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Cheapest Monitor with HDMI input

Cheapest Monitor with HDMI input

Looking for the cheapest monitor with an HDMI port? This is the article for you.

Having a monitor with an HDMI port can enable you to enjoy a handful of perks from the HDMI interface and the biggest advantage of an HDMI port is sending both video and audio over the same cable.

The reason is simply that if a monitor doesn’t have an HDMI port you may have to invest extra cash for buying a connector. So, save some money and get a monitor that already has an HDMI port.

Although HDMI is the basic port for any monitor but having onboard can help you with various activities as well. So, rather than spending money on a monitor which lacks an HDMI port can make you spend money on an HDMI connector which many people don’t like.

The biggest problem is that monitors with HDMI ports are usually expensive and no one is willing to spend a lot of money from their wallet for just an HDMI port. So, we did the job of finding the cheapest monitors with an HDMI interface to help you easily afford the feature without breaking the bank.

When we talk about cheap monitors you should keep in mind that what features you will be getting in this price range for what price amount. The average price tag for a monitor can be $150 to $200 with a 24-inch display and 1080p resolution and has an HDMI port.

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Cheap Monitors with HDMI Input

We have selected for you the top 7 cheapest monitors with HDMI input to help you easily pick the right monitor for your needs.

HP VH240a

Easily, the HP VH240a is our favorite cheap monitor with HDMI input because it has the lowest price tag in the list around $100, and offers some premium features of high-end monitors in this lower price bracket.

The monitor comes in a gorgeous casing and is top-selling for the reason that’s cheaply available all over the world to deliver superior gaming and entertainment experience.

The HP VH240a is a 23-inch IPS monitor with 1080p resolution and has super slim bezels giving you the borderless feel and offers you wider viewing angles with superior color richness giving you higher image quality and accuracy for games and movies.

Furthermore, the monitor supports a 60Hz refresh rate which is enough for PS4 gaming but can help you with basic and casual PC games as well but playing competitive fast-paced games will be troublesome as the 5ms response time can give you fairly noticeable ghosting with fast-moving objects.

The monitor comes with a single HDMI port and a VGA port and you can connect a plethora of external devices with HDMI the VGA can be used for interfacing the older computer.

Regarding ergonomics, the monitor comes to withstand tilt, swivel, height, and rotate to portrait adjustment options. Plus, it also supports the VESA mount option to hook up on the wall with dedicated monitor arms so that you can get pleasure viewing according to your needs.

All in all, the HP VH240a is a top-notch cheap monitor with HDMI that comes with built-in speakers, a ton of connectivity options and doesn’t put a dent in your wallet.

Dell S2419HM 

The Dell S2419HM is a highly recommended cheap monitor with HDMI because it has all the bells and whistles that you expect from a great monitor and on top of that, it boasts dual HDMI which is what you need.

What’s best about this monitor is that it’s, first of all, is super budget-friendly and it has the quality of the amazing picture, thanks to the IPS panel with 99% sRGB color space making it an amazing option for amateur designers, editors, and photographers to enjoy to mesmerizing crystal clear views with superior clarity and sharpness.

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Other than that, the monitor supports HDR (high-dynamic range) features which enhances the image clarity and gives you the best possible viewing experience in this small price range.

The Dell S2419HM is an outstanding monitor at the cheapest price tag and comes with a virtually frameless design and the best part is the lightweight and small footprint of the monitor that means you can easily adjust it anywhere you would like.

Not only that, the monitor brings along 2 x 5W speakers delivering crispy sound but of average quality and that’s totally fine for this price range monitor.

Furthermore, the monitor has corning Iris glass light-guide plate for color uniformity but the highest 600 nits brightness to make everything visible on the screen from darkest to brightest. What’s astonishing is that you won’t get this much brightness in cheaper monitors because they can support an avenge of 200 to 300 nits but this one is game-changing.

The monitor lacks on the ergonomics side and that’s understood for this price range but it still has a VESA mount option to help you to mount the monitor on the wall to make sure you can get a pleasing viewing experience while sitting in any posture with utmost comfort.

