Dirt Devil Vacuum Smells Like Burning- What To Do?

If you notice a nasty, burnt odor from your vacuum, you should immediately look into the problem.

Usually, a vacuum with a burning odor is due to an overheating motor or a charred belt. This is risky and can potentially cause the engine to catch fire.

Investigate the source of the strange odors from your vacuum, and find out why it smells like it’s burning.

Dirt Devil Vacuum Smells Like Burning

Dirt Devil Vacuum Smells Like Burning?

Stop operating the vacuum if you notice a burning odor and investigate the source of the smell. 

  • If you smell something strange, check the suction and beater bar region.
  • If you suspect the stench is coming from the storage bags or containers, check those first.
  • Ensure the cord isn’t getting hot or broken before using the appliance.
  • To verify that the odor is coming from the vacuum and not another source, if the vacuum’s belt or motor is giving off a burning smell, you can trace the origin to the beater bar and suction area of the head.

The vacuum’s motor, which you can find in the canister or bag on some models, or whatever was vacuumed up, could be the source of the odor. In addition to causing the engine to overheat and develop a foul odor, a blockage can impair its ability to do its job.

The chord is damaged and needs immediate attention if the odor comes from it.

If the odor persists after you’ve taken the vacuum cleaner out of the room for an hour, it’s not the vacuum cleaner. If you suspect your nose is playing tricks on you, have a second person come in and verify the odor.

Do All New Vacuums Have That Smell?

A burning odor coming from a brand-new vacuum is unusual. A visit to a vacuum cleaner repair business is in order if you’ve just purchased a model that emits an unpleasant odor.

A new vacuum may have an odor from the production process or the components utilized (the fresh vacuum smell). This shouldn’t linger after repeated usage, but it also shouldn’t be faint or burnt-smelling.

You should promptly turn the vacuum off if the burning smell persists or it begins to smoke.

How likely is it that a vacuum cleaner may burn?

If used and maintained correctly, a vacuum cleaner fire is sporadic. Nonetheless, a fire could break out if the vacuum’s engine overheats or the belt catches fire. That’s why you should have the vacuum fixed immediately if you detect either of these issues.

To keep your vacuum in good working order, you should see it often and swap out the filters and other consumables as needed.

Instructions For Changing A Vacuum Cleaner Belt

Your vacuum belt may have caught fire, so you may easily replace it.

Changing the belt on a vacuum cleaner can be tricky because of the variety of models available, but the video below should help.

When using a vacuum, if you notice a burning odor, there is likely an issue on the inside. If there is a burning odor, it could indicate that something is broken within the vacuum.

A vacuum with a foul odor indicates problems with its lower components.

Belt, First: Worn

A vacuum with a worn rubber belt will emit a burning odor and shed rubber bits while it operates. The belt commonly regulates the roller brush’s rotation.

Therefore, the roller brush will not be in the optimum condition if any belt fragments get onto it. Because of this, you may detect a burning odor when rubbing the r Blockage Caused by Junk.

The amount of grime that the vacuum must process is impressive. It is consequently inevitable that dirt will eventually accumulate and jam its workings. Examine the roller brush for any signs of clogging to determine if that is the problem. 

If your carpets are filthy, you can encounter that problem frequently. A portion of one of these rugs would become caught in the space between the roller blade and the belt. A burning odor will emanate from the vacuum as you clean it.

The rollerblade is having some issues.

The rollerblade is a crucial part of any vacuum. The dirt is pushed into the suction by this one. As a result, if there is a problem, you probably will find out about it. 

A burning smell from the roller brush could be the most revealing sign that something is wrong with it. Perhaps a rug or a strand of hair became entangled.

Remove the vacuum’s power cord from the wall outlet and open the unit to inspect it for any problems. There may be a need for a replacement if there is an issue. A professional can show you if you need to learn how to use your vacuum.

Motor Issues

This is probably the case if you smell something burning when using your vacuum. If it lasts too long, smoke could be visible if debris is in the vacuum’s filters.

The vacuum bag could be excessively full. If the vacuum bag is full, removing the contents and cleaning the filters should fix the problem. Overuse of the motor may also cause it to give off a burning odor.

The motor could overheat if the vacuum wasn’t correctly plugged into the wall. To properly test this, you should consult an electrician. The vacuum’s power wires are a bit slack, or the mains power supply is excessive.

Cigarettes in flames

A cigarette butt could cause a burning odor and smoke from your vacuum. The vacuum may have a burning smell if the cigarette butt wasn’t properly snuffed out and entered the suction.

Despite how odd it seems, that burning scent could be coming from your vacuum.

Maintain a safe and secure method of putting out cigarette fires at all times. Don’t just toss them to the floor and then pick up the vacuum to pick them up. To avoid starting a fire, extinguish the cigarette before you do that.

Maintenance of the Vacuum System in General

Regular professional maintenance on your vacuum is essential if it plays a significant role in your cleaning routine. That’s preferable to waking up in a void that doesn’t work.

Simply put, vacuums are just another type of electrical device. To guarantee their health, they require regular inspections. Maintaining a clean environment involves ensuring nothing is in the way before you start cleaning. Verify that the bag is neither dirty nor empty. If you observe the vacuum, you should be able to spot signs of blockage and other problems. In addition, before each use, check to see if you may move the vacuum quickly.

Maintaining a regular cleaning schedule for the filter is also recommended. If you can afford it, occasionally clean the filter to keep a burning smell from forming and replace it every few months.


There are a few potential causes for a burning odor coming from your vacuum; some are discussed here. If you give the suggestions, we will make a shot, and you’ll see how simple it is to resolve the issue.

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