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Can You Facetime On Android (An Easy Solution)

FaceTime is among the best video calling apps out there, and as an Android user, you must have asked at some point, can you FaceTime on Android?

FaceTime is probably the best video calling app there currently is. FaceTime allows both high-quality video and audio calls. It was developed by Apple for iOS devices like the iPhone and the Mac. FaceTime is very popular, but it is exclusive to iOS users only. Nevertheless, a lot of Android users might have the question, can you FaceTime on Android?

It is not possible to download the FaceTime app on Android phones, but when iOS 15 was released, a feature was introduced that allowed anyone to join a FaceTime call. This new feature means that if an Apple user sends a FaceTime invite to their friend with an Android phone, the Android user can join the FaceTime call.

Can You Facetime On Android

Can You Facetime On Android

FaceTime can be used in two different ways. You can utilize FaceTime Audio, which is an audio-only option, or FaceTime Video, which is the typical method for using FaceTime. FaceTime Audio is just a voice call, whereas FaceTime Video is perfect for when you want to see the person you are chatting with. FaceTime provides calls with higher call quality than a standard phone call. There is no doubt FaceTime is a top-tier video chatting app, so naturally Android users would love to use it too. Unfortunately, there is no way to download FaceTime on an Android Device, but Android users can join a FaceTime call if they have an invite link.

How Android Users Can Join A Call On Facetime

While it’s impossible to download the FaceTime app on an Android device, you can still join FaceTime calls if you receive a direct invite link from an Apple user. Note that the Apple user will have to start the FaceTime call, since there is no way for you to do so without having the app.

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The Android user must have Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge installed on their device. Additionally, the Apple user must have a device with iOS 15 or a higher version. In case of a Mac, it must be running macOS Monterey at least.

  • First the Apple user has to open the FaceTime app and click on the Create Link option present at the top. A pop-up will appear, asking for a method to share the link. There are a lot of ways to share this link- through Messages, Snapchat, or other methods. Basically, the Android user should get the link so they can click on it.
  • When the link is received by the Android user, they will have to click on it either in Chrome or Microsoft Edge. A pop-up will enter asking for a name, simply enter it and click on Continue to proceed.
  • After clicking on Continue, the Android user will have to click on the Join button in the pop-up. FaceTime will also ask for permission to access the camera and microphone.
  • The Apple user will now receive a notification, saying that someone would like to join the call. It is a request, and must be accepted in order for the Android user to join.
  • If the request is accepted, the Android user will join the FaceTime call automatically, and there will be options present to both parties for muting microphones, turning the camera on or off, and more.

So can you FaceTime on Android? Not really. While you cannot initiate a FaceTime call from an Android device, it is possible to join an ongoing call by receiving an invite from the Apple user who started the FaceTime call.

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Will The Facetime App Ever Come To Android? 

Even though it was unexpected, Apple decided to make links generated from FaceTime accessible on other platforms. However, this workaround still doesn’t offer a complete FaceTime experience because you can only join calls, not start them yourself. When FaceTime was first introduced, Steve Jobs stated that the business will collaborate with other organizations, but this hasn’t happened yet.

Apple does provide a few Android apps, such as Apple TV and Apple Music. These aren’t apps that Apple is giving out for free, though, as Apple Music and Apple TV are both subscription services.

Can you FaceTime on Android? Using the workaround method of using a link to join the calls, you can. However, it is quite unlikely that Apple will release the FaceTime app for Android devices anytime soon.

Why Is Facetime Not On Android?

FaceTime is unique. A huge benefit of using Apple devices includes this free service. Bringing FaceTime to its full potential on platforms like Android may devalue the seamless experience that Apple provides with its own products. FaceTime would become just another video-calling programme instead of a convenient way of communication between Apple devices.

Additionally, Apple’s software experts know iOS platforms the best. On Android, It would take a lot of time to make the app functional and as fluid as it is on Apple, so a complete version of FaceTime for Android is unlikely.


Is It Possible To Use Facetime On Pc?

An Apple device user can send a link to an Android or Windows user. This will allow them to join the FaceTime call as a participant.

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Do You Need A Phone Number For Facetime?

To use FaceTime, you don’t need a phone number. The only thing you need is a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection. This means that in order to use FaceTime, you do not necessarily need someone’s phone number. FaceTime calls can also be made using a person’s email address.

Can Only Apple Users Use Facetime?

FaceTime is a feature of Apple that is available to everyone. Through the URL that users of Apple devices can send to them, Android users are also able to join FaceTime calls. However, they are unable to start a FaceTime call themselves.


So can you FaceTime on Android? No, though not directly. The only way for Android or PC users to join a FaceTime call is by receiving an invite link and clicking on it. Even though it is unlikely that Apple will ever release a full version of FaceTime for other platforms, the ability to join FaceTime calls via links is still appreciated.

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