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Can I use my monitor as a tv

Can I use my monitor as a tvCan I use my monitor as a tv? Let’s find out…

Can I use my monitor as a tv

Can I use my monitor as a Tv? is a simple query that has a straightforward answer in affirmation. This is because the monitor can be easily turned into a Tv screen using a cable connection between the two devices.  If the monitor has an HDMI port and the cable box features an HDMI or DVI connectivity port, the two devices can be connected and the monitor will be turned into a TV screen. 

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Can you turn a computer monitor into a TV?

Yes, you can turn your computer monitor into a TV. For that purpose connectivity, ports need to be utilized in addition to the HDMI cable connector. The cable box provided by the service provider and the computer monitor needs to be hooked up using either the HDMI or DVI connectivity port and connection cord. Once the connection is established monitor will start displaying the TV content. 

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What is the difference between a computer monitor and a TV?

Monitors are small display screens that have much more pixels than TV screens and are designed for close-up use. Therefore monitor has better visual clarity and crystal clear images comparative to TV screens with low resolutions.  Thus screen size and pixel distribution tend to be the biggest differences between computer monitors and TV screens. 

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Can we use the monitor as a TV without a CPU?

Monitors can be used as TV screens without using the CPU. All that users have to utilize is a cable box with an HDMI or DVI connection port and the connection adapter. In addition to these connectivity channels external audio source is also required. 

How can I turn my monitor into a smart TV?

To turn the monitor into a smart TV all you have to do is to pair up two devices and connect an external audio device with the monitor and cable box. Thus connect the HDMI cable connecter with the two devices using the HDMI port and hook up speakers with the monitor.

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