can pick the tip as you need and enjoy listening to music. Tips can provide users with an extra boost.  

  • Overall Fit: 

Some people report that they lost their AirPods somewhere because of looseness. Users struggle to find a good fit. So, experts suggest using tips because it gives a tight fit but also help to cancel the surrounding sounds. While running and exercising, people prefer to attach tips as tips reduce the overall movement in the ear. Happily, Apple cares for you, so if one does not fit best to you, try using another size. 

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Is it Safe to Wear AirPods Pro Without Tips?  

Yes, there is no issue with it; remove them if you don’t like to wear tips. You can use AirPods Pro without silicon tips, but you may face certain problems. Wearing AirPods without tips makes them uneasy to handle in the ears, which ultimately causes pain. Similarly, the tips also regulate the sound of the earbuds. You may damage your hearing if you listen to music at a high volume without using tips. 

AirPods Without Tips: Are they Good For Small Ears?  

It is not suggested to wear AirPods to users having small ears. If you have small ears, they avoid removing tips, making it harder for them to stay in the ears. If one tip does not fit in the ears, try using another one as Apple offers numerous styles of tips for AirPods Pro. So, look for others if you are unsatisfied with existing tips. 

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How to Change AirPods Pro Ear Tips:

Here we will tell you how to change the AirPod Pro ear tips.

  1. Firstly search for a small box at the bottom of the larger AirPods Pro box. 
  2. Remove your chosen ear tip. It is recommended to give a firm pull, as Apple attaches them securely to the packaging.
  3. AirPods Pro comes with medium-sized ear tips, so if you want to change, again, give a firm pull on the medium-size tip to remove them.
  4. Line up the oval-shaped new ear tips and press them into place; when you hear the click, it means they firmly attach with the AirPods. 
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The Key Takeaway:

Many users want to use their AirPods Pro without tips, which is not something wrong but there are some of its pros and cons. If you also want to try your AirPods without tips, you can get into this article and find its benefits and disadvantages. In the end, the decision is yours!

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