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Can You Wear Oura Ring In Sauna? ( Heat Up Your Health )

Oura Ring is a smart, intelligent, and trendy fitness tracking tool that is relatively new in the market to other wearables and designed to wear 24/7 to keep track of your health, fitness, and wellness and does a wonderful job of tracking sleep stages, wakefulness, heart rate, calories burned, skin temperature, and a lot more.

Many people have concerns in their minds that how will the Oura Ring react or perform if wear it in Sauna. Because the Sauna has higher temperatures and humidity which can compromise the performance of the Oura Ring.

So let me tell you that Oura Ring is a reliable and smart electronic gadget that is water-resistant and waterproof up to 330 feet which means exposure to water while swimming, taking a shower, or sitting in Sauna won’t cause any damage to the Ring.

Similarly, the Ring is designed to operate in 130F temperatures and Saunas having temperatures 100F to 150F cannot cause any damage to the Ring the best part is that you will get important readings with the help of the Oura ring while sitting in a Sauna.

Oura Ring In SaunaOura Ring In Sauna

Oura Ring is a cutting-edge wellness tracker designed in the shape of a ring that you can comfortably wear on your finger and it will keep track of all your day-to-day activities. 

Oura Ring is developed in Finland and the people of Finland are the only nation that does Saunas regularly so they have kept that thing in mind while making this Ring so you don’t have to worry about Wearing Oura Ring in Saunas.

Now you know that Oura Ring is steam-resistant and heat-resistant that doesn’t mean you expose the Ring to higher temperatures or steam for longer durations as the exterior is coated with titanium that can only absorb limited heat and won’t withstand extreme temperatures and will also cause burns of temperatures exceeds the normal range. So, must take safety precautions while wearing Oura Ring in saunas.

There is a benefit of wearing the Oura Ring in the Sauna as it will help you see health benefits by measuring your body vitals while sitting in the Sauna to evaluate the Sauna session all the recordings will go straight into the app and over time the patterns will show the results. You can link the data with an Apple Health or Google Fit account to get more details insights about the data Ring tracked.

Is Oura waterproof?

The Oura Ring is a sleek and modern fitness tracker that is much lightweight and smaller than other wearable brands and is designed to withstand water up to a certain limit which is 330 feet or 100 meters that makes it water-resistant not completely waterproof. This means you can wear the Ring in Saunas or keep it submerged in water while diving, swimming, or taking a shower.

Keep the ring away from soap and shampoo as these chemicals can find their way inside the Ring to break the water-resistance seal damaging internal components like the battery which is the most important part of the Ring.If you are concerned that Ring may slide into water then you must know that the sensors on the Ring are advanced enough to keep it fit snugly so it won’t slide off your finger.

Similarly, exposure to water for more than 12 hours or doing scuba diving to go deeper than 330 feet will put more pressure on the ring causing internal damage. The important part of the Ring is the battery and if it’s damaged you will see that Oura Ring won’t charge and you may have to get a replacement which is only possible if you have a warranty period left.

Is Oura Ring heat resistance?

Oura Ring is designed to withstand 125F or 52C temperature but that’s the baseline it can easily withstand higher and hotter temperatures, thanks to the nonallergenic and nonmetallic materials and seamless inner molding that keeps heating away from internal parts like batteries and sensors. But continuous exposure to heat like putting the Ring under direct sunlight is going to damage it. So make sure to use it in such temperatures with caution so you end up with the trackings and not damaging the Ring. The exterior of the Ring is coated with titanium so at a certain temperature it is going to compromise.

Wearing Oura Ring in the steam room

Oura Ring is also comfortable to wear in a steam room as it is water-resistant enough to handle a 100% humid environment but steam rooms are comparatively cooler than traditional and Infrared Saunas so Humidity only won’t cause harm to Oura ring. Surprisingly, the Ring will track how a steam room affects your body and notice your heart rate and skin temperatures to give you details insight into how your body reacted to a steam room.

Wearing Oura Ring in an Infrared Sauna

Infrared Saunas compared to traditional Saunas have fewer temperatures but are slightly higher than the maximum limit of the Oura Ring but Ring can also handle this much ambient temperature inside the Infrared Saun room and won’t cause any problems.

Can you wear Oura Ring at Gym?

Yes, you can wear Oura Ring while lifting weights at the Gym. Oura Ring offers a workout mode to track your performance during intense physical training periods to track your body vitals and the water-resistant feature keeps the Ring safe from sweat as well.

Is it OK to wear Oura Ring on the middle finger?

Yes, you can wear the Oura ring on your middle finger, index finger, or even on your Thumb as Ring doesn’t have any problem with that except you may face sizing issues because each finger has its size and a specific size Ring for one finger won’t sit snugly on the other finger increasing the chances of losing the ring.

How accurate is Oura Ring temperature?

Oura Ring does a pretty accurate measurement of temperature because it is designed to be worn all the time anywhere and everywhere so Ring needs to withstand higher or lower temperatures to ensure it keeps working and keeps an eye on your body vitals.


All in all, Oura Ring is a great small fitness tracker that you must use only as a measurement tool rather than a device to diagnose medical conditions. It can help you figure out your body’s vital scores but it cannot be an alternative to a health professional or doctor.

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