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Can You Wear Oura Ring on Pinky?

Oura Ring is a smart, intelligent, and beautiful little health and fitness tracker equipped with a smaller technological interior and with 2.5mm width and 7.9mm diameter, this wedding-shaped ring is a decorative tech gadget for measuring body parameters without pulling too much attention like a smartwatch or fitness band for the wrist.

Sitting snugly and secured around your finger, this smallest fitness tracker can track HR, HRV, SpO2, calories burned, sleep stages, wakefulness, steps, and a lot more.

The only challenging part for those who want to adopt this baby is to choose the right size as well as the right finger for it as unlike a traditional ring or jewelry on your body, this ring will stand out but wearing it next to another finger with the ring can also be uncomfortable or even no ring as slightly higher diameter will irritate the other finger for sure and you may want to wear it on your index finger or most probably the finger king thumb having no close neighbors around.

What about wearing it on a pinky as it’s also on the side, so can you wear the Oura ring on your pinky? Do you have big hands and the only finger you can comfortably wear is a pinky?

If you want you can, but Oura recommends you don’t wear it on your pinky and recommends wearing the Oura ring on your index finger to get better performance and accuracy because that’s the whole point of the Oura ring rather than looking cool to wear it. isn’t it?

For bigger hands, your pinky would have wider knuckles that will secure the ring around the finger and won’t let it slide off easily. By the way, I have found that wearing the Oura ring on the pinky makes it slightly less protected as it’s the most outward finger and can end up with random bruising or knocking against things. Other than that, it’s okay for bigger hands people to wear Oura ring on a non-dominant pinky.

But, if you have normal and smaller hands but still want to wear the Our aon pinky then,

Can You Wear Oura Ring on Pinky?

Let me explain in more detail why wearing the Oura ring on the pinky is not a good idea.

Suppose you ordered the Oura ring and the company sent you the sizing kit that does cost you some money other than the Oura ring by the way. The sizing kit comes with various plastic rings with sizes ranging from 6 to 13. You try each ring on all fingers to find the best size and then keep wearing it for at least 24 hours to pick the right size that seems comfortable for longer durations.

Now let’s say you received the Oura ring based on the size of your pinky finger.

Guess what, you won’t get proper readings of your health and fitness and there’s no point of pay a lot of money if you cannot track those metrics. 

There’s more,

Oura ring unlike a smartwatch with adjustable bands cannot be resized so if you have already got a size of Oura ring for a pinky you cannot either wear it on any other ring as the pinky is the smallest finger and all other fingers are slightly bigger than the pinky so the ring won’t fit on other rings and Oura won’t give you a size replacement as well. So now you are stuck with a smaller-sized Oura ring that won’t fit any other finger as well as won’t record data properly.

If by any chance you get to fit the Oura ring on any other finger, either it won’t sit snugly or it will be too uncomfortable for you and if you keep wearing a too-tight ring for a longer duration, you will end up with a swelled finger due to improper fitting.

So caution is required while choosing the ring size as well as when buying the ring. 

Ring-Wearing Tips:

Follow these tips when it comes to wearing the Oura ring.

If you have mistakenly chosen a too-tight ring, then you may have to remove it more often to protect your fingers from swelling. Or if you have chosen a ring too flexible then you will face inaccurate readings or improper working of the Oura ring.

You can wear the Oura ring while jogging, running, going to the Sauna, or gym, swimming, or doing household chores. Just avoid taking it for scuba diving as it’s only waterproof for 330 feet and keeping it submerged under water for more than 12 hours will break the seals of the ring and water will damage the internal components like sensors and battery and then you may have to get a replacement.

Can I switch Fingers with Oura Ring?

Yes, can switch fingers, changing fingers can result in either ringing too tight on the other fingers or too flexible which means gaps, 

Yes, you can switch fingers but switching fingers won’t be a good idea as Oura ring of a particular finger size would either be too tight for the other finger or too flexible. Too tight means uncomfortable and too lose means fear of slipping off and losing it or improper reading of data as sensor bumps won’t sit with the skin.

Which finger is most accurate for Oura Ring?

The most accurate finger to wear the Oura ring is the index finger just make sure to keep the sensor bump on the side of your palm to ensure accurate recording of data.

Should you wear Oura on your Dominant hand?

You can wear the Oura ring on any hand you want there is nothing special about any hand. Just get the right finger size and you are good to wear it on any hand you want.

Can I wear Oura on my thumb?

A bigger advantage of wearing the Oura ring on your thumb is that a major artery lies beneath your thumb that will help the sensor to accurately track important metrics of your body. So just make sure Ring sits comfortably on your thumb and doesn’t slide off due to sweat or gaps then you are sorted.


That was all regarding wearing the Oura ring on your pinky finger so keep in mind the pros and cons of wearing the Oura ring on your pinky so that you make the right decision about your investment.

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