Can Shark Vacuum Filters Be Washed?

Shark is one of the most popular vacuum brand names available. The majority of models, which are renowned for their performance, come with a number of filters to capture dust while you vacuum.

Due to collecting dust and debris, you might be pondering, can shark vacuum filters be washed? Clearly, sure. Under specific circumstances, all of the filters or other parts that belong to your Shark vacuum can be washed or cleaned for next uses.

These components include HEPA filters, canisters, and brushes. With the help of our detailed instructions, you can thoroughly clean a Shark vacuum and get it back to working like new. So, let’s have a look.

Can Shark Vacuum Filters Be Washed

Can Shark Vacuum Filters Be Washed?

No matter if you have a robotic AI, upright Shark Navigator, PetPro Stick, or canister Vertex, it needs to be cleaned frequently. Dust cups or canisters should be emptied after each usage or when they are halfway full in order to preserve suction.

The outer housing needs to be dusted off once a month, and the sliders and hoses need to be checked for kinks, obstructions, and breaks. Continue reading this blog post to learn every detail and advice about “can shark vacuum filters be washed?”

How To Wash The Shark Vacuum Filter?

There are numerous Shark versions available, and the majority of them have slightly unique parts. If you possess a Shark vacuum, you can locate the components and learn how to maintain them by reading the model-specific handbook. Still, have no luck? you can follow the below-mentioned procedures.

  • Disconnect The Shark Vacuum

Be cautious to disconnect the vacuum before doing any maintenance. When a vacuum is plugged in, don’t ever clean it. To prevent a mess, you should ideally place a piece of old newspaper or fabric underneath the vacuum. You might want to think about cleaning your Shark vacuum outside if it’s very dirty.

  • Clean And Empty The Canister

After that, take the dust canister or bag out of the appliance and empty it. Regular emptying of the canister is necessary, preferably before it fills to capacity. Wash the canister in soapy water to get it clean. Since the canister is electrically unconnected, soaking it in water presents no issues.

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The crevices of the canister can be cleaned with a toothbrush as well. After being washed, dried, and cleaned with a gentle microfiber rag. Prior to reassembly, the canister must be totally dry, which could take up to 24 hours. You can reach the filters once the canister has been taken out of the appliance.

  • Get The Filters Clean

The main filter and the HEPA filter are frequently included with Shark vacuums. The majority of primary filters, depending on the model of Shark vacuum such as are composed of foam rubber, while the majority of secondary filters are composed of felt. 

In order to return them to their proper order afterward, detach them while trying to keep track of their arrangement. Use cold water to clean the HEPA filter and the primary filter.  Let both filters dry naturally entirely for up to 24 hours after rinsing them off before replacing them. Rinse both the primary filter and the HEPA filter once per year.

  • Disinfect The Rotating Brush

Following the filter cleaning, you must clean the spinning brush. You can discover hair, threads, carpet fiber, and other dirt stuck within the brush roller if you haven’t cleaned them in a long time. A vacuum’s suction power can be greatly reduced by a blocked or unclean brush roller, especially the Shark vacuum.

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Start by detaching the floor connection from its handle before cleaning the spinning brush. With a pair of scissors, you can remove any tangles of hair and dust from the brush. Be careful to avoid damaging the bristles while doing this. Your spinning brush should be ready to use after gently cleaning off any dust with a toothbrush.

  • Put The Shark Vacuum Back Together

The revolving brush, filters, and canister can all be cleaned before being put back together in the appliance. Prior to reattaching each component, don’t forget to let everything dry. Wet or moist components may encourage the growth of mold and mildew inside the vacuum cleaner, which may lead to allergic reactions and respiratory issues.

Once everything is put together, quickly wipe off your Shark vacuum to make sure the outside is just as clean as the inside. Nothing makes you happier than seeing your favorite cleaning tool in pristine condition. If you have completed all of the aforementioned instructions, your Shark vacuum ought to work like new.


We hope that our thorough yet concise guide to “can shark vacuum filters be washed?” answers all of your questions. Maintaining and washing your Shark vacuum is simple and easy. Our straightforward guide is intended to assist Shark owners of all experience levels in taking better care of their cherished vacuums. 

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