Can you use AirPods on Planes? ( Reasons & Techniques )

Can you use AirPods on Planes

Almost everyone is carrying either a pair of headphones, wireless earbuds, or decent AirPods. But, are you allowed to carry these devices on the planes? This article talks about the different scenarios to help you figure out whether you can use AirPods on Planes or not.

Can you use AirPods on Planes? THE ANSWER

Recently, the Federal Aviation Administration lifted the ban on Bluetooth devices, which means you can use AirPods on the Plane. But, there are a few guidelines about using AirPods on the Plane, and they are discussed below.

How to use AirPods on a Plane?

AirPods use the same wireless headphones technology as other voice communication devices use. Similarly, AirPods are short-length Bluetooth devices that work only from a short distance, making them comfortable to use on the Plane. Just for the information, long-range Bluetooth devices can be dangerous for AirPlane communications with the tower.

Other than that, AirPods are perfect for carrying along for listening to music while flying in the air. Let’s discuss the procedure to use AirPods on the Plane.

Follow these methods to use AirPods on the plane.

1- Turn on the Airplane mode of your smartphone from the control panel

2- Now, turn on the Bluetooth

3- Now, you can safely connect your AirPods with the smartphone and enjoy movies and music or games.

The best part is that you can access the Wi-Fi of the airlines, which other passengers are also using to enjoy your journey with online music.

AirPods and Plane TV

Can you use the AirPods with the Plane TV? Having a fancy gadget like AirPods pro that won’t connect to the setback entertainment system would be a shame, but that’s true as well. That’s why always keep an additional pair of headphones with you, either wired or wireless, so that you can use them in such situations.

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Bluetooth Adapter

Having a Bluetooth adapter can help you connect with the TV on the Plane. Just get a decent Bluetooth adapter, either a Twelve South Airfly Pro or a Hagibis Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter Receiver, to use them with your AirPods to connect with the TV on the back of the seat.

A few requirements for the adapter are that 

1- You should keep it fully charged while traveling.

2- The adapter button can be used to pair it with AirPods

3- Bring both devices close to each other for connection

4-A sound or beep will be produced once they are connected

5- Plug the adapter into the system and use the AirPods

6- If the adapter doesn’t work, do the process again, and it will work

In these modern times, almost everyone is carrying smartphones, and no one uses these systems that much, but you still got a 100% verified method to use AirPods on the Plane.

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Pros & Cons of using AirPods on Plane

This unique wireless communication device is not only fancy but powerful and attractive. It has become a routine for most people because it helps in many areas of our lives, from listening to calls to enjoying music or doing video calls.

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Therefore, when traveling via airplane, you should be aware that can you use them on other transport as well? 


  • Super easy connection to the phone
  • Excellent noise cancellation feature, and that’s my favorite feature as well as it blocks the annoying sound of things around.
  • Amazing sound quality
  • The strong connection between phone and AirPods
  • More minor yet powerful and long-lasting


  • Pricey
  • Short battery life

If you use them on the Plane, your traveling experience will be doubled because you will enjoy the air travel with zero noise of the Plane or other people around.

If you’re excited about using the AirPods on the Plane, use our guidelines about using them on the Plane.

Is AirPods suitable for long flights?

They are slightly uncomfortable, but that’s a minor ear problem for some people because of the size.

Do AirPods have noise cancellations for flights?

AirPods are the best for noise cancellation because they make the experience noiseless, making it ideal for flights.

Do AirPods have battery life, good or bad?

Battery life depends on the usage of the AirPods. If you are using them continuously, then the battery will be drained quickly. If you use them with pauses, then they can lose for a while on a single charge. But that’s not a problem as they charge pretty fast.

Can you Make calls on AirPods?

Yes, you can use AirPods to talk to another person with AirPods, but sometimes there can be a connection problem due to the network, but they are perfect to talk on the phone.

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Overall, that’s all about using AirPods on the Plane. Now that you know the reliability and efficiency of AirPods, you won’t hesitate to use them while sitting on a plane seat. All in all, this is a friendly device to use for communication and entertainment, and it is designed to last for a long time, making it an ideal device for carrying not only on a plane but also on a car, bus, or on a bike as well.

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