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Can Power Wheels Get Rained On- Reasons and Easy fixes

Can power wheels get rained on? If yes, what to do next? What other consequences need tackling? A handy guide is all your way to help you out.

Upon sudden rain, your concern gets with your child, but what about the power wheels? Most of you might think it is hard enough can tackle environmental stress, but that is not the case with power wheels. Having a sensitive inner is the leading cause of getting damage. So, can power wheels get rained on? 

We have provided a detailed guide to solve your query and inform you about rain’s effects on power wheels and how to overcome the damage. A quick query-solving solution is next your way to let you quickly get through the problem without wasting time searching and not finding any better results. 

Can Power Wheels Get Rained On

Can Power Wheels Get Rained On

Yes, power wheels, if left unattended for an extended period in the rain, seems to get wet, which may result in many issues especially paralyzing the battery part promoting rust, short-circuiting, or even battery burnout. Not advisable to let the child play with power wheels outside in rainy weather; else, get in touch indoors to avoid power wheels getting rained on. Want to know more? No need to wait; follow us and get answers to more queries. 

Why Can’t I Leave the Power Wheels outside in the Rain? Reasons 

Can power wheels get rained on? Like in the case of power wheels, the batteries can get short-circuited, and rain quickly reaches the electrical components, making it unable to power up the electric car. Even battery connections, wiring, outer seating, or frame can be affected by leaving the power wheels in the rain. The effect isn’t sudden in such cases, but if kept longer, the battery gets damaged for sure. 

The worst thing is waking up and finding a water-filled power wheel that needs cleaning and maintenance, so make it well stored to avoid such issues. Other issues are mold growths on rubber tires and downside wirings network, but that’s more common if the power wheels stay in the rain for over days and months and there is no one to concern. 

What If the Power Wheels Get Rained on? How to Fix It?

Can power wheels get rained on? Now that you know how rain can affect the power wheels, the next step is to describe some easy fixes for power wheels that get rained on. Always keep the power wheels stored when not used, but what to do now if the problem occurs? 

Check the battery; if running, no worries if you find the battery dead and need replacement, but most often, over time, rain affects the battery and requires replacement, so mark this point!

To remove the stagnant water slowly, turn the power wheels down and let the rainwater get out; afterward, ensure to get dry and check for loose connections, make them secure and tight. 

To prevent a dull look, properly dry the interior and exterior to prevent rust and corrosion. 

Rain can interfere and cause the charger and battery to get non-functional. With the help of a voltmeter, determine whether the electric toy is working by looking through specified ratings like 5 volts for a 06 volts battery and 10 volts for a 12 volts battery

Spare parts will be required if the power wheels are left outside and rained over months. 

Sometimes the foot pack gets held while being attacked by molds, mud, and debris, so an easy fix is to clean and then try running the power wheel. 

If still not working, the functional problem might be with the gearbox, which seems tricky, so be careful while replacing the box as it’s the only solution. 

How to Store Power Wheels? 

You might have read that prevention is always better and more accessible than cure, and the same applies here. The power wheels can get rained on and cause specific issues, but none can happen if you opt for adequately storing the power wheels. Ensure that it always stays dry and has no moisture, even not during washing to let entrapped. 

You can opt for certain specific sites to store the power wheels like;

  • Store the power wheel in your garage with the daddy’s car. Like father like son!
  • Use a waterproof protective cover if you want to place it outside
  • Store in a storing rack and ensure covering 
  • If you own enough space at home, keep it to the side.
  • Can also use heavy-duty protective storage tents
  • Use small protective portable sheds for storing the power wheels.  
  • Using partial open shelters isn’t that protective however can be opted for timely prevention.


Is it right to leave power wheels outdoors? 

Power wheels left outside for a couple of hours seem of no concern, but harsh conditions like rain, snow, and summers can cause damage to the power wheels. The battery appears to fail if water gets in case of rain.

Can my child drive power wheels in the rain? 

No, whether it’s raining or after raining flood yard, in neither case, your child is allowed to drive the power wheels because there are high chances of moisture entrapments below the wiring that get prone to mold growth, causing damage over time or failure. Make the power wheel run and enjoy it when the weather is clear and dry. 

Why aren’t the power wheels functional after getting rained on? 

Rain can affect these sensitive parts if they remain for too long because of a faulty battery, damaged wirings, affected starter, or damaged shifter switches. 


Can power wheels get rained on? Well, it’s clear now that, yes, rain can make the power wheels get wet, and that’s a problem as your child would seem more irritated seeing the power wheels not able to run. So, to avoid such, first, ensure protection, storing, and maintenance; second, if it gets rained on, try to go for a fix as soon as possible and third, don’t let it for months abiding the environmental stress.

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