Do AirPods Pro Fall Out Easily: Explore The Solution

Do AirPods Pro Fall Out EasilyThere are plenty of appealing reasons to use Apple Airpods—no tangling wires, automatic pairing, solid audio performance, good battery life, and whatnot. Simultaneously, there are a few disliked points—price tag and the way they fall out from the ears.

Are you also facing the same issue: Do AirPods Pro Fall Out Easily? No worries: we have got your back, and here we have stated the most significant reasons and their relevant reasons, so you may come out of this trouble as soon as possible.

So go ahead, read, and follow the mentioned tips!

Do AirPods Pro Fall Out Easily?

Airpods are the most widely used Apple device because of their design, long battery life, and excellent performance. But in the end, it is a device, and every device carries some problems at some usage stage. The question circulating on the internet for the last few years is Do AirPods Pro Fall out easily? It is possible because every human is born with a different physique, and not all of them have the same ears. 

According to Apple, the AirPods fit easily on 90% of users’ ears. But still, some users have small ear canals, while others have large ones. In this scenario, it is quite possible that the AirPods may fall while walking, running, or simply when sitting somewhere. 

What Causes AirPods Pro To Fall Out?

There are various reasons why your AirPods fall out easily. Some of them are mentioned below. All you need to do is handle them with care. 

  • Dirty AirPod Pro:

Oil and dirt of your ears might be stuck with the surface of the AirPods, hence causing this problem. This caused the AirPods pro to slip from the ear and fall. This is not ideal as AirPods Pro is an expensive device, and not everyone can afford them. So it is recommended to clean the ears and AirPods to avoid losing them while running, jogging, or doing exercise. 

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  • Wearing Them Wrong:

Wearing them wrong might also cause pain and fatigue and may also fall. However, Apple designs AirPods that are not damaging for the ears. Still wearing them upside down or not putting them tightly into the war may cause them to fall. If they fall from height, the AirPods may break, which is certainly not so good. So always wear them tightly and try to check them from time to time. Sometimes weaning them upside down also helps you find the best possible fit. It totally depends on you. Try opting for different ways and stop where you find the best solution. 

  • The AirPods Are Not of Right Size:

After trying everything and even cleaning them, they still don’t fit into your ears. Quite frustrating, the only thing that is left is their inappropriate size. Simple is that the AirPods do not fit properly in your ears due to their size. 

  • Sweaty Ears:

This is quite obvious sometimes when you wear earbuds for a longer time and are involved in any hectic exercise, the ear starts sweating, and AirPods might get slipped. 

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How To Stop AirPods Pro Falling Out:

If you want to keep your AirPods Pro with you for a longer period, then always take care of them because falling them may break them, and this is not an ideal situation. Apple devices are expensive, and you need to spend your precious money buying them. 

  • Try Different Silicon Tips:

Apple always cares for its users and is known for its perfection. To avoid this problem, Apple has come up with a solution. They built a new AirPods Pro with three sizes of silicon tips. So choose as per the size of your ear and enjoy listening to your favorite music. We hope you will not face this issue again. 

  • Use Different Accessories:

Apple has a long range of accessories that you can buy from the Apple store or other valuable and reliable sites such as Amazon or Walmart. Many alternatives are available to keep the AirPods in the ears for a long time. It is suggested to choose carefully, and the commonly used accessory is AhaStyle Ear Hooks; they are available in different colors to pick the best match. Another great alternative is Insignia’s accessories for AirPods Pro. It includes three different earbud tips ranging from small, medium, and large. Set of silicon hooks that you could wrap around the ear to keep your AirPods in place. One wonderful thing is the silicon cord that users use to attach with the AirPods and hang around the neck. 

  • Return or Replace AirPods Pro:

If all the above does not work for you, the problem might be severe. In this case, it is recommended to contact Apple and replace them or buy a new set of AirPods Pro. Apple has its return policy, so you don’t have to worry. Just follow some simple steps, and their customer support will definitely help you out. 

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The Key Takeaway:

We understand how irritating it looks to pick up the fallen AirPods, regardless of whether you are alone or in a crowd. Well, it is not something to worry about now because here we have brought the solution to this issue, so read out this guide—buy silicon tips or accessories—and enjoy the seamless use of AirPods.

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