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Can you screen share on FaceTime using Mac? A Brief Answer

If you’re a new Apple user wondering, “Can you screen share on FaceTime using Mac?” then you’ve come to the right place for guidance and tips.

Since the pandemic, video conferencing apps have gained massive popularity in the last few years. Even in schools or meetings, it has become a convenient way to get things done remotely, and this is precisely where screen sharing kicks in. So, if you’re an Apple user and you’ve got a question, “Can you screen share on FaceTime using Mac?” rest assured, this article will clear all your doubts today.

Screen sharing had been absent from Apple’s video conferencing app, i.e., FaceTime in macOS, for a very long time. Still, recently Apple finally announced that they added it in Monterey 12.1. When the appropriate operating software is on your device, newer Macs, iPhones, and iPads are all capable of screen sharing. You can begin screen sharing using FaceTime if you and the other participants have suitable operating systems. Now let’s move on and take a deeper dive.

Can you screen share on FaceTime using Mac?

Can you screen share on FaceTime using Mac?

First, let’s clear out the most obvious question that most users like you have in their minds. You can sigh of relief because, yes, you can screen share on FaceTime using a Mac device, and the whole process to do this isn’t too complicated either. You must ensure your Apple device runs the most recent iOS and start a call using FaceTime on your Mac. While on call, you have to open the app that you’d like to share, and then in the menu, click on FaceTime, and from there, click on screen share.

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Next, you’ll see a pop-up asking if you wish to share just a window or the whole screen and you can get going just that easily. When you’d like to stop screen sharing, click on the FaceTime menu again, press the “Stop Screen Sharing” icon, and you’re good to go.

Can you use FaceTime screen sharing with Android or Windows users?

On the other hand, if you’re an Android user looking for an answer to “Can you screen share on FaceTime using Mac?” then, unfortunately, you cannot use screen share with devices that use any other operating system like Android or Windows users. Call it Apple’s tried-and-true strategy to keep distinguishing traits exclusive to Apple Device users or a strategic plan to make non-Apple device users switch. Even though Apple FaceTime is now available on both Windows and Android phones, you must accept this harsh reality.

On other operating systems like Android, Facetime functionality is somewhat limited. More specifically, non-Apple device users can only connect to a FaceTime call via a link. Don’t bother creating a FaceTime contact link. They will be unable to use features like screen-sharing or the SharePlay-enabled calls.

How does screen share work, and what are the requirements?

If you wish to try screen sharing in FaceTime on macOS, Monterey functions nearly identical to the way it does on iOS 15 and iPad OS 15. After starting a FaceTime call, click the screen-sharing symbol to begin transmitting the screen to others on the call.

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Regarding prerequisites, Apple devices must run macOS 12.1 or later. It is worth noting that all participants’ devices, not just the hosts, must be installed with the most up-to-date Apple operating systems. So, you have no reason to worry about having the most recent iOS updates installed on your Apple devices. Not only does this answer “Can you screen share on FaceTime using Mac?” but it also explains how it works.


Why does screen share not work on FaceTime Mac?

There are multiple things to test if you’re having trouble sharing the screen with another Apple Mac or watching a shared screen on the Mac. Check that remote access or screen sharing is enabled and that sharing permissions are active on the Mac for the screen you’d like to share. Turn on or off Mac screen sharing.

Is there any way to screen share from iPhone to Mac FaceTime?

You can share the screen on FaceTime when on a call with another Apple user. To share the screen, everyone must have iOS 15.1 or later.

Does FaceTime allow screen sharing?

Launch FaceTime to turn on screen sharing on an iPhone or iPad and call someone else with FaceTime enabled. Once you are connected, click on the “Screen Sharing” button. This button looks similar to a rectangular box with a silhouette. Tap “Share Screen” in the pop-up box that appears.

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Wrapping things up and moving to a conclusion, we can easily conclude by saying, yes, Apple users will be able to screen share using FaceTime on their Mac devices. Although you might come across a few issues, they’re nothing unfixable. We hope today’s article helps answer your query of “Can you screen share on FaceTime using Mac?” and offers you a better understanding than before.

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