Cheap Tablets For Note Taking – Review Before Buying your Tablet

Cheap Tablets For Note Taking

With the emergence of technology, many changes are occurring, and new trends are in the market. Now, nobody carries their pen and notebook with them to note their import notes, but they prefer tablets. 

Do you know the reason for preferring these tablets? What are their benefits? Are these tablets expensive? 

Well, tablets are advanced, multi-tasking, and lightweight tablets; you can carry around them with all ease. These secure tablets facilitate you to save notes across multiple apps and even multiple devices.

These tablets are far safer, secure, and handy than tablets. Their secure technology and Id Lock protect little ones from accidentally deleting important files and documents from your work device. Despite being cheap, its powerful body is safe from damage, from occasional bumps and drops.

Delightfully, tablets can provide you with all these benefits at a lower price; yes, these multifunctional tablets are cheap. These tablets also provide you magnificent viewing and drawing experience when you play games, edit videos, or make assessments.

However, every tablet is not worth buying of because there are many pirated versions, low-featured, or faulty laptops in the market. Thus, to find the Cheap Tablets For Note Taking, you need to do extensive research, read reviews, and browse different sites and stores.

We know this procedure is too effort-taking, so we have researched and filtered the five best tablets for you. These well-featured tablets are great in providing for safe night-time note reading and an anti-glare surface that protects your eyes. 

Among our tablet list, New Microsoft Surface Go is the most leading one because it is spacious and holds space that you’ll need to tackle work projects. Its durable and well-handled chassis safe it from being accidentally thrown away. Moreover, its ID lock protects it from being lost or even stolen. Its excellent viewing angles and brightness are safe for eyesight. 

Let’s explore these affordable tablets for note-taking in detail.

Let’s explore why this is the ideal tablet for streaming, watching movies, medical students,  or designing on Cricut or procreate, or reading and note taking.

What Size Tablet Do You Need?

It depends on your needs, but we are here to discuss cheap tablets for note-taking. So, we have to consider some of the necessary things before purchasing the best one. The best cheap tablets are to let you write, draw, zoom, and pan in seconds via their touchscreen. 

They are also best in marking up, editing, and enhancing writing capabilities. For e-book reading, note-taking, and internet surfing right display is needed, and fortunately, the tablet can provide you with that display. So, if you go to the market to get a tablet with 10-inch screen size, then pick the screen having at least 1280 by 800 resolution as it makes writing notes feel natural and efficient. 

The best tablets around for note-taking also come in 8 to 12-inch screen sizes and offer more viewing pleasure. So, it is up to you which one suits you best for note-taking.

Which is The Right Stylus for your Tablet?

Most brands design tablets with a stylus as this facility allows you to use them for design and artwork. The stylus is the most essential need for the tablet; hence, collecting wide information about it is far better than investing in the wrong item. Make sure to pick the right tablet that has a reliable stylus, or if it does not have a stylus pen, go buy it separately from any third-party type.

The best choice is having already installed a stylus, but if you look for the best note-taking tablets that don’t come with a stylus, then we suggest you get one to write notes faster and attain a natural-feeling and productive creative session. 

Best Budget Note Taking Tablets under $250 mostly have a stylus, so spend some bucks and grab one to make note-taking efficient and faster. 

Cheap Tablets For Note Taking 2021

This article includes tablets that can provide you with more comfortable working positions, space, great connectivity, and much more. We have picked the worthiest and proven brands that won’t disappoint you in any way.

These tablets can be used without easy to whip out and work with, so no more talk just jumps into our product review.

To get more information about the products, you can also crack our comparison table.

Cheap Tablets For Note TakingKey FeaturesCheck Price
New Microsoft Surface GoMemory Storage Capacity: 128 GB

Screen Size: 10.5

Check Price
Samsung Galaxy Tab Screen Size: 10.4 inches

Memory Storage Capacity: 64 GB

Check Price
Simbans PicassoTabFlash Memory Size: 32 GB


Check Price

Screen Size: 12.4 Inches

Check Price
HUION Inspiroy H640PPen Pressure: 8192 Levels

Thickness: 0.3 inches

Check Price


Let’s jump into the most affordable note-taking tablets!

