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Does Facetime Affect Screen Time?

Does Facetime Affect Screen TimeFacetime app is one of the most frequently used iPhone apps that allow the user to communicate with their loved ones over the internet connection. Electronic communication is so advanced now that the user can engage with their friends and family as well. This app is a better substitute for the Skype app as it is more convenient to use with simpler features.

Moreover, the user can use this facetime app with their cellular data connection or Wi-Fi and can do video or audio calls just by dialing the number through the dialer. But the best feature of this facetime app is if the user doesn’t have the number of the person you want to call you can enter their email ID.

But, the one question that might arise in your mind while using the facetime app is Does facetime effect screen time? The survey shows the facetime app screen limit that is all for the kids, adults, and old ones. Does the Facetime app consider screen time or not? Want to know? Cool, you just landed at the right place, dig down this article to find more about it.

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Does Facetime Affect Screen Time?

Yes, facetime does consider screen time because many people are highly conscious about screen time while using their phones for official or entertainment purposes. Mostly the users using facetime apps stay conscious about their screen time that’s why here we have arranged the maximum screen time for people of every age.

1.) Infants:

The facetime screen time of the infants that are under the age of 18 months is zero as they shouldn’t use any on-screen activities.

2.) Toddlers:

The facetime screen time for the kids that are above the age of 18 months to 24 months is only thirty minutes that includes the facetime or any other content and it is highly recommended to be with toddlers ensuring co-watched activities.

3.) Preschooler: 

The facetime screen time for the preschooler must be 1 to 1.5 hours but better to co-watch with a guardian.

4.) Tweens:

the screen time of facetime for the tweens must not be more than 2 hours as well it’s a recommendable screen time for all the on-screen time activities.

It is better to calculate the screen time of your kids if they are using social apps so that you will not be anxious about their screen time and better to track the usage time of their on-screen activities.

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However, facetime sometimes does affect screen time as no matter what your age is there must be limited screen time while using social apps. But, in this digital era, it is a bit difficult for the user to stay away from social apps as the WHO and AAP have put down all excessive screen time for adults and kids.

But making connections with the family over facetime must not be exaggerated as it will affect the health of both parties. But, having a conversation on facetime with friends and relatives is indeed a great way for children and young preschoolers to become comfortable with someone’s face, voices, and behaviors. As well, facetime for the officials meeting and calling friends or family must not be exaggerated as it will badly affect the health.


Facetime app is the best and most used app of iPhone users as they can connect with their family and relatives through this application. But if you are wondering, does facetime affect screen time? Then sometimes yes it does as screen time while facetime must not be exaggerating whether a kid or adult is using it. But, somehow, it’s the best way to connect with your loved ones but overdoing face timing is bad for you and your health.

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