Can You Use Sublimation Ink For Regular Printing?【May • 2022】

Can You Use Sublimation Ink For Regular Printing

Can You Use Sublimation Ink For Regular Printing?

You can change the appearance of items by printing on them, thanks to the latest technologies allowing you to print on desired items using modern resources.

Printing demands determine the right printer for printing on large objects like shirts and mugs. But for printing on paper, regular printers do regular printing.

Now the question is can you use sublimation ink for regular printing? If yes, what should be the procedure, and what you should know before using sublimation printing for regular printing.

For some people, this is confusing to use sublimation printing for regular printing.

Can You Use Sublimation Ink For Regular Printing

So, is the use of sublimation ink good for regular printing? No

Yes, the answer is No.

You cannot use sublimation ink for regular printing because the sublimation ink requires a certain procedure that only works on a sublimation printer and not on a regular printer.

Let me give you more details of why the sublimation ink is not suitable for regular printing. 

Here’s why you cannot use sublimation in inkjet printers for regular printing.

During the sublimation process, the solid material is converted into the gas without changing a liquid state, which is applied to the object for printing, and that’s why it is not applicable on common paper because it can easily destroy the object or paper.

The other reason is that the common printing mechanism and functionality are different, which doesn’t allow sublimation ink for printing. In simple words, sublimation ink is the specialized form of ink that is limited to only sublimation printers, and using it on regular printers will provide zero results.

Sublimation Ink vs. Regular Ink

There are different printing techniques, and day by day; the printing methods are evolving rapidly. People are trying different options like printing on different types of objects.

Mainly there are two types of printing, sublimation, and regular printing. If you are still confused about whether or not using sublimation ink for regular printing is a good idea, we will dig deeper into that.

Sublimation Ink Uses

The sublimation ink is different than regular ink, and it is used for coating t-shirts, pictures, mugs, and other hard format objects. The sublimation process involves a mechanism in which the ink is pressurized and turned into gas sprayed on the hard objects like shirts or objects that stay there permanently.

The regular printing procedure is different; soy using sublimation ink in regular printers won’t work. Therefore, you need to choose the printer that supports sublimation ink.

Printers that support Sublimation Ink for Regular Printing

There is either a compatible or non-compatible printer. When it comes to sublimation printers, the printer with thermal technology won’t use the sublimation Ink for printing.

Similarly, the printer that supports both the sublimation ink and regular ink is manufactured by Epson. The technology that they use is piezo technology, and that’s why a printer that possesses this technology will enable you to do sublimation well as regular printing.

These are the compatible printers that can utilize for regular printing.

  • Epson Ecotank Models 2000-5000
  • Epson WF-Models 1000-7600
  • Sawgrass SG500

In the end, I would like to share some tips with you to help you learn more about both ink types. Keep in mind the types of uses of printers and learn the use of sublimation ink and regular ink. If you have tried something and faced ink leakage into printers, visit a repair mechanic.

That’s all for this article and if you are still unsure about using sublimation ink for regular printing, leave the comment below. We will do our best to tell you the difference between sublimation and regular printing. But we hope this article has covered pretty much everything needed to know about using sublimation ink for regular printing.

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