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Dell XPS 15 for Video Editing

Dell XPS 15 For Video Editing

If you are an artist and searching for a perfect laptop, picking up Dell XPS 15 for Video Editing can be helpful. How? The article will explain!

We all are pretty aware that video editing is a high-demanding skill nowadays. Right? It might be possible that you are also learning this skill and thinking to serve others on a professional level. Perhaps, you are already doing it.

Anyhow, being an editor or a content creator, you may have an idea that you need to be fully equipped with a high-grade laptop beyond your devotion, skills, and time. Trimming a clip or adding a simple effect can be conveniently done on any of the random laptops.

Still, now video editing is far from trimming as you need to structure and present a complete video for any type of media like film, TV, advertisement, and much more.

Dell XPS 15 for Video Editing

There is a lot of confusion about using Dell XPS 15 For Video Editing, this article will clear all your concerns related to this problem.

The Dell XPS 15 has gained a lot of hype as a top-grade video editing laptop in 2021. This Dell’s versatile laptop is the best editing bet for raw HD or 4k videos to create an incredible effect.

Undoubtedly, you will find Dell XPS 15 the best editing buddy due to its discrete solid graphics card, high-resolution display, and fast processor, but what more wonders does this editing laptop bring? We’ll explore below.

Quick Features of Dell XPS 15

XPS 15 is the modest laptop that is still being sold by Dell, regardless of whether the market is flooding with new models and brands. So, let’s find out the features that distinguish this gorgeous Dell XPS 15 from other editing laptops.

  • Awesome battery life
  • Solid graphic card
  • Fixed webcam placement
  • Awesome connectivity/ports
  • The blistering performance of CPU
  • Excellent performance assured by Core i9
  • Outstanding, color-accurate OLED display

Dell XPS 15 – Features that Make it the Best

Don’t compromise on the obsolete laptop, inadequate, or slow editing when you have Dell’s high-featured fourth-generation laptop in the market. Drill down to crack the heart-winning features of Dell XPS 15!

XPS 15 laptop carries superior features than its predecessors as it contains the most advanced hardware features that you require for classy video editing.

Dell XPS 15 Body Structure

The hype for the XPS 15 is not wrong because it literally serves the users in all ways. Apart from its high-valued CPU components,  it is also a durable, future-proofed, and heavy-duty laptop.

XPS 15 is insanely powerful with its updated components; one more noticeable feature of this glossy laptop is its RAM and SSD that can be swapped out when you are in need. This best video editing laptop is likely to last five years or perhaps more; it pays off the price in all ways.

If we take our eye off from the sleekness, durability, and lasting life, its portability, Dell XPS 15 is still light as ever, is a big attraction for both beginners and experienced.

The Dell XPS 15’s thermal profile saves from the annoyance of noise and assists in quiet operation, which is immensely helpful when performing tricky, effort-seeking, and prolonged tasks and cool surface temperatures.

The foremost factor that editors like for the XPS 15 is its cool body regardless of its performance and how long it is on duty. This cool surface and quiet performance of this video editing laptop have stolen many hearts.

XPS 15’s Display – Big and Best

Let’s have a look at another fantastic feature, the display of this high-tech laptop. The 15 inches display of XPS 15 makes it an ultimate choice for professional editors because the big screen shows you detailed video features and can effortlessly edit that.

Dell hasn’t stopped making a reliable laptop because we have tested the XPS 15 very keenly, and this 100% AdobeRGB and 94% DCI-P3 color has seized us.

You literally require a superb display to produce a quality video after editing, and Dell 15 has done more than an editor used to wish.

Remember – Internal hardware is something you must consider while you are picking a laptop for video editing but so is the display. The resolution, vivid and eye-catching color (reproduction), and size are the crucial factors to keep in mind.

XPX 15 helps you manage brightness up to 5000 bits, but if the size is concerned, XPX 15’s display is 15.6 inches, which is pretty huge.

The display wonders don’t end here; XPS 15 also provides Display HDR 400 and dazzling contrast ratio, 1650:1 to deliver you struggle-free and effortless video editing hours. Indeed, it is a satisfying deal!

According to pro video editors’ opinion, a 15.6 inches display is not the wrong size for editing projects.

After cracking this feature, we can confidently say, yes, if you’re looking for a 15-inch laptop, it is strenuous to find a better option than the XPS 15. You can try your own!

