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Can You Wear Oura Ring On Thumb? ( Breaking Tradition )

Oura is the newest yet trendy fitness tracker that unlike other heavier and bulky fitness bands comes in the shape of a wedding ring that you can comfortably wear and get busy in your day-to-day activities. Oura ring is sleek, stylish, beautiful, intelligent, and smart enough to track a variety of body metrics like calories burned, HR, HRV, SpO2, Sleep stages, and a lot more.

What about wearing the ring? Confused about the sizing of the ring and wear it as well? This article talks about these questions to answer them in detail.

As soon as you receive the Ring Package, the first question that pops up in your mind is which finger to wear it on or some people even think of wearing it on a thumb ( Scientific Reason explained below ).

Can You Wear Oura Ring On Thumb?Can You Wear Oura Ring On Thumb?

So let me unravel the facts about which finger is the rigor for wearing Oura ring.

The company recommends that you can wear the Oura ring on either your thumb, middle finger, ring finger, index finger, or even on your pinky as well. Just make sure that whatever finger you are wearing the ring on doesn’t up with gaps in the ring and your finger, and sensors can track accurate results which are only possible when the ring sits snugly on the finger.

For that, you must figure out the right ring size for your selected finger. I am going to share with you some valuable stuff about Oura Ring sizing as well below.

If you are going to wear the ring on your thumb, keep a few things in mind like wearing a ring in such a way that the sensor on the ring is properly in contact with the skin and making sure the sensor is on the palm side so it can accurately track heart rate, sleep, and other metrics.

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Some people have perfectly round thumbs so the ring will fit snugly but some people don’t have a round thumb due to which there will be gaps between the ring and the skin due to which the tracking can be compromised.

Let me show you some disadvantages of wearing the Oura ring on your thumb as well. So do keep in mind that the Thumb is the most usable finger on our hand like when we hold stuff, we are required to press against objects to make a grip and during that ring will receive considerable pressure leading to scratches on the Ring or damaging internal components like a battery which is not replaceable. Similarly, removing the ring from the thumb is also tougher and is the widest among all fingers due to which it can be hard to correctly size your Oura ring. If the ring is sitting too tight on your thumb that’s also not right as it will block blood flow during the night.

A bigger advantage of wearing the Oura ring on your thumb is that a major artery lies beneath your thumb that will help the sensor to accurately track important metrics of your body. So just make sure Ring sits comfortably on your thumb and doesn’t slide off due to sweat or gaps then you are sorted.

So yeah wearing an Oura ring on the thumb does have advantages and disadvantages so it’s up to you to make sure the Oura ring is working efficiently if you are going to wear it on the thumb.

Sizing Tips of Oura Ring:

Oura Ring comes with a sizing kit made of plastic and it has various sizes in it ranging from 6 to 13 so that you can wear the example ring on any finger and wait at least 24 hours to find the right size of the ring. A few things that you must know while sizing your Oura ring is that it neither shout fits too tight nor too comfortable that it keeps moving on your finger leading to slipping off the ring and losing it.

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Once you have tried different rings and found the right size, that’s when you will be able to choose the right finger which could be your thumb or any other finger of your dominant hand.

How to Wear Oura Ring Properly?

Whatever finger you are going to choose to wear Oura Ring, keep these wearing tips in mind to track the best metrics of your body.

Oura Ring must fit snugly on your finger and there must not be any gaps in your skin and ring. If there is some extra space in your ring and finger, then sizing down would be a good idea to make sure the ring fits properly with the help of the sizing kit that comes with the package.

Whether it’s the thumb or any other finger of your hand, make sure the ring is comfortable on the finger otherwise you won’t be able to wear it for longer durations as the Oura ring is meant to be worn day and night, sleep, or awake, for multiple days and only time you remove it will be when you have to charge it, go to Sauna, or go to scuba diving.

Why does Oura’s ring need to be on Index Finger?

There is a compulsory rule to wear Oura Ring on your Index finger unless it’s the right size for wearing Oura Ring. 

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Can you Wear Oura Ring in the shower?

Oura Ring is waterproof for up to 330 feet or 100 meters which means it can be worn in the shower while swimming, or diving into the ocean. Just make sure to don’t go deeper than 330 feet while wearing the ring or keep it submerged in water for more than 12 hours. 

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