Can You Use Airpods on Ps5?

Can You Use Airpods on Ps5

Can You Use Airpods on Ps5? Let’s find out…

For every professional player, owning a Play Station is a dream come true. Teens and adults have long flocked to play stations, and it never gets old. The updates and new series always pick up demand quickly. It’s not only because gaming freaks love video games but also because play stations have amazing qualities and delivers an extra ordinary experience to the gamers. 

Can You Use Airpods on Ps5

Not to forget, PS5 is also pricey compared to other gaming consoles, and hence experiences the right hype. One drawback of owning a PS5 is the limited access of Bluetooth that makes it difficult to connect with speakers, headphones or Airpods. Now no one in their right mind would want to spend an extra $100 on getting a handset and connect it to their PS5. 


PS5 And Bluetooth Devices Are Not Compatible?

Yes, the connection of play stations and Bluetooth devices is not possible because PS don’t come with any features that facilitates wireless devices however, there are ways through which this can work. The immediate solution that you crack is to connect your airpods with PS5, but is that possible?  This would need a Bluetooth connection.

 The airpods and airpod pros can be connected to android devices, laptops, and different devices other than IOS, but it requires a Bluetooth connection to get the devices paired. PS5 doesn’t have a Bluetooth option, although it can detect your AirPods or other Bluetooth headphones, the connecting procedure fails at the final step. 

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Unfortunately, while all play stations wireless devices link to your system via Bluetooth, you won’t be able to do the same with your wireless headphones, and much to the chagrin of many gamers, the new Playstation 5, which was released last year to great acclaim, still lacks this capability. The Airpods and PS5 don’t facilitate each other and the connection breaks. 

However, you don’t need to worry because we have got your back. There are hacks and DIY ideas that can help you to connect your airpods with PS5 and enjoy your gaming experience with premium music. 

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How Can I Connect my Airpods with PS5?

Even though the PS5 is the latest and greatest video game console, it does not enable Bluetooth audio when you initially purchase it. That means you’ll need to buy an attachment if you want to use any Bluetooth device with the PlayStation 5, including AirPods.

This problem can be solved by connecting a Bluetooth adapter, that has two ends, it connects to the airpods from one end and to the gaming console on the other, and eventually connects both devices to each other resulting in a successful connection. There are many Bluetooth connectors that are not very expensive, they are easily connected to these devices and enable music/voices. 

Hers’s How: 

  • Ensure that your AirPods are fully charged. Make sure your Bluetooth adapter is charged if it connects to the PS5 controller and utilizes a battery. Adapters that plug into the PS5 or TV are powered by those devices and do not require charging. Make sure your PS has a USB port through which the Bluetooth device can be easily connected. 
  • One the devices are connected; the next step is to connect the Bluetooth adapter with PS5
  • Pair the Bluetooth adaptor with your phone. Read the instructions because various devices enter pairing mode in somewhat different ways. A flickering light usually signifies that it is in configuration mode.
  • Check that the AirPods are in their charging case before opening it. Press and hold the case’s button. Your airpods need to be in their charging case throughout the whole process. Press the button on the other side of your airpod until it white. 
  • Once the light gives s signal, it’s clear that the Airpods are connected to PS5. 
  • Connect the small microphone to the 3.5mm audio connection on the controller.
  • To check if the connection has been made or not, go to the PS settings, select devices, Audio Devices, and Input Devices from the drop-down menu. Select Headset Connected to Controller from the drop-down menu.
  • Return to the Audio Devices page. This time, however, choose Output Device. Choose USB headphones as an option.
  • Return one last time to Audio Devices. This time, however, select Output to Headphones. On the right side of the TV screen, a sidebar will emerge. All Audio should be selected.
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The direct compatibility of PS5 and any other Bluetooth is impossible but with the help of an adapter, everything become possible and this devices connects your wireless headphones, airpods and anything else that requires a wire free connection with your airpods. 

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