Storage – A High Storage Laptop

We all know that Video editing is CPU intensive; you need an excellent CPU for numerous purposes while editing: opening the files, saving them, and yes, retrieving them at the time of need. A poor laptop can not perform these features during video editing.

Thus, being a video editor, you can realize how vital factor storage is to make up to the mark videos. While editing, you often encounter heavy editing files, and therefore, you badly need XPS 15 to accomplish your heavy and significant task.

Keeping this best video editing laptop at the top priority is indeed a pearl of wisdom.

Anyhow, a redesigned version of the XPS 15 offers a 2.5-inch hard-disk drive that provides Up to 2 TB storage to the editors for storing the necessary files.

These jaw-dropping features make the XPS 15 the video editing king of 2021.

OLED Laptop – Oh, it is More Like wow

Dell XPS 15 for video editing is recommended because it offers a dazzling display – thanks to its 1080p LED screen.

Luckily, Dell XPS 15 kept on upgrading every year to meet the latest needs. Do you know, to make the editors pleased, this year’s XPS 15 upgrade focuses on OLED for optimal color accuracy.

An OLED 4K panel of this best-ever editing laptop (Dell XPS 15) is the same as the AMOLED screen from Samsung, proving that Dell has clearly tuned it for optimal.

The Dell XPS 15 is a bit warmer when compared with the competitor’s screen. Yet, all in all, it is a screen you can trust with your edits – one of the critical considerations for video editors and photographers on the go.

Dell preloaded several utilities to help the editors in all ways.

The Dell XPS 15 can perform your most heavier editing films without making you bored or slow because this high-value editing neither lags nor slows down; hence, you can complete most video editing projects through this reliable Dell XPS.

Thanks to Dell, it is impossible to find such brilliant features in one pack; undoubtedly, this blockbuster has given an immense relief to every editor.

These all features, altogether, force every editor to claim, yes, the Dell XPS 15 9500 is a good laptop for video editing that you can buy in 2021.

Dell XPS Justifies the Specs

Dell XPS is all embellished with Intel’s eight-core, Core i9 chip that utterly justifies the need of many video editors, content creators, or artists. The laptop features a literally wide range of specs to choose from so you can get the vest version of XPS for your specific needs.

You can choose from the following specs;

Hard Drive Memory Processor

256 GB SSD 8 GB Intel® Core™ i5

512 GB SSD 16 GB Intel® Core™ i7

1000 GB (1 TB) 32 GB Intel® Core™ i9

You can opt for 32GB of RAM for a real video editing experience. The XPS 15 really shines regardless of the video editing software you’re going to use on it. Either you are using Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Elements, Adobe Premiere Rush, Corel VideoStudio Ultimate, Filmora, CyberLink PowerDirector 365, Pinnacle Studio, Vimeo Create, or KineMaster – these specs can handle all.

Furthermore, the laptop offers a speedy storage solution with Toshiba XG6 which is equally convenient for both the read speed and the write speed. The SSD and RAM combo in this laptop is powerful enough to let you tackle any kind of graphic burdens.

The good thing is, these Dell XPS 15 configurations cost you between $1100 to $2800 only.

Heavy or Unwieldy? Super Light!

Though Dell XPS 15 comes with an aluminum lid and a soft interior plastic material, the laptop manages to be surprisingly lightweight at only 4.2 pounds. XPS 15 is even lighter than it’s first-hand competitor MacBook Pro 15.

You may feel the size and weight in your backpack while carrying it, still, the design is pretty trim and the display bezel is slim enough to fit a compact space. The models today still maintain the insanely thin bezels of the original XPS 15.   

Keyboard, Touchpad, and Ports

Dell XPS 15 is proudly featuring its predecessor’s excellent keyboard and touchpad making it a great choice for video creators. Its excellent keyboard can make inputs super convenient and assures that the typing is fast, familiar, and fluid.

On the other hand, the interior feels like a carbon-fiber texture that provides a convenient use as the palm rest doesn’t heat up. The keyboard layout on XPS 15 is quite conventional and can easily beat any other low-travel keyboard.

The touchpad feels solid and works on a slick mechanism. It offers plenty of space and makes sure to provide precise tracking with amazing multi-touch gestures. You can also enjoy Windows Hello functionality along with the security of a fingerprint scanner placed inside the power button.