Finally, the monitor supports two HDMI inputs but a few of these premium features of this monitor still make it a considerably expensive unit. If you want to look at cheaper options, then keep reading.

Sceptre E248W

The Sceptre E248W is another powerful monitor with HDMI and comes with 2xHDMI ports which is the best thing for this monitor.

The Sceptre E248W can help you hook up two devices with a single monitor to get the output of two PCs or consoles at the same time or one PC and one console as well and later switch between the channels.

Along with the HDMI ports, there is a VGA port for older generation computers and an audio out port for connecting headphones or speakers.

The display features a 75Hz refresh rate which is good for casual to medium level games but close to conventional monitors with a 60Hz refresh rate. So, you can expect smoother motions for games or movies with this monitor.

The built-in speakers are not that powerful but still capable to deliver a good quality sound for various things like games, notifications, or movies.

The shortcoming of the monitor is the lack of a VESA mount the allows you to hook up the monitor on the wall to comfortable view in any position you want.

The monitor supports a 24-inch IPS panel that gives you wider viewing angles for sharing content with others and has better color quality, thanks to the 99% sRGB coverage that helps you enjoy superior color reproduction. The thin bezels make the monitor virtually borderless and an ideal pick for multi-monitor setup and the other benefit of thinner bezels is higher screen real-estate.

What’s really disappointing with this monitor is the short 5ms response time that would result in slight unresponsiveness while playing fast-paced games or FPS games.

Overall, this is a cheap monitor with HDMI input and has all the specifications that make a monitor great for casual to medium-level games.

Acer KG271

The Acer KG271 is a great budget monitor that features a bigger 27-inch display with a 144Hz refresh rate and this is the only monitor in this list with such a bigger screen size and higher refresh rate at a cheaper price tag. But, compared with other monitors on the list, this one is slightly expensive.

The 144hz refresh rate means the monitor can be used for AAA game titles that are demanding and require at least 144H refresh to compete in competitive multiplayer games like COD, PUBG, and so on. So, the 144Hz refresh rate makes it generally powerful gaming hardware for hardcore gamers.

Other than that, the monitor supports DVI, HDMI, and a DisplayPort giving the monitor an interface to connect with plenty of devices including smartphones, consoles, and other devices.

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The next best thing of this monitor is the AMD FREESYNC Technology that enables the monitor to merge the refresh rate of the monitor with the frame rates of the GPU to prevent fluctuations that cause screen tearing and stuttering and having these will prevent these problems while playing games at higher 144Hz refresh rate.

The monitor comes with 27-inch FHD widescreen so pixel per inch ratio will be good and not too dense. Plus, the monitor features a TN panel which gives you narrow viewing angles, and also colors are inferior to the IPS or VA panels.

This affordable gaming monitor comes with a handful of 2x2W stereo speakers delivering the crisp sound quality and there is an Audio out port as well that allows you to connect external audio output sources like headphones or speakers.

The best part of the TN panels is that ultra-low response time of 1ms that allows the monitor to eliminate ghosting for fast-moving scenes and make sure you enjoy the responsive and smoother gameplay without any artifacts during the gameplay or input lag.

The monitor also features blue light filter that allows you to use the monitor for prolonged gaming sessions or working sessions without having eye fatigue or eye strain.

Overall, the monitor is a recommended cheap monitor with HDMI because it features high-end specs of premium monitors but comes in a budgeted price tag.

ViewSonic VA2446MH LED

The next best cheapest monitor with HDMI on our list is ViewSonic VA2446MH, which is a popular monitor by Viewsonic and delivers higher dollar per value than any other monitor on our list.

The ViewSonic VA2446MH offers pretty much everything on a limited budget so that you can get all the perks without breaking the bank.

The monitor comes with HDMI and VGA along with an audio out port. For this budget range, there are enough ports on the monitor.

Moving on, the monitor comes with a 24-inch panel which is neither IPS nor TN, but an MVA panel that’s better than both of these monitors is great in terms of color accuracy and consistency as well as viewing angles and response time.

