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Does Facetime Add A Filter?

Does Facetime Add A Filter?Facetime app is one of the routinely used applications for Apple device users as it is only used for an internet connection to make audio, video calls with text chatting. As well, Apple device users can use this app for sending images and also people use this app for attending meetings.

Apple device users have the advantage of video or audio calling their friends and family just by dialing the number. Moreover, video calling your friends will be more exciting if you add filters in the video call, or as well you can use stickers and different text in your video chat to make it more fun.

Does Facetime Add A Filter?

For shiting your bad mood into a good one you can add filters in your video call chatting like white or black aesthetic filters also cartoon filters and whatnot! But how can we add filters on facetime video calling? Does facetime add a filter while doing video calls? Want to know? Glad to help, read the below part to know how you can do this, or does facetime add a filter in real?

The answer to this query is yes, facetime does add a filter. How? Keep reading.

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For adding the filter to your video call you have to do the following steps;

  • First of all, go to your facetime app, and then choose the person you want to video chat with.
  • After putting the number on the dialer click on the video icon for calling and while calling you will see many options with a circular icon.
  • From here click on the ‘Effects’ and from here you can select your favorite sticker or effect you want to add to your video chatting.
  • Then, click on the cross icon and you’ll see the person with whom you are chatting, however, in a similar way you can also change the effect as well you can remove it by tapping on the X sign that appears on the right side.

What Kind Of Effects Can We Add On Facetime?

Adding on, you can add different types of features like portraits, emojis, filters, text, emoji stickers, and many more.

  1. Text –You can easily add text, numerical symbols, and alphabets or words that you want to show your partner while video chatting.
  2. Filters-You can add filters on facetime like color contrast, screen design, screen color, and many other things that will add fun while chatting.
  3. Emojis and Memoji Stickers-Apple users have the advantage of using different kinds of adorable emoji stickers as well they can use emoji stickers while calling on facetime.
  4. Portrait-if you don’t want to share your surroundings with the person while calling then you can enable portrait mode that will blur your background and the person on call will see you only.
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You can easily remove all these filters just by clicking on the ‘Original’ icon and all the filters will be removed instantly, you can add a 3D avatar on your face as well you can use emoji stickers for making your video chatting more entertaining.


Does facetime add a filter? Yes, it does, you can add it easily just by following the above instructions as it will make your call more exciting and entertaining. Facetime users can easily add emojis and avatars as the replacement on the face and can also remove them without any inconvenience. We hope you find this article; does facetime add a filter? quite informative and illuminating.

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