The laptop comes with a wide variety of ports so a designer or a video editor will never run short of connecting opportunities. It offers two USB-A ports, USB-C, HDMI, a headphone jack, an SD card slot, and a barrel plug.

If you are a content creator, a videographer, cinematographer, or a photographer – mark my words, you’re going to love the availability of the port.

The Exclusiveness of Dell XPS – The Reason It Has More Fans

As we all know, Dell keeps updating the previous models and meanwhile launches new ones too.

Without any doubt, the original XPS 15 stands at the top of the best gaming laptops that can edit the video; you can get dual fun indeed.

Past XPS 15 models did well and are still in the competition, but Dell’s XPS 15 2019 model and Dell G5 15 SE (2020) are astounding in their performance. Apart from daily tasks, these versions are also perfectly suitable for video editing.

  • Here is Dell’s version, the Dell G5 15 SE (2020), one of the top video editing laptops because all its features are appropriately designed for heavy tasks. No matter how long, trickly, or tangling a video is, you can easily make it through Dell G5 SE (2020). Thus, cordially thanks to the Dell XPS 15 (2020)’s remarkable features explicitly upgraded for a video editor.
  • Dell  XPS 15 9500 is also a laptop that the NVIDIA GTX 1650 Ti Max-Q GPU offers a high-end editing experience. Dell XPS 15 9500 models are adorable video editing laptops under $1,000- the big fun, latest features, and economical price.
  • Here comes another Dell version, Dell G5 15 SE transcoded, packed with super-duper features to enhance the smoothness while editing the video.

No matter what version of XPS 15 is launched, all are perfect for video editing because they are specially designed for this purpose. Yet, this year’s XPS 15 upgrade focuses on OLED (as already discussed) and has become the most rocking laptop in every market.

As we all know, there is no comparison of Dell’s 4K as it is always beautiful, but its 4K OLED screen takes it to a new level that a genuine video editor can understand.

This Dell’s XPS 15 laptop is glossy and brilliant that lets the eight-core Core i9 processor live its best life; well, it is backed by an excellent thermal profile and 32GB of RAM, which is exciting for every video editor.

Delightfully, the XPS 15’s brilliance make ir perform best in all situations.

Don’t Forget- the XPS 15 aims to deliver super-smart and valuable features for video editing’s enjoyable experience. You can also perform other tasks and play heavy games via this laptop.

The Dell G5 15 and its Competitors- Which Owns Unbeatable Features

Dell XPS 15 is a high-value editing laptop that beats its competitors in all ways and is ranked as a no.1 editing laptop. Let’s compare it with some competitors.

  • If we compare ZenBook Pro Duo with XPS 15, XPS is the most leading one because it is a solid upgrade feature that makes it a better editing laptop than ZenBook Pro Duo. Moreover, the XPS 15 is more portable than ZenBook.
  • Apple’s Macbook Pro 16 is a laptop that contains a bigger screen than Dell, but still, it can not beat the Dell (XPS 15 has an optional 4K display) in many ways.

Long Story Cut Short: Every laptop is launched in the market with significant features and prominent performing abilities.

If we bring Dell XPS 15 under discussion, the Dell XPS is a portable killing machine packed with a sturdy and ergonomic body. But, the exclusiveness of this enchanting XPS 15 is that it stands at the top of the best video editing laptops.

Its PremierColor makes you tweak temperature, color gamut, and brightness. Thus, you need to shed all the barriers and boundaries and lean towards Dell XPS 15 to hoist your video editing career.


  • A big screen
  • High-resolution
  • Awesome build quality
  • Ultra-smart performance
  • Great connectivity
  • Minimal-bezel UHD+ display screen


  • Moderate battery life
  • Stiff display hinge
  • Feels reluctant to unfold

Dell XPS 15 Review- Our Takeaway

After reading all the features of Dell XPS 15, we can conclude that XPS 15” is the best video editing laptop for content creators so far. Dell claims to provide optimal color accuracy, big screen, high-resolution, high-grade graphic card, and colossal storage – it executes that commitment.

It is evident that Dell will get no chance to refuse XPS 15 because it is the top video-editing laptop and of course, the best budget video-editing laptop worldwide.

The roaring features of  XPS 15 handle real video editing. So, go for it to boost our productivity and uplift your editing morale.

Happy Video editing to you!

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