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Does apple fix LCD screens?

Does apple fix LCD screensDoes apple fix LCD screens?

Does apple fix LCD screens?

Yes, Apple does fix LCD screens on their smartphones. It is cheaper if you’re signed onto Apple Care bit might be way more otherwise. 

How much does it cost to fix an LCD screen on an iPhone?

In the case that your iPhone is under warranty via Apple, or you have registered for their AppleCare+ plan, you will certainly want to opt for their services. With these conditions met, it only takes 29 dollars to fix your screen. However, if you do not have Apple Care or a warranty, it might cost anywhere from 130 dollars to 330 dollars.

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How much does it cost to fix a Mac LCD screen?

If you want to get a MacBook LCD screen replaced or fixed that has a Retina display screen can most likely have to spend around 450 and 750 dollars. However, this does depend on the kind of damage as they classify different tiers that add on some extra dollars. 

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How much does it cost to fix a broken LCD screen?

If you do not have any warranty or an Apple Care plus plan in tow, then you might have to get ready to spend the big bucks. This is not a cheap task. For example, since the iPhone 11 doesn’t currently have a warranty option, it takes around 200 dollars or more to repair or fix its broken LCD screen and more. 

Does Apple do screen repairs?

Yes, Apple does do screen repairs and if you have an Apple Care plus plan, then we would recommend that you do not go to unauthorized or third-party retailers. You can head straight up to an Apple store and get your cracked screen fixed. Nowadays, most of it is being done by mail so you can easily ship the phone to an Apple Repair Center. These options will use genuine parts so they are much more reliable. 

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