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Does Facetime Add To Screen Time?

Does Facetime Add To Screen TimeFacetime app is a chatting application in Apple devices so that the user can video or audio call with their loved ones as this app is pre-installed in all the Apple devices like iPhone, iPod, iPad, Macbook Air, or pro. The user can easily converse with their friends and family over the phone by just dialing their number from the dialer. The one thing that perks up the worth of this app is this application uses only an internet connection and is almost free of cost and is handy enough to use conveniently.

You can use the facetime app if you have a Wi-Fi connection at home as well you can use the cellular data connection but it will not use your phone plan package. One thing for sure that happens when we get free from work is we stay glued to our phones that extend our screen time which is bad for health. So now you might be thinking about whether facetime adds to screen time? Want to know the answer to this question, delve into it and know more about it.

Does Facetime Add To Screen Time?

Yes, facetime does add to screen time as people do use facetime apps for attending conference calls with their colleagues, friends, and family as it will be counted as on-screen activities. However, WHO and AAP have recommended limited screen time for the user of facetime apps. But you can also monitor your screen time while using any app so you will get the idea about whether facetime adds to screen time or not. For enabling the screen time notification all you have to do is to follow the below steps;

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  • First of all, open the settings of your iPhone or any Apple device.
  • Then scroll down and find out the screen time option and tap the turn on the option for enabling the screen time of your Apple device.

But for the Macbook screen time enabling you to have to do the below steps

  • Open the system preferences and then you will see an option ‘screen time’ click on it and it will be turned on.

Once you have enabled the screen time option then you can easily monitor your screen time while facetime as it will tell you if the usage of the facetime app is included in screen time or not. As well you can see your activities and check the facetime screen time from it from below steps you can do check your all activities.

  • First, from the setting, scroll down and look for the screen time option and click on it.
  • Now click on the ‘View all activity and from here you will see the apps that you have used throughout the day and are included in screen time.

You can also put on the password to prevent the children from turning off the screen time as well. There must be limited time for your children to do face-timing as it is included in screen time. Although connecting with your loved ones through facetime helps to make the bond stronger but extended use of it will ruin your health so limiting the on-screen activities is the better option.

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Facetime app does add to screen time as you can see this just by turning on the screen time option from the setting of the Apple device. Although everyone connects with their friends and family through this app, excessive usage of this app will affect your health. So, does facetime add to screen time? You can easily check this just by clicking on the view all activity from the screen time option that is in your Apple device settings.

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