This panel has 3 times higher contrast ratio than the other two types and has a 5ms response time which is more than enough for this type of monitor because it will be suitable for only casual to medium level games not for hardcore competitive games by EA or any other gaming developer.

Overall, this is the appealing monitor with HDMI that comes with the cheapest price tag and also has HDMI input for connecting external sources.

Acer R240Hy Bid

The second last monitor on this list is Acer R240Hy Bidx which is an ultra-budget monitor with HDMI input and premium specifications making it the only monitor with HDMI input that we recommend highly enough.

The Acer R240Hy Bidx just costs you under $100 but features an IPS panel with a 23.8-inch screen to deliver smoother and crispest visuals with utmost clarity for gaming and movies.

Furthermore, there is a 75Hz refresh rate to help you with casual to mid-level gaming and ensures the gameplay will be smooth and glitch-free.

What’s more good about this panel is the slim bezels giving you more screen real-estate to work on with higher productivity.

The shortcoming of this panel is the 4ms response time but that will disturb the gameplay only when playing fast-paced games like first-person shooter games where screens are changing too rapidly. That’s why for snappy screen change there will be ghosts. If you are intended to use the monitor for slower games then there won’t be an issue.

Finally, the Acer R240Hy Bidx is a great monitor with HDMI input and does costs you a dime or puts a dent in your wallet but for a few hundred of dollars it offers you the best performance and awesome price tag that makes its a great fit for this article.

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The final monitor with HDMI input on our list is AOC 27B1H, which is a great-looking monitor that supports HDMI input and also offers a handful of other perks making it a top pick for this list.

The AOC 27B1H is a cheap monitor that supports HDMI, VGA, and audio out port for getting the voice in speakers or headphones.

Plus, it comes with a 27-inch IPS panel with 1920 x 1080p resolution which is FHD, and having such a bigger screen in this affordable price tag is not common.

IPS panel compared with TN or VA gives you more color accuracy because it is known for superior color quality and higher image quality. The panel also has wider viewing angles that make it suitable for sharing content with others as well. Plus, it supports AOC ClearVision technology to take the quality to next level for gaming and entertainment purposes.

This is a virtually borderless monitor but has slimmest bezels than any other monitor on our list and results in higher screen real-estate for working like coding, Image editing, or video editing.

Overall, the AOC 27B1H is a top cheap monitor with HDMI input and has other great perks as well that in this budget range are not possible but this one is giving you the best.

Who Would be interested in a cheap monitor with HDMI input

Cheap monitors with HDMI input are not underestimated monitors but great monitors with just cheaper price tags.

HDMI input is just a connection of graphics card with PC and you can use them for connecting PS4 and Xbox One connectivity.

Furthermore, you can also transfer voice through HDMI, VGA, and DVI as well.

HDMI is a standard for Audio Video devices like gaming consoles, Digital TV devices, and smart devices like Google Chromecast.

Therefore, a monitor with an expensive price tag can cost you a dime for having these features as it will come with some extra features which you may need like virtual crosshairs, black frame insertion, and local dimming features.

Monitors are great for complementing the laptop with an additional screen which can also help you with other professional activities like photo editing, professional gaming, etc.

Are you a Console Gamer?

Consoles gamers will be benefited most from this article as they need a refresh rate of 60Hz and any cheap monitor can deliver a 60Hz refresh rate for gaming.

Why Not Budget TVs

To be honest, budget TVs are garbage, because there is hardly a TV with 1080p resolution but the common problems they suffer with are backlight bleeding, ghosting effects, slow response time, gruesome contrast ratio, and horrible picture quality.

What is the HDMI port used for?

HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface that requires HDMI cables to receive and transmit video as well as audio signals through a handful of source devices to a number of display monitors.

What does HDMI mean on your TV?

HDMI means sending audio or video output from one source to your TV or monitor.

Are USB and HDMI ports the same?

USB ports HDMI ports are different but they both work differently.

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