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Can You Wear Oura Ring At Gym? ( Level Up Workouts )

Oura Ring is the newest, smart, most reliable, and intelligent wedding-ring-shaped trendy fitness tracker that outsmarts bigger and heavier trackers that you wear on your wrist and does a pretty sick job of tracking your heart rate, sleep stages, calories burned, skin temperatures, and blood oxygen saturation levels.

Oura Ring is designed with titanium which is a strong metal that can withstand extreme pressure, drops, and wear and tear to withstand situations like workouts, boxing, or CrossFit training.

Can You Wear Oura Ring At Gym?

Wearing Oura Ring during a workout, running on a treadmill, lifting weights, or doing a boxing session can be a great option to track your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and skin temperatures to get an estimate of recovery time as well.Can You Wear Oura Ring At Gym?

Can you lift weights with our ring?

You can lift weights with Oura Ring but make sure to wear gloves on your hands as when the Ring comes in contact with metallic rods of the weight bars or dumbbells, chances are it’s going to get scratched and within time it will lose its appeal and scratches will appear on the entire exterior of the skin.

Similarly, when you are going to lift heavy weights, make sure to don’t put weight or too much pressure on the Ring as it has sensors and LEDs inside that can break with external pressure applied on the surface of the ring while lifting weights.

Is Oura Ring Waterproof?

Yes, Oura Ring is waterproof for up to 330 feet or 100 meters which means you can only wear the ring as deep as 100 meters but that also makes the Ring suitable for swimming, diving, or taking a shower.

Keeping it submerged under water for more than 100 meters, or longer than 12 hours, or using soap or shampoo while wearing it can damage the Ring and can break seals that can let the water penetrate inside the Ring.

So chances are you will end up damaging the Ring, especially the battery, and then you may have to find a battery replacement as well sometimes the battery is just fine but Ring won’t charge.

Can you wear your ring while boxing?

Technically, you can wear Oura Ring while boxing with gloves on your hands but there is still a risk of getting the Ring damaged as when you will punch with your fist closed, the ring is worn on the index finger, middle finger,

or on your pinky will be pressed against the hanging box and higher the pressure more the danger of damaging the ring unless your wear the Ring on your thumb which is also possible.

But during the boxing session, the recording of your body vitals will give you a realization about your heart rate, and other important things that can help you get better at it.

Can you wear Oura Ring while doing CrossFit?

Yes, you can wear Oura Ring during CrossFit as it will measure your heart rate, skin temperature, and breathing patterns, and that data can be a lot useful for a professional bodybuilder or an athlete.


All in all, you can wear Oura Ring while going to the gym for running, lifting weights, or doing boxing but don’t forget to protect your ring against scratches and presses unless you will end up with a damaged ring.

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