Dailymotion Airplay Not Working

Though Dailymotion is an AirPlay-compatible video streaming platform and its content can be viewed on an AirPlay-compatible TV, users still report Dailymotion AirPlay not working. This is a situation that calls for attention and some successful solutions. 

Dailymotion is a well-recognized, famous, and well-known streaming service that permits viewers to explore and view high-quality video content, music tracks, the latest news, sports, and much more. The platform, at the least, streams more than 30 million videos for access by users on various devices. 

Regardless, Dailymotion AirPlay not working is a problem that must be remedied urgently to enjoy its content on the TV’s wider screen.

Dailymotion AirPlay Not Working

Dailymotion AirPlay not working is a consequence that can arise out of several causes, such as sometimes the device that you are trying to transfer Dailymotion videos to might lack support for AirPlay and, therefore, would be incompatible. Dailymotion AirPlay Not Working

Also, individuals often tend to neglect or forget the importance of having the devices (the one transmitting media and the other receiving media) connected to the same Wi-Fi network, due to which they encounter Dailymotion AirPlay not working.

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Similarly, even when connected to a single internet modem, the connection being delivered may be fluctuating or unstable to support playing a video on Dailymotion. Additionally, It could be that your iOS devices are not updated to the latest software version, which can cause a temporary malfunction because of glitches and bugs and be a reason for Dailymotion AirPlay not working. 

Solutions To Solving The Situation: 

TV AirPlay-Compatibility: 

To find the cause for Dailymotion AirPlay not working, you must begin by ruling out other potential causes, including the device not having compatibility with AirPlay. Hence, check your TV to see if it has AirPlay support. Some built-in TVs for an AirPlay feature are Samsung TV, Apple TV, Roku TV, LG TV, Firestick, and Sony TV.

Same Wi-Fi Network: 

As devices, most of the time, automatically connect to the nearby network, you should always perform a manual check to examine if your TV and Apple device are receiving internet connectivity from the same Wi-Fi. 

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Wi-Fi Speed: 

A stable internet connection is a prerequisite for establishing a seamless AirPlay connection between the devices. To stream content through AirPlay, your internet should be running at a high speed. 

All Dailymotion videos of 240p demand the wi-fi’s speed to be 500 kbps at the least. To see your wifi’s signal strength and classify it as strong or weak, visit for a speed test. 

Power Recycling: 

An effective yet simple technique to fix Dailymotion AirPlay not working is to power recycle your devices. Start by turning off your router and the devices. Unplug your Wi-Fi modem from its power socket and simultaneously put your iPad or iPhone on airplane mode. 

After 10-15 seconds, plug back the router’s power cable and turn it on, and once it has been completely powered on, disable airplane mode on your devices and reconnect them to the router for a more stable internet strength. 

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Update App And Devices: 

When a device functions on outdated software, or the app has not been upgraded to its latest versions, you will likely face several issues, including Dailymotion AirPlay not working. 

To resolve the situation, you must check for all pending updates and ensure the Dailymotion app and your iOS device are working on their latest versions. 

Dailymotion Server Outage:

Supposedly, if you have tried all the proposed solutions to remedying the situation of Dailymotion AirPlay not working, then the problem is not occurring on your end. The probable reason for Dailymotion not connecting to your TV is that the server is down. 

This issue can only be resolved from the developer’s end, and there is nothing you can do about it apart from being patient and keenly waiting for the server outage to be restored. 

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Most of the updates regarding a server outage are posted on Dailymotion’s Twitter account, so visit their Twitter to confirm your server outage suspicion. 


Dailymotion AirPlay not working can be a severe obstacle in the way of your entertainment, but at the same time, it is not a problem that cannot be accounted for. Implement our propositions for solutions to solving the situation to rectify Dailymotion not working!

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