Can You Lay A Samsung Fridge Down

You can lay your Samsung fridge down on its front or (left or right) side if you need to move it, but it is not advised to lay it on its back since the body’s weight could damage any exposed functioning parts.

However, there is an exception if you own Samsungs premium monogram refrigerators, as they should always be upright if you move them. However, the others can be transported in a moving truck, van, or any other vehicle by laying down, but make sure the doors are firmly closed before doing so.

To avoid any damage to the sealed system, keep the refrigerator standing up straight if possible!

Can You Lay A Samsung Fridge Down

What Happens When You Lay Down A Samsung Fridge?

The importance of refrigerators in the house cannot be overstated. In addition to being expensive for the most part, refrigerators can be a little tricky to fix. And your pocket can suffer as a result of their repairs.

When you set a refrigerator down, the oil from the compressor makes its way to the refrigerant tube and, if care is not taken, might cause harm to your equipment. Therefore, you should use appropriate methods to transport a refrigerator lying down, likely due to a lack of space in the van or vehicle to hold it upright.

How can you protect your Samsung fridge from harm after laying it down while moving it?

Turning on your refrigerator when you get to your location is not a good idea. Irrespective of how new or old your refrigerator is, you must let it rest for some time before plugging it into a power source.

As I mentioned above, oil from the compressor enters the refrigerant’s tube, so it is suggested to allow your appliance to be unplugged from a power source for a while before putting it back in an elevated or vertical position.

Now you would be wondering, how long should my refrigerator remain upright before I hook it into a power supply?

Make sure to give your refrigerator about 7 to 8 hours to stand upright if you had kept it lying down for about 6 to 7 hours!

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Keep it upright to let the oil flow again, restoring proper functionality and protecting your appliance from damage.

How can you Safely Transport your Fridge?

Okay, it’s time to take some action!

What should you and shouldn’t do when transporting a refrigerator over a long distance? That’s what we will discuss now.

Remember that this is only general advice for moving a refrigerator!

Keep the refrigerator empty

Remove the food and other goods from the fridge. They would not just make the fridge heavier if they were allowed to stay. Before you get to your final location, the food stored would spoil. Take out any bottles and cans that are solid and that are in the refrigerator as well. These things have the potential to break or harm the refrigerator’s interior.

Unfortunately, most people don’t think much of this. However, you should take the time to unpack the food and other items if you want to relocate your fridge safely. Make sure it is empty.

Remove the shelves

Hey, empty the refrigerator of all its contents! I do mean everything. I’m sorry, but anything left in the fridge has the potential to harm the interior of the equipment seriously, and that’s something you don’t want to happen.

The shelves can slide while in transit, breaking your refrigerator. So be sure to get rid of them. However, if you don’t feel like removing them, use tape to anchor the shelves in place firmly.

Turn off the refrigerator’s electricity

Safety first! Never move unless your refrigerator is disconnected. Before relocating the fridge, check if it is not plugged into a power source.

Make careful to correctly fold the plug after unplugging your fridge so it won’t drag when you move it. Ensure the fridge plug is securely fastened because you don’t want it to break.

Close the door

What should you do about this? It’s not like you can stand next to your refrigerator while traveling. The solution, then, is to use tape. Grab a piece of tape and firmly tape the door closed. In this manner, you may stop the refrigerator’s door from flapping while it’s transported. Wise advice!

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Refrigerator security

Securing your fridge while moving it is another action you may take. It can be put in the middle of the van or truck and covered with a blanket. The problem is that refrigerators are both sensitive and hefty. Thus, when they come into touch with the truck or van, it may dent the fridge’s outside.

Therefore, cover your fridge with a large blanket to help prevent dents and scratches that could harm your equipment.

Check the Position

When moving a fridge from one place to another, how you position it counts. Don’t forget that certain refrigerators can’t be carried while lying on their sides, either. Therefore, make sure to do so before moving forward with your plan to place your refrigerator next to it.

However, it would be best to maintain the refrigerator upright throughout the trip, if possible.

Defrost your Fridge

The process of defrosting is also crucial. Once there is no longer any frost, disconnect the fridge and let it that way for several hours. However, you will need some time to do this task because it will surely take some time to prepare the refrigerator for relocation.

Therefore, disconnect the refrigerator today and leave it that way all day if you plan to move the following day. And once it has fully defrosted, clean out any leftovers inside the refrigerator to avoid water going into places it shouldn’t.


I now sincerely hope that you have a better grasp and idea of the correct response due to the information provided. You can lay your Samsung fridge, but not all refrigerators can b laid down.

You must securely lock the door on refrigerators so you can move in this manner, and you must avoid denting the fridge’s body with other things while moving it.

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