Casting Oculus to Apple TV

Casting Oculus to Apple TV

Have problems regarding casting Oculus to Apple TV? Head over to this article and find your solution.

We are on the verge of virtualizing reality, what exciting times we live in! And Oculus is the doorway to enter VR. However, this technology is fairly new and we are getting many queries regarding casting issues.

We have noticed that casting Oculus to Apple TV can be a bit complex and people are confused about it! But worry not, because, with the help of this guide, you will be able to connect any of your Oculus to Apple TV with ease. Now, everyone in the room can enjoy it while you are playing Beat Saber in your VR.

What is Oculus?

Oculus is a VR headset that can be used for gaming, education, or any other purpose. In 2014, the Oculus company was bought by Meta(then FaceBook) to design high-tech VR accessories. Until now, Oculus have released 5 models of their headsets, i.e,

  • OCULUS GO – MAY 2018
  • OCULUS RIFT S – MAY 2019

No matter which headset you have, there is a way to cast your Oculus to Apple TV and we have explained all of these processes below.

How to Cast Oculus to Apple TV?

You can’t directly cast Oculus to Apple TV because Apple TV has Airplay while Oculus requires Chromecast. But still, there are a couple of ways that can connect your Apple TV with Oculus. We have explained both of them below.

With Your Smartphone:

If you have a smartphone, Apple TV, or Oculus and all three of them are connected to the same WiFi, you will need to go through the following steps. 

First, you will need to turn the airplay on your Apple TV, you can do this by,

  • Turn your Apple TV on.
  • Navigate to the setting options on your Apple TV.
  • There you will find an airplay option, turn it on.

Next, you will need to mirror your smartphone to Apple TV. To achieve this,

  • Start by downloading the IOS/android application of Oculus on your device.
  • After the app is downloaded, open it and set up/log in into your account.
  • Scroll to the top right corner of your app, you will find a cast icon there. Tap it.
  • You will be taken to casting settings. You will have the options of the cast from and cast to.
  • In the cast to option, choose your Apple TV and select your Oculus in a cast from option.

Now all that is left is to cast your Oculus to Apple TV through your headset.

  • Turn your Oculus on and put it on. Use your controller to click on the device and then start.
  • You will find a utility section. There will be a cast-to option under it, tap on it.
  • A window will pop up with available devices listed there. Click on your Apple TV.
  • You will receive a notification when the casting has started. 

This is quite a simple process and you can easily cast your Oculus to Apple TV. However, the output on your Apple TV will be a bit late in some models. To overcome this, you can cast directly via Chromecast. We have explained that process below too.


How to Cast Oculus with Chromecast Device:

If casting via smartphone is not feasible for you, we have another method for you but you will need to spend a little amount of money for it. You will need to buy a Chromebook device and it isn’t even that much expensive. You can buy it for around $25. Remember, don’t opt for an Amazon fire TV stick or anything else. Chromecast is the only and most feasible solution for you.

Once you have your hands on a Google Chromecast device, advance to the following steps.

  • Download the Oculus App on your smartphone.
  • Make sure that you are logged on and that your smartphone is connected to your Oculus.
  • After opening the app, navigate to the casting icon which will be in the shape of a headset with a signal coming out of it.
  • Once you click the icon, you will be taken to a window with all the available devices listed. 
  • You can click on your Apple TV’s Chromecast and your Oculus will start casting right away. 

What to do if Oculus is not Casting?

If your Oculus headset is not casting, even when you have tried the above methods, then you will need to make a few changes. If your Oculus is not casting, try the following tricks.

  • Make sure that your Oculus and device are connected to the same WiFi. It is because Oculus transfers data via WiFi to your device, so they won’t be able to cast if they aren’t connected with the same WiFi. Also, ensure that your BlueTooth is turned on too. 
  • If your Oculus isn’t casting, try removing it from your Bluetooth list and then connect again.
  • Sometimes, connectivity issues occur between both of your devices. In this case, you will need to reboot both of your devices and it will do the trick.
  • Another common issue is that most of the time, your Oculus and device aren’t on the same WiFi bandwidth. To overcome this, go to your IP settings and enable all of your instances of IP multicast and P2P connections. 
  • If all of the above tricks don’t seem to work, then your last option is to reset your Oculus. But keep in mind that resetting your Oculus device will delete all of the data and files present on your device. 


VR technology is fairly new and there aren’t many comprehensive guides available on the net regarding their connectivity information. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to solve all of the queries regarding VR. Whether you have Oculus Quest or Rift, you can cast any of your Oculus headsets with your Apple TV with the above methods. If you are still facing any problems and want answers, don’t shy away from commenting. Someone from our team will reply with a solution ASAP.  

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