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Does 120 Hz make a difference?

Does 120 Hz make a differenceDoes 120 Hz make a difference?

Does 120 Hz make a difference?

In some ways, it might! For example, if you are playing with 120fps on a 120Hz monitor, then you might feel like the gameplay is more seamless overall. This is mostly because the higher the refresh rates, the higher the frame rates that can be used. If these two aspects are not compatible, you might be wasting your money. 

Does 120 Hz really make a difference?

Yes, but here’s the catch; you have to get a device that can manage around 120 frames per second if you want to get a more immersive gaming experience. For a higher frame rate to work, you have to complement it with frames per second that can keep up with it for a truly responsive feel. 

Is 120 Hz better for eyes?

While it might not exactly be a protective feature, there is a benefit to getting a higher refresh rate for the yes. This higher rate means that you will be working with smoother visuals on-screen. This will work to reduce some of the strain on your eyes. 

Is 60 Hz or 120 Hz noticeable?

We tend to give the human eye less credit than it is due! For an avid gamer especially, there would be quite the difference between a 60 Hz and 120 Hz refresh rate. Essentially these numbers account for the time your screen will refresh itself per second so the higher the amount, the smoother the gameplay. 

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Can you tell the difference between 120 Hz and 144 Hz?

Unlike switching from say 60 Hz to 120 or higher, it is not as easy to notice the difference between 120 Hz and 144 Hz. The difference might be ever so slightly visible but there is practically nothing too extraordinary so either one is good to go. The only consideration might be your budget. 

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