New Microsoft Surface Go – compact Yet Multi-Functional

You are pretty much familiar with the fact that paper notes are always chaotic and messy, so what if you take them on a tablet? Sounds interesting, yes, that is why we bring you the New Microsoft Surface Go, the best Microsoft tablet for note-taking, browsing tons of web pages, entertainment, creatives, and graphic designers. 

Key Features:

This best Multipurpose Laptop & Tablet with Keyboard & Stylus allows you to use it in a way that you like the most. Attach a kickstand for an adjustable working position and either give it a tablet mode and use it as a laptop. Attach a keyboard or use it with a stylus pen, the choice is your,, mates.

You will face no difficulty taking it from home to the workplace as it is so easy to tuck into a handbag or bag pocket via its lightweight feature. The 1.2lbs of weight makes it perfect for slipping into a carry-on bag for business travel.

 Your viewing satisfaction is Microsoft’s priority. That is why its 10.6-inch pixel sense display allows you to create, draw, doodle, jot drawing, and sketch or use it for notes taking. So enjoy the remarkable viewing experience.

Take it at the university or use it in business meetings. It will be your best buddy as the battery can last up to 10 hours. Superb battery timing makes it the best tablet for your needs. 


  • The best family tablet
  • Great for streaming
  • Easily Connect to your social network
  • Top tablets with stylus facility


  • Issues with speakers

Final Verdict:

The Best Premium Multipurpose Tablet does writing and browsing an absolute pleasure, so grab it without any more thinking. Absolutely a great choice for tucking under your arm and casual computing.  The Microsoft Surface Go is the best affordable tablet/laptop for note-taking.

Samsung Galaxy Tab – Latest Design and Innovative Features

In the presence of the most innovative tablets on the market, finding the best drawing tablet with a large screen is confusing. But no more confusion as the best premium tablet for taking handwritten notes named Samsung Galaxy Tab is here for you. 

Key Features:

This best compact tablet for note-taking and drawing has a sleek and beautiful design, so fits into your handbag and travel bag. With a weight of just 1.2lbs, this will be your perfect partner whether in office or university.

Another amazing feature that gives it a classy look is its display. The 10.4-inches big display is great for reading and editing documents, handwriting notes, and the 2000 x 1200 (WUXGA+) TFT resolution provides stunning clarity for details.

This is undoubtedly a great option for any home or office-based professional’s needs because of its remarkable features. The long 12 hours battery timings make it perfect for working on international flights or long days at the office.

Now enjoy reading email, sending emails, browsing the web, and taking notes during lectures or meetings as this also gives you the option to connect it to the internet. The dual speakers and rear front camera allow video calls, and virtual meetings will be crisp and clear.

This amazing tab keeps your work and personal data safe from theft and unauthorized access as you can apply a password. The front camera detects your face and opens it.  


  • Great choice
  • Edge-to-Edge screens
  • An ultra-smooth refresh rate
  • Satisfying option for note-taking,
  • Performs typical office tasks fastly
  • Excellent for making screen videos


  • Difficult to take a screenshot

Final Verdict:

Why do we call it the best Tablet for Drawing and Note Taking? Because Samsung Galaxy Tab works with a stylus pen which does not need charging. The stylus pen allows you to write, draw, create pictures, which is why it is the perfect tablet for taking notes and doing other tasks. In fact, it is the Best Tablets For Note Taking!

Simbans PicassoTab – Great and Gorgeous in Style

If you are searching for a cheap tablet with all those features that an expensive tablet has, you have to try this Simbans Picasso Tab. The best Android Tablet with a Stylus pen is fantastic for beginners and a top Note Taking Tablet for Business use.

Key Features:

This best tablet is portable and lightweight, so it is a breeze to take it with you anywhere. This sleek and portable nature can fit this tab in your backpacks, and you are ready to go. This Android tab works excellently with a stylus pen, so doing creative tasks is also easier for users.

If you are a student and need a tablet for taking notes during lectures, choose this best value for money android tablet having 2GB RAM size and 32GB disk space, making it ideal for storing files.

It is so easy to share projects and enjoy a more efficient workflow or great for wirelessly transferring data from your tablet to your laptop or desktop. The tablet gives its users Wi-Fi, USB, HDMI, and other connectivity options.

