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Chromebook Screen Size Too Large

Chromebook Screen Size Too Large

Is your Chromebook screen too large than the standard screen? Are you unable to zoom out? Don’t worry! Here you’ll find the solution how can back to the standard screen.

Is your screen font size increased? Are images and movies cropped off at the screen’s edges? How long does it take you to read only one paragraph? This indicates that your Chromebook has been zoomed in to its maximum extent.

Your Chromebook’s zoom % has been increased. To achieve this, you might have pressed the wrong keys or clicked on the wrong buttons in Chrome. Apps that are downloaded can also do the same. Thus it may not have been with your permission.

It is also applicable to Chrome OS. You might have been fiddling with the settings or using a keyboard shortcut that zoomed in on your entire desktop. In any case, it is irrelevant. Let’s restore the zoom aspect of your image to normal, shall we?

How to reduce the size of the Chromebook’s screen? Now, if the desktop of your Chromebook is standard but the browser is zoomed in, here’s how to zoom out.

Are you having Chromebook Screen Size Too Large? Let’s discuss the solution.

Why is the Chromebook screen size too large?

There are two methods of adjusting the screen size of a Chromebook. Let’s see these methods! The zoom level on your Chromebook may be reset if you notice that everything appears to be either too large or too small for your preference.’

Method 1: Use a keyboard shortcut to zoom in and out of a screen

  • Open the Chrome browser.
  • Hold down the “CTRL” key.
  • To zoom in, click “+,” and to zoom out, press “-.”

 Method 2: Use the settings submenu to control the zoom percentage

  • Open the Chrome browser.
  • Select the menu option (the three dots at the top-right).
  • Look for options to zoom in and out.
  • It can be tweaked to your satisfaction.
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Using Chrome OS’s zoom out feature

It’s a little easier to solve the problem if you’ve zoomed in on your Chromebook’s desktop. An extension you have installed, your account preferences, or other settings are the most common causes of this issue.

Change the zoom level by using the options menu.

  • First, open the Chrome Browser and type the following address into the URL bar to access your Chromebook’s settings:


  • To go to the next stage if you are unsuccessful.
  • Check the browser’s extensions and programs for malware.
  • Next, we’ll see whether there’s an extension tied to your Google account that is causing the problem.
  • Log out from your Chromebook.
  • Choose to use it as a Guest while logging in (look at the bottom of the login screen).
  • Register as a guest.
  • Take a look at the desktop, the menus, and so on.

Is it resolved, or is it still not working? If so, you have a browser extension to fault for your constantly zoomed-in desktop. Turn them all on and off until you discover the one that causes your laptop to break.

Your Chromebook’s zoom level may still be locked, so move to the following approach and see if it helps.

Google Profile Settings can be reset.

A reset of your profile settings is required for this. It’s a simple process that won’t remove your personal information, and it’s completely free. If you don’t want to recreate all of your Google Account’s settings, you can use this tool.

  • Open Chrome and put the following URL into the address bar: 


  • There will be a popup modal. Reset the device by pressing the reset button. All of your browser applications and extensions will be deactivated, and your Google profile will be reset to its original settings.
  • Restart your Chromebook if it hasn’t already.
  • Go to your Google Account and sign in.
  • Check to see whether everything has returned to normal. Hurra! If it works.
  • Reset your profile preferences to your liking.
  • Congratulation if you’ve successfully reverted the zoom. Otherwise, on to the next level.
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Clean and disinfect your Chromebook

Your laptop will be restored to factory settings if you follow these instructions, which will erase all of your data. If you want to keep your personal information, you’ll need to back it up. That is not to say you should be concerned. It’s not as terrifying as it appears.

It is possible to back up your data from an external hard disk if you have it. All that is required is to preserve your local data like images, movies, music, files, and other media that you have saved on your hard drive. The contents of your Downloads folder, as well as any other custom folders you’ve made, are all included in this category.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a USB drive, SD card, or external device. You can use a service like Google Drive to store your files on the cloud (which is free and has a special offer for new Chromebook owners). 

You may keep all of your data on it, restore your laptop, and then download it again. All of your apps, Google Account data, and other personal information will be safe. As long as the data is on Google’s servers, you need no to worry.


How do I get my Chromebook screen back to normal? 

To rotate your screen back to its regular position, just press Ctrl + Shift + Refresh.

Why is my Chromebook screen so big?

Resetting the zoom level on your Chromebook will solve the problem if you notice that everything is too huge or too little. Press Ctrl + 0 on a Chromebook to restore the default zoom level. Ctrl + Shift + 0 can be used if the zoom level does not reset.

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In closing

Today, we learned how to reduce the size of your Chromebook’s screen if it is significantly larger than it should be. As a result, it is straightforward to zoom out or magnify the screen on your Chromebook. You can adjust the size of the items on your Chromebook screen by zooming in or out, magnifying them, or changing the screen’s resolution. Learning how to utilize the magnifier feature on a Chromebook is simple if you understand how to use it properly!

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