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Ceiling Fan Works Intermittently: Explore The Causes and Possible Solutions For 2022

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Does your ceiling fan works intermittently? Are you upset about what to do? Hold on! We have effective solutions for you. Crack them! 



What if it is summer, temperature is touching the sky and unfortunately your fan stops! Of course, you will become upset and rush to get the issue fixed. If it is somehow midnight, you will become more worried particularly when you have no tips and tricks to troubleshoot the issues. 


No biggie! We have got your back and if in any case your ceiling fan works intermittently, you can read this article and apply the mentioned solutions, such as figuring out the motor, connection, capacitor, tripping issues, voltage, etc. Well, to explore in detail you can dive into our rounded up causes and solution of this problem. 


Here you go! 

Ceiling Fan Works Intermittently: Why This Issue Raises Up? 

Ceiling fans are the best innovation that people use across the globe to make rooms cooler in less time. They are available in all sizes and models. All have features, such as some of them having light fixtures and working with remote control. They will be your best buddies unless or until there is no fault. 


An electrical device can indeed stop working if anything happens to it. The biggest issue might be ceiling fan stops working completely, does not work at all speeds, and does not operate via remote. Suddenly stops in the middle, speed becomes slow or anything else. 


What if the ceiling fan works intermittently? It means it works on and off. For your convenience, this term means when the fan works, stops, and again starts rotating after some time. It is not great news because although you install it for having continuous air. If it starts working periodically, the reason might be low voltages, loose wiring, bad capacitor, issue in the circuit breaker, tripping and others. All these problems are so common in ceiling fans which ultimately makes them slower or dead sometimes. 


Suppose you have noticed any of the defects mentioned above. In that case, it is time to rush toward the electrician and resolve the issue after you spend the precious money buying the latest model.

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Below we mentioned the most common issues that may have happened to the ceiling fans. 


Let’s get the details! 

Ceiling Fans Works Intermittently: Most Common Reasons And Fixes  

The ceiling fan works intermittently and leaves you in frustration. It is time to take immediate action and consult a professional or do it yourself. Let’s explore some of the commonly happening issues behind this. Here you go! 

  • Not Getting Enough Voltage 

Suppose the ceiling fan stops in the middle and starts spinning again after some time. It is time to put attention to the main reason. The first and foremost step is to check the voltages. Most of the time, when the fan does not receive the correct amount of voltages, this problem occurs. You cannot do this in this case because they are not coming properly from the main grid. All you need to do is wait patiently and better call the electricity supply company in your area. 

  • Tripping Is A Major Cause 

Sometimes when many electrical devices are running in the house at a time which needs more power for operating, the users face tripping issues. It might be the reason behind ceiling fans working on and off. In this case, check the main power supply, turn off some of the machines and see whether the issue has been resolved. Tripping is damaging to electrical devices; that is why experts suggest turning off the heavy-priced machines if there is a lot of tripping. 

  • Crack If The Fault Present Inside The Fan 

If voltages are enough, there is no tripping; the issue is in the fan. Try to inspect the fan fully by opening its canopy. Don’t forget to turn the power off from the circuit breaker. After this, take a ladder, unscrew the screws and look inside the fan. Check if there is any fault present inside. If you have seen any, do it yourself or take help from an electrician. 

  • Fix The Loose Connections 

Loose connections are also causing this issue. So, it is better to take a tester to check all the connections. Sometimes, the issue is not big and can be solved by inspecting the connections. So try it once and thank us later. 

  • Overheated Motor Is Also A Cause

Inspection of the ceiling fans motor is also a great idea. Short windings sometimes cause fans to slow or work intermittently. You can also check if the motor is running properly. An overheated motor causes severe damage to the fan and may blow out in extreme cases. So it would be better to check it once a month. As the fan ages, motor faces wear and tear, which is not great news. You need to keep an eye on the fan maintenance if you want it to make your room cool for years. 

  • Bad Capacitor Can Become Disastrous

The capacitor is a small black or red-coloured box that is installed inside the fan. It is the main part of the fan, which is also responsible for its speed. When it gets damaged or becomes older, your first and foremost job is to replace it. It is not rocket science; you can do it yourself comfortably. Any changes in colours of the wires connected with the capacitor or changes in shape are indications that the capacitor needs replacement. 

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Common Problems Faced by The Ceiling Fans: Helpful Checkout

If you don’t have an air conditioner, a ceiling fan is an effective and energy-efficient alternative to make the room cooler. But it also faces some issues that are mentioned below. 

Let’s see what are the commonly occurring issues with the fans. 

  • When the ceiling fans wobble, there is no more scary situation than this. It is a common issue with the fan, and some factors are behind it. First, the fan is not of great quality; it’s improper installation and broken blades. Other causes are bad connections, such as loose screws, blades are not attached properly, or it has some issues with the downrods. 
  • When you turn the fan power on, it may make weird sounds. If the sound is too loud, this is a clear sign that connections are loose. These loose areas will contact each other when the fan runs and leave noise. The biggest issue may be with the ball bearings. They are responsible for spinning the blades. So, you have to do proper lubrication and ensure no friction is left.  
  • Fan stop working at all speeds is another common issue that users report globally. Again the issue lies in the ball bearings. But there is another reason, and that is the faulty ceiling fan. A capacitor and overheated motors are also some of the issues by which the fan works only at a single speed. 
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The Key Takeaway

We can feel how irritating it is to bear the fan-related issues, specifically ceiling fan works intermittently as you unexpectedly and suddenly encounter issues. But if next time you suffer this issue, don’t consider yourself unequipped because we have mentioned all possible solutions over there that will save you, your time, and cost. If after applying these issues, your problem remains consistent, you can contact any expert for troubleshooting – don’t let your problem prevail for longer.

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