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Can You Run With Airpods In The Rain?

Can You Run With Airpods In The Rain

Can you run with AirPods in the rain? According to our conventional understanding, the answer is “it depends” on how strong the rain is. 

The Apple AirPods grabs your attention as a choice for a new pair of wireless earbuds for your running gear. They’re captivating with their stylish look, wireless capabilities, and attractive charging case.

You’ll be able to keep up with your pre-run stretches and marathon training thanks to the stated 5 hours of listening time. There are other issues that runners have to worry about, such as their appearance and battery life. Most importantly, can you run with AirPods in the rain?

Can you run with AirPods in the rain?

Some AirPods can wear in the rain. The standard AirPods are not water-resistant but AirPods pro is water-resistant. There is a difference between water resistance and waterproof terminology, which we’ll discuss later. Airpods are built to stand with light water splashes and sweat but they are not waterproof. Therefore, they should not be worn in the shower or when participating in watersports. Many users claim that they have no issues wearing AirPods in the rain.

Do you want to know it is possible to use AirPods in the rain? You can’t run wearing your AirPods in the heavy rain. It is recommended not to wear them when showering or swimming in the pool. It’s always best to be safe than sorry, even if your AirPods Pro are water-resistant because they don’t last forever.

Another concern is whether AirPods will keep working if they get wet. Unlike the original AirPods, the AirPods Pro includes a water-resistant feature. IPX4 is the ingress protection grade for the AirPods Pro. The 4 indicates that your AirPods can withstand splashes from any direction.  A little submersion in water can cause significant harm to these devices.

A common question is whether you can use AirPods during the shower. Is it possible to use Apple AirPods while bathing? No, if you want to use your AirPods after a shower, you should not put them in any kind of damp environment. This shows that you should never wear them when swimming, taking a shower, relaxing in the sauna, or in the rain.

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What is water resistance?

Most electronic gadgets have a water-resistance rating. A nine-point scale is used to rate the reliability of electronic components after they have been sprayed with water. The IPX4 rating of the AirPod Pros is the same as the previous generation. First, three letters and numbers are not important because the last digit tells us about water resistance. As a result, we gave the AirPod Pros a score of 4/9. Because of this, the earbuds can resist water from any aspect.  

What does Apple say?

There are two kinds of AirPods, and if you want to run in the rain with them, you’ll need to know the difference between them. There is no mention of waterproofing or water resistance in the specifications for the basic version, known as AirPods. We can therefore safely assume that these AirPods do not have a waterproofing feature.

The AirPods Pros, which are an improved version, cost a little more but appear to be more durable. A rating of IPX4 indicates that this model is water and sweat-resistant, according to the product specifications. Wait a minute before bursting into a joyful ecstasy. 

For non-water sports and exercise, the tiny print says that the AirPods Pros can resist sweat and water without losing sound quality. While sweating and water-resistance aren’t permanent, they can reduce over time.

The Apple website’s support section provides a little more information. AirPods Pros are not waterproof or sweatproof, according to Apple. The earbuds are water-resistant and can handle excessive sweating.

You shouldn’t use them in the shower, wash them in a hot water machine, put them in a sauna, or expose them to fast-moving water like water skiing. What a lot of restrictions! Apple does not include rain in its list of specifications.

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Is AirPods safe to run in the rain?

In order to answer whether you should wear AirPods while running in the rain, there are two parts. The first factor to consider is the safety of the people. Wireless headphones are an issue for many runners. For power and water, it makes sense to be concerned. AirPods users reported experiencing an electrical zap or shock when using the earbuds. 

Electrostatic shocks can occur when using any gadget, according to Apple. Water or rain has no effect on the phenomena. Instead, it’s caused by a build-up of static electricity, which occurs more frequently when the air is too dry. Using AirPods in the rain hasn’t resulted in any injuries or shocks.

So, Can you run in the rain with AirPods? 

Now we’ve gone through all that mumbo-jumbo, can we safely use AirPods for a run in the rain? Apple doesn’t even mention that the basic version is water- and sweat-proof. You may want to keep those for mild workouts on hot days.

When it comes to the AirPod Pros, which are water and sweat-resistant, you should be fine if you are caught in a little rain. If the rain is heavy, they may not work. There’s no need to turn around or reduce your workout because of a drizzle. Sweat is more likely to soak your AirPods during a long run than light rain is.

When it comes to protecting your AirPods from the rain, there are a few things you can do. In order to protect your headphones from water damage, wear a wide-brimmed hat that covers your ears. If you want to be extra safe, wear a sweatband or gaiter over your ears and the AirPods. An additional benefit of this is that it keeps the earbuds in position, which can be a concern for runners.

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To summarize, you can not use AirPods while running in the rain. It’s possible to use AirPod Pros when running in rainy weather. Apple AirPods are easily recognized because of their distinctive design, but are they water-resistant, and can you run with AirPods in the rain? The right answer is a big “NO”. AirPods do not allow you to run in the rain. 

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