Can You Use Airpods Pro Without Tips?

Can You Use Airpods Pro Without Tips

Can You Use Airpods Pro Without Tips? Let’s find out…

Airpods give you a very convenient and hassle-free experience. Airpods tips are made of soft materials and are often highly convenient and simple to use. AirPods Pro can be worn without the tips, but the tips aid in noise cancellation, therefore removing them will diminish their noise cancellation capabilities. Also, without the tips on your AirPods Pro, the bass may not be as strong, so keep them on unless you absolutely need to remove them. 

Can You Use Airpods Pro Without Tips

There’s no restriction that Airpods can’t be used without the rubber tips but removing the tips may make the airpods hard and they can’t be conveniently used for a longer time and secondly, the tips give closure and hence improve the sound quality and volume. 


Why Do Airpod Pro Come with Rubber Tips:

  • To Add More Bass: It’s possible that the lack of rhythm without the tips is due to a lack of noise cancellation. The lack of ambient noise can improve sound quality, which in turn improves bass. Although you may not notice a major drop in sound quality, the suggestions can help. 
  • Noise-Cancellation: Because the tips are designed to assist you better and suit your ears, they help with noise cancellation. The tips are designed to fill up more of your ear canal, resulting in a more secure fit in your ear. They cover your hear clearly and there’s no space of outside noise to fit in, which results in the best quality voice. The earbud will have less room to move around and slip out if there is less space in your ear. 
  • Ease: Airpods are used for longer times and hence they need to be soft to ears and convenient to use so that it doesn’t hurt your ear. The tips are made of rubber, which is very soft and easy on ears. You can wear your airpod pros for a whole day and won’t feel anything hard on your ears because of this premium feature. The regular airpods don’t have ear tips and they’re built different which is why the airpod pro have more demand. 
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Do Airpods Stay Fit in Your Ear If the Tips Are Removed:

People who use headphones that have wires are not really concerned about falling off their ears because the wire is connected to the phone, but since airpods are wireless devices, the users need assurance that are made of perfect sizes that fit into their ear. 

The airpods have a standard size that is offered to everybody, they’re not customized, so there could be a chance that your airpods don’t fit well in your ears but with the silicon rubber tip on airpod pros, the built makes it stick to your ear and they don’t fall very easily, you can easily put on airpods and go for a jog or have a walk with your airpods on, there’s no threat of falling off. 


Airpods Are More Convenient With/Without Tips?

Everyone’s ears, preferences, and degree of hearing loss are unique. As a result, what sounds fantastic to someone else may sound awful to you. For this reason, Apple includes Headphone Accommodations that let you customise the equalizer (EQ) for your AirPods Pro. Airpod pros are better off because they have updated features and better options. The EQ is adjustable to your hearing and facilitates you to choose the settings on your own.

The noise-cancellation can be turned off to your liking because some people like it that way. Wearing the airpods without the silicon tips might reduce the noise cancellation but they can be used without it too. 

The flexibility of using airpods with tips differs depending on who is wearing the headphones. It all comes down to the shape of your ear and how well the earbuds fit into it. Some people usually prefer using wired headphones because there’s no risk of losing them, and some people prefer using wireless headphones and airpods because they are more convenient, handy, hassle free and don’t need much space to put. You can hang the case of your airpods with your bag or keep it somewhere in your bag. It’s very small and keep the airpods safe. 

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Airpods are very handy and small and hence they require extra care and attention. You need to keep them charged before going somewhere because they have battery since they don’t connect to your phones. The battery keeps the pods charged for a couple of hours and you can easily take them anywhere with you. 

So, it’s clear that you can use Airpods pro without tips but you are going to face the problems of Airpods not staying in your ear because the tips help the Airpods to stick in your ears allowing you to even run while wearing them.

So using tips on Airpods is actually important for you regarding several factors as you will enjoy noise cancellation, prevention of infection, ear wax won’t accumulate on the tips, and handful of other advantages are there.

So, let’s talk about all the advantages the airpod tips offer that makes them necessary to use while wearing airpods.

Startng with the Noise cancellation.

Noise Cancellation

As mentioned earlier, the ear tips are not just there to make Airpods look great but they are of actual use and help.

When you slightly push the Airpods inside the ear canal, the rubber tips create resistance that not only prevents them from falling off, but blocks the way for external sounds to get inside your ear.

This is how you end up listening to the music only and no surrounding noises.

Lack of bass

Now, you are definitely going to see a dramatic change of sound quality when using Airpods with and without tips. When there are no tips, you won’t get noise cancellation and that means the richness of sound will also be compromised resulting in a significant loss of sound quality.

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Strong Grip

Tips help Airpods to stay fixed in your ear even when you are running but as every single human on earth has a unique ear shape, that can create difficulties if your ear canal shape won’t fit airpods tips.

In case you have smaller ears, then you will be able to remove the tips as well because the less diameter or ear lobe will adjust the airpods without the tips but that can get uncomfortable as well because the hard surface can cause damage to ear canal or sides by scratching the surface.

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