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Can Power Wheels Go in Snow- Let’s Find Out!!!

Can power wheels go in snow? Do I need any modifications to make it go in the snow? To get quick solutions, go through the guide to find more relevant info!

Power wheels are the child’s favorite toy electric devices that make them entertain and provide a natural feeling of diving into a car like the one their parents have. Usually, these opt for children of 04 age and above because they can handle it better than the low age. Still, parents should look after them because sometimes using a power wheel is neither recommended by the manufacturer nor the experts. So, a sudden query might strike your mind, can power wheels go in snow

With many other queries and solutions, we have provided a handy informational guide with all the relevant knowledge you should know to prioritize your child’s safety and protect their favorite toy. So how does snow affect and how to tackle it? Let’s find out!

Can Power Wheels Go in Snow

Can Power Wheels Go in Snow

Standard power wheels aren’t suitable to go in the snow because they can’t abide by the extreme frost and build-in parts to resist snow and moisture. Besides that, the power wheels tires aren’t suitable for achieving high traction in snow, which can cause incidents that I guess you wouldn’t bear. Despite these, if you modify the power wheels can somehow enable the power wheels to run in the snow, or purchasing a snow power wheel can be a better option to go in the snow. What can snow do to your standard power wheels, or how to modify them? Let’s get on board to find out!

How Can Snow Affect the Power Wheels? Reasons 

Can power wheels go in snow? Don’t ever let your child run the power wheels in snowy weather because it can cause damage not only to the power wheel but to the child as well. So how can its effect? 

Causing Low Traction 

The first thing that snow affects are the plastic tires/wheel and make them suffer in case of low traction. The danger begins in case the power wheel plastic cannot grip like rubber and rolls on or spins out of control in snow can lead to an unfortunate incident. So, try to run the power wheel indoors to avoid any mishaps. A snow power wheel is something with high traction and better handling of the ride with ease. 

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Battery Damage and Short-Circuiting

Damage to the battery isn’t a sudden process, but over time usage makes the battery short circuits, causing either fast battery drainage or making it completely dead. But how does the device battery affects? The crust of snow falling on the power wheels melts, leading to moisture penetration and tarping. That could interfere with the sensitive parts and make them nonfunctional, unsustainable, unsafe, and costly to repair. 

Low on Power 

A 12-volt battery is opted in power wheels providing a regular run on a dry and clear road, but as snow is dense and deep and requires more power, the power wheels seem of no strength to provide that and may cause you stuck in the snow without any further move. 

Frosted Power Wheels Parts 

In case you left the power wheels outside and over tonight, staying under snow can make them frost, and some parts like the battery won’t be able to get started with the power wheel, and the steering and padding can also get frozen because of severe frost. Because of this, you might be unable to run the power wheel.

How to modify the Power Wheels for snow driving? 

Can power wheels go in snow? Now that you know how snow affects the power wheels, it’s essential to understand how to tackle it. However, if easy to afford, go for the best winter or snow power wheels, 02 or 04 wheels. But if your child only wants his power wheel and non-other, then go for modifications to make it snow compatible and limit the damages; remember, it can be costly too. 

Wheels Modification 

Modify from where the problem starts. To make the tires handle traction better, you need to change the tires instead of plastic ones into somewhat rubber tires. But wait, we have an easy fix for you! You can try using old garage tires to cut in the desired size and make it around the plastic tires with some grooving to better handle traction. So, give it a try!

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Battery Replacement 

A 12-volt battery isn’t good enough to make your power wheel run on snow, so better to modify or replace it using another full-power battery compatible with the module. We suggest going for a lawn mower battery or any high capacity 24 Volts battery, for instance, to get the snow nailed off. 

Battery Insulation 

It is possible to insulate the electrical components, but then no enjoyment is left for your child. To limit the damage, an insulated casing for the battery can be an excellent option to keep it waterproof. If the insulation isn’t favorable to you, then modification like converting the power source from the battery to gas-powered. But don’t try it if you are not experienced enough to handle the task. 

Additional Parts

What If you add a snow plow to the power wheels front? Yes, that is a perfect idea; it would clear the route to make the child run the power wheel efficiently with low engine strain and resistance. So, modify the power wheel into a snow power wheel to make it compatible with snowy weather. 


Are power wheels waterproof? 

Power wheels are 90-100% hard plastic with metal parts that provide weather resistibility and strength, but power wheels aren’t waterproof nor resistant to snow or extreme weather conditions. All because the exterior may be durable, but the interior connections, battery, and other metal parts are prone to moisture damage causing rust, corrosion, and short-circuiting in case any gets to enter. 

How can I winterize my child’s power wheels?

You can store the power wheel to keep it safe in the garage, storage rack, or indoors, but applying a WD-40 spray coat on the power wheels metals parts to lubricate them would last longer to prevent it from being prevented from getting rust or eroding over time.

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How much does the power wheel battery last? 

Upon proper maintenance, storage, and a good run, a typical battery can last the run for almost 45min to 01 hour and above. Still, if not adequately maintained or left unattended outside, the battery might get affected and drain faster before your child can even play with it. 


We hope you have gone through the guide and found out the solution to your query that can power wheels go in snow. But wait, let me conclude with a handy answer: snow is a silent killer for Standard power wheels. However, snow power wheels provide a shield to tackle snow, so we suggest storing it correctly, modifying it if needed, or going for a new one at your child’s birthday if snow is something over long in your area.

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