Use an HDMI cable and connect it to your TV; now you are ready to watch movies on Netflix and enjoy playing games, browsing the internet on a bigger screen. 

This cheaper tablet gives you double the treat by paying once Just op. Opening the box and getting a high-quality tablet case, drawing glove, universal power adapter, and pre-installed screen protector is fun beyond your imagination. Best Overall!


  • Most affordable tablet
  • Top tablet for note-taking
  • Great connectivity
  • First budget Android Tablet 
  • Includes imperishable gift box


  • The screen carries a low resolution

Final Verdict:

This best mid-range android tablet with a pen is surely the number one choice of students and professionals who have just started their creative job. The Simbans Picasso Tab is one of our top recommended tablets as it has note-taking functions you can use for drawing purposes also.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7 – Enhances Productivity

If you are a big fan of using android tablets, then the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ is your product, friends. The best Tablet for Taking Handwritten Notes works perfectly with the stylus pen. The Android tab is ideal for business professionals and creative people.

Key Features:

The best tablets with a stylus for drawing and note-taking have 6/8 GB internal RAM,, and the storage capacity can be increased further for up to 1TB via using a high-quality microSD card. The octa-core processor having a 1.8GHz speed further enhances its performance.

Without any doubt, we can say it is the best choice for working on the road as it can run for up to 14 hours within a single charge and back it again to 100 % via using a  USB C-port. The 2-in-1 tablet because you can change it into PC mode via Dex mode and an optional keyboard with an expanded keypad.

Exceptional battery timing and portability and lightweight features make it your best travel partner. This beautiful tablet weighs just 1.28lbs, so it is so easy to take it anywhere. Along with this, 5MP dual-back and 8MP front-facing cameras give stunning brightness.

The 12.4-inches screen display provides a magnificent viewing and drawing experience via its resolution of 2800 x 1752 pixels. The digital notes can also be read comfortably on the screen. The one UI 3.1 allows you to make an image or write text and paste it on your tablet.

The AKG quad speakers with Dolby Atmos Surround sound let you enjoy watching movies and listening to your favorite music. It proudly stands in the list of the top five Cheap Tablets For Note Taking.


  • Great for internet surfing
  • Writes flawlessly
  • Give faster web browsing speeds
  • Has enough resolution to read text


  • Speaker produces noise

Final Verdict:

We can say the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is the best Android tab with a stylus as it is flooded with tons of exceptional features, including stunning display, excellent design, and portability. This is by far the number one choice from artistic-focused tablets and it is best for Creative professionals. 

HUION Inspiroy H640P – Suppports Unlimited Games

Huion is an outstanding note-taking tablet that has great compatibility with Mac as well as Windows. Its OTG adapter efficiently turns your tablet or phone into a digital drawing canvas. You can use this tablet in your office, at home, for educational purposes, or in any meeting to note down your important notes. By saving your notes on this tablet, you can easily access them whenever you want, without any delay or hassle.

Key Features:

Kids and beginners can easily use their pen; they can draw different things, edit photos, and install several programs, such as illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, sketchbook, paint tool sai Corel painter, manga studio, Corel draw, clip studio paint, and more.

This Best Windows tablet provides an error-free pen performance; its digital pen PW100 has 5080 LPI pen resolution, pressure sensitivity of 8192 levels, and virtually no lag. This way, you can get ultimate precision and control! 

This pen is battery-free, so you don’t need to fall into the effort of charging and recharging it. You can easily switch into pen and eraser by pressing the pen side button; it includes eight Ezra nibs in its pen holder. 

The pen side buttons help you switch between pen and eraser or instantly. Comes with extra eight pen nibs in the pen holder. This best tablet and stylus is equally good for every age, beginner, and experienced.

You can install fun note-taking and children’s apps, easier to search, making studying or creative projects easier. This cheap note-taking tablet contains six programmable express keys to run every shortcut combination that you like. It is a great option for both right-handed and left-handed persons.

This portable and compact tablet are launched with an active area of 6.3×3.9 inches – this is the perfect creative space for a slim and smart tablet. You can take it anywhere along, and it is always ready for your creative use; you can use it anywhere at any time. Using this tablet lets you easily switch between multiple apps and tasks and even enjoy high-quality game graphics. What else do you want? Buy this Cheap tablet For Note Taking and have fun!


  • Compact Tablet
  • Best budget tablet with pen
  • Includes best keyboard cases


  • The cord could be longer
  • Many programs do not work well with pressure sensitivity

Our Verdict:

HUION Inspiroy H640P is a low-cost tablet for note-taking; you can use it and its professional stylus to create multi-colored notes and lists. It is Console gaming compatible, you can use it for playing games like Hangman and Pictionary. What else do you demand from this affordable laptop? Grab it and have fun!

So, we have served you with the Cheap tablets For Note Taking; now you can dive into our buying guide.

An Ultimate Buying Guide To Get a Cheap Tablet For Note-Taking 

If you are new and have no idea about the tablets, no worry, here we are going to shed light on crucial factors that you should consider before buying a tablet. If your tablet includes these all features then you can buy that tablet; otherwise, jump on another product.

  • Must Consider Screen Size

A smaller screen will be great if you need a tablet for traditional typing or hand-writing notes. But if you are a professional and want control over your designs and notes,, go for larger screens. 

The best Android tablet for note-taking allows you to write quick and accurate notes. The screen size of 12-inches allows you to stream videos to digital painting and photo editing, best suited to users and perfect for home or office-based professionals.

Stick to a budget and get one with a screen that protects your children’s eyesight also. 

  • Storage Space Worths Wonder

The best writing tablet for business should be equipped with enough storage capacity. Most of the tablets have integrated hard drives. Apple iPad’s mostly have great storage space. But Samsung is not far behind in terms of memory. 

The tabs in our lists, such as Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 and Microsoft Surface Pro 7, give you the option to expand the internal memory by using microSD cards, making the gadgets more flexible. 

The RAM and storage space is best for creating and storing all your business memos and digital documents, digital notes, and digitizing your handwritten notes, and organizing them efficiently. The great memory type allows you to do video editing or gaming, update web pages, run favorite Adobe apps, and more.

  • Connectivity is Important

Your tablet should have a lot of connectivity options to stay connected with work email and collaborative projects and instantly transfer files from device to device. If you travel a lot for work or your office and need to connect the device with a smart office network, always choose a tablet with access to LTE cellular data networks and Wi-Fi. 

  • Top Tablet Brands

When we talk about the best tablet for note-taking, always choose one that belongs to a reliable brand. Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung are the top brands making the office-based best high-end, mid-range, and budget tablets. These giant companies are famous for their products’ performance and superior quality. 

  • Stylus Sensitivity

To manage and mark up documents, multitask, polish professional documents, get superior sketching, and make questions and reminders a delight. Tablets with a stylus help you a lot. The user gets more control when the stylus pen has a higher sensitivity level. The first thing is to check if the best cheap note-taking tablet comes with a stylus pen or not. 

The best tablet with a stylus pen means taking notes at business meetings is fun. You can enjoy a whole spectrum of brush strokes when the stylus has a high-pressure sensitivity. For jotting down ideas, the pen sensitivity doesn’t need to be too high.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Here we also have answers to the most frequently asked question; crack them to get your queries answered.

  • Is digital note-taking worth it?

Digital notes are easy to save, write and search. Digital notes lessen the cost of traditional notebooks and sticky pads. When you take notes on tablets or iPad, send them easily to iCloud via email. 

  • Are note-taking tablets only for students?

Android tablets, high-end tablets, are not at all used for only students. They are great for home and office-based professionals when they are present in meetings to take notes from the boss.  The best note-taking tablets for business and home use make it easy to jot down notes in meetings or while editing documents and photos.

  • How Much Storage/Memory Should I Look For?

Because you are using the tablets for note-taking, it means you need a lot of memory space. RAM size of 16GB is best for your device, but 8GB is also great. When we talk about disk storage, 32GB will be fine enough but don’t expect to run music, movies, and other high-end applications on them.

  1.  Can I Take Notes On A Drawing Tablet?

Surprisingly, yes, you can use a drawing tablet to take notes. A good budget tablet for note-taking carries almost the same features as a cheap drawing tablet with a screen. The best drawing tablets for animation, designing logos, and illustrating your creative designs to others have enough screen size that will also be best for taking